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Posted Oct. 25, 2020, 1:18 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Faval gave a stern look but one of cool restrained Vulcan ‘emotion’. He clearly didn’t like that his son has started things, and he clearly didn’t approve of the Captain’s choices or child. But he said none of that. “..So it would seem. Unless there is a specific punishment to be invoked I will discipline Ron’al myself to avoid this in the future..” Faval said.

Drudoc Andone / NE Faval

“Unfortunately there is more involved here to satisfy regulations and ship’s discipline, Mr. Faval. First there is the mater of a referral to the counseling department both to evaluate whether the children need services, but also for a household evaluation to be made. Lastly we have the application of negative reinforcement. Dr. Feyath offered to provide supervised work in the arboretum. If the counseling department has no objection I would be inclined to have them work a few shifts as payment for the disruption they have caused, further ‘punishment’ is up to you the parents. Might I suggest you join the children at least for a few hours this is an opportunity to shape young minds.” It was in-fact his intention to do the same.

LC Soval

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