Medical Check-In for Caelian Weir

Posted Oct. 25, 2020, 4:24 p.m. by Ensign Caelian Weir (Engineering Officer) (Jason Wolfe)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) in Medical Check-In for Caelian Weir

Posted by Ensign Caelian Weir (Engineering Officer) in Medical Check-In for Caelian Weir

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) in Medical Check-In for Caelian Weir
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Caelian floated in stillness. Here it was peaceful, calm. At the periphery of his consciousness, the universe thrummed and droned. He could feel his mind ebb and flow outward, subconscious eager to join with the din while his will held it in check. The primal was wary, evaluating; the logical was secure, at peace. Something deeper within hummed seductively to him, and he yearned to join that too. But Caelian resisted, content to remain where he was in the ephemeral space between wakefulness and sleep. There was a harmony to it all, a symphony of regularity. The universe was a magnificent clock ticking away beyond his thoughts, each element a gear moving effortlessly to maintain natural order. In that space, all was as it should be and Caelian felt contentment.

A dull thrum rippled through the emptiness and shattered that harmony like chill glass. His cocoon broken, Caelian was at once assaulted by a torrent of oppressive noises that swept him up and carried him along. The bedlam bore him up and up towards the luminous surface of consciousness, his mind twisting and turning in a frantic attempt to slow his rise. He wasn’t ready! It wasn’t time! The clamor surged against him, hammered at him until he burst through the surface…

…and sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose with thumb and forefinger. He rolled his jaw reflexively to relieve the ghostly pressure in his ears, but the tingling deep inside his skull would not go away. He pinched between his eyes, squeezed them shut tighter, while his mind raced about in search of the thing that had disturbed him. He could hear muted conversations all around him, the subtle hum of the transport’s nacels just beyond the bulkhead behind him, and a thousand other variances that—to his engineering mind—told him nothing was amiss. Caelian took a slow and steadying breath before dropping his hand back into his lap. It would come to him eventually. And the moment he let go, it did.

They’d arrived.

It was the way the air felt, he realized, the confluence of pressures and vibrations that had changed. The transport’s gravity had alteredever-so-slightly as it neared a larger vessel, their navigational shields buffeting on playful opposition and subtle artificial gravity fields merging and tugging against one another. Most people likely wouldn’t pick up on it, or would pass it off as a shiver of anticipation. To Caelian’s ear, however, the resonance change was as palpable as a new voice in a crowd—subtle but distinct. The ensign sitting next to him gave him a questioning look as he leaned over to pull his travel pack from the seat beneath him. She seemed even more befuddled when Caelian gave her a sidelong glance and a wink before leaning back in his seat.

“Attention, passengers,” the pilot’s voice came over the intercom seconds later, “we have been cleared for approach by the USS Ark Angel and will begin docking proceedure shortly. Please take your seats.”

Caelian chuckled to himself as several exhuberant passengers immediately moved to the nearest viewport to get their first look of the Mythology-class vessel, only to then be growled back into place by their more sedate peers. He’d felt the same excitement, the same pull to look and gawk. He’d also remembered the last time he’d looked out a viewport into the empty stretch of space yawning away from him. Ship or no ship, Caelian didn’t relish the idea of spending the morning cleaning his breakfast off the deck plates. He’d studied the published schematics thoroughly, walked its decks in both mind and simulation after graduating the Academy. He’d spent his entire tour aboard the USS Challenger getting turned around; he’d be damned if that happened again.

Closing his eyes again, Caelian let himself be carried away by the hum of excitement and anxiety singing through the transport. To be honest, he even found a little part of himself resonating with the sentiment.

After registering his comm badge and receiving an update to his PaDD, Caelian hitched his travel bag and marched confidently deeper into the Ark Angel. Even though the artificial gravity was no different than that of the transport, the ship somehow managed to feel heavy, like walking a tunnel beneath a mountain. The potential for upcoming missions stretched out before him as much as the hallway, and the immensity hit him. This was it, his life for the next several years. To boldly go, as the saying went. And he would have to be just as bold. Seeing the crew moving about so confidently helped steady his nerve. Caelian found himself fidgetting with his comm badge, chided himself silently and dropped his hand.

Here we boldly go, he chuckled to himself. And let’s boldly hope I don’t get boldly lost where no one will ever find me.

A quick check of the ship’s chronometer made him smile. He had just enough time to swing by his assigned quarters and still report in for his medical inspection on time. Caelian fell in behind a pair of security officers drifting lazily down the hall in the direction he was headed. When he reached the turbolift he needed, he waited patiently at a polite distance from a lieutenant deep in her PaDD, made idle small talk until she reached her destination. Those that he encountered along the rest of his route were either oblivious to his presence or encouragingly engaging. He even got a few pieces of “helpful” advice concerning the senior staff from another ensign trying to find his own berth. He nodded along, smiled supportively, filed away anything that rang genuine to his ear. Caelian continued thusly, following the pulse of the ship’s activity until it deposited him at his quarters.

As the door hissed open, Caelian smiled at the small crate of personal effects resting just inside. Welcome home, Cael. So far, so good.

Getting settled in his quarters had taken less time than he’d anticipated, and he followed his feet casually until they led him to Sickbay. Early yet by almost ten minutes, Caelian drifted off to one side and contented himself with observing the comings and goings. Out of habit he traced the relays and access points to the various monitors and equipment in his mind, comparing what he’d studied in-simulation to the reality of the Ark Angel. There were some details he realized he’d need to study harder, but he was satisfied enough with his understanding of the ship’s layout so far that he wasn’t put off. He knuckled his close-cut beard thoughtfully.

“Can I help you with something?” a nurse called to him, startling Caelian from his introspection. He offered her an apologetic smile.

“Sorry, am I in the way?” Caelian scrubbed a hand through his dark hair, looking around. “Oh, right. I’m Caelian Weir—Ensign Caelian Weir, sir—here for my medical inspection. I arrived here early, figured I’d wait my turn.”

—Caelian Weir, Ensign—

Nurse Ellis smiled at the Ensign kindly, “Welcome to the Ark Angel Ensign Weir, and you are not in the way at all,” She gestured toward biobed 1, ” Why don’t you have a seat there and I will let Dr. Marshall know you are here.”

She stepped over to one side and tapped her com badge. =/\=Heather to Dr. Marshall, En. Weir is here for his physical=/\ A moment later Dr. Marshall’s voice came back over the comm. =/\=Thank you Heather. I will be right out=/\= Nurse Ellis nodded to the Ensign then stepped back to her previous task.

Hayley stepped out of her office. She was not at all put out by the interruption as she would much rather spend her time with people rather than ‘paperwork’ The petite woman looked barely old enough to be entering the Academy, let alone running a ship’s medical facility but a second look would reveal something in her eyes that made one think she was fully up to the task. “Ensign Weir, welcome, I’m Dr. Marshall.” She smiled “I think you are the first to be early for your medical in awhile, new Ensigns tend to get lost in the corridors their first time on a ship this size.”

Jr. Lt. Hayley Marshall, CMO

Caelian murmured his polite thanks to the nurse and sidled up to the biobed she indicated. While she paged the doctor, he sat and studied his hands. Thankfully they weren’t shaking, at least not yet.

It was always a point of anxiety, meeting a new ship’s medical staff for the first time. Different doctors had different questions, different curiosities given their career paths. He’d met one or two in his career at Starfleet who overlooked the anomalies in his medical file, one that obsessed to the point that he’d nearly washed out his first year at the Academy. He’d taken it all with a grain of salt, did his best to shrug it off as curiosity. After all, wasn’t that what Starfleet was built for: to understand the unknown?

The ensign smiled and nodded silent gratitude to the nurse as she returned to her task. So far, so good. A soft sigh of footfalls on carpet drew his attention to the nearby office where a young woman was just emurging. Caelian quirked a brow before he could stop himself, scratched the stubble on his chin as he regained his composure. Too young to be a doctor, he thought to himself until he noticed the purpose in her eyes. Or maybe…

“Y-yes, sir,” he chuckled, a bit embarassed. He had to clear the hint of accent from his voice before continuing, returning her smile. “I had a little trouble on my last posting and didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. The Challenger wasn’t nearly this large. Since I was studying the Angel’s specs anyway, I thought I’d make myself familiar with the places I’d have to report to. You were my first stop.”

Afer a moment of thought, he added, “Have you been aboard long? I-if that’s not too much a personal question, sir. I’m… trying to get a feel for the place, you know?”

—Caelian Weir, Ensign—

“Not too personal at all,” She said with a smile,” I haven’t been here long but so much has happened that it feels like home already. Never a dull moment on the Angel I have learned.” She drew a medical tricorder from the pocket of her lab smock “I certainly never expected to be a department head this soon.” She gestured toward him with the medical probe.” May I?”

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO

He nodded a smile, then fixed his gaze on the probe in her hand. “Fire away, Doc. Just make sure it’s set to ‘stun,’ eh?”

Caelian watched Doctor Marshall calmly as she performed her initial scan, trying his best not to stare. It wasn’t necessarily the stare of a man appreciating a woman’s appearance; pretty as she was, he was far more concerned with her expressions as her mind took in the data. Gauging that kind of response was always a bit more difficult with lady doctors. He could feel the back of his head heating up from one of his mother’s parental slaps.

Don’t stare! she’d hiss at him with her fists on her hips. It’s not polite.

He could almost feel his father chortling behind his hand at the two of them. We Weir’s have a curious mind, ha! Better to tell the sun to shine more politely or the bird to sing politely. It’s good for him to learn how things work, tesoro, even the ladies.

Caelian frowned a bit and pushed away the parental bickering echoing in the back of his head, pulling his mind back to the present. He waited politely for the doctor to finish her scan and consider her findings before he spoke up again.

“Department head, hm? That’s quite impressive. I’d imagine that’s a point of pride around the dinner table, eh?”

—Caelian Weir, Ensign—

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