Soval reports to mental hygiene. A broken landscape

Posted Oct. 25, 2020, 6:39 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


As usual it took a bit more time to see a counselor to be cleared for duty than it did Medical or in fact the Captain, but at the appointed hour he presented himself for inspection.

LC Soval

Dinui walked into the office and looked up at the Lieutenant Commander in surprise, “Sir? Would you care to sit down or have something to drink?” She hadn’t been expecting a patient to be waiting for her after getting her confirmation that her Counseling license was still valid, her offer to move from medical to counseling department had been a recent one.

  • Dinui xi’Indrai Doctor, moving to Counseling (Natural blue so you don’t have to be).

With a distinct pause, Soval spoke. “ Tea, thank you.” Taking the offed seat, setting with ridged posture as one would expect of a Vulcan.

LC Soval

Dinui had to suppress a smile, “Which type of tea would be to your liking Commander? Plomeek tea, spice tea or perhaps something else entirely?” There were over a thousand types of teas from the various species and races. Some coffees were classified as tea by certain people. She wasn’t going to just choose then not have him actually enjoy it.

  • Dinui xi’Indrai, Counselor

“Spiced, but I find a certain pleasure in experiencing the choices made buy others. Food choices can be insightful.” The sociologist in him rearing it’s head. “If Vulcans can be said to have a common vice it is curiosity.” His rigid seat posture was from long habit and hours of training, tho the over stuffed seat was discomforting for one used to the practical.

LC Soval

Dinui got the spiced tea for him and a mug of french vanilla cappuccino for herself, she brought over the cups and noted his posture, the chair had been placed for relaxation but Vulcans tended to not relax around those that didn’t know them. She nodded towards her desk chair, “If you would like to change to the more posture supported chair you are welcome to do so.” Dinui would make some additional changes in the layout to take in account of more stringent standards.

  • Dinui xi’Indra, Counselor

A slight cock of the head then, “ Thank you Doctor that would be more comfortable.” Taking the tea Soval beautiful the deaf chair around to were the counselor sat, horsing the adjustments he raised the chair hight and set the lumbar support to accommodate his hight. “Forgive me for taking liberties with your chair.” Setting down he was visible more relaxed and sipped his tea in a dignified fashion.

LC Soval

“No problem at all, I can reset it later with no issues.” Dinui retorted lightly as she faced him, she sipped her french vanilla cappuccino and then regarded him, “From what I understand you’re are a very new addition to this crew, are you finding the layout and everything alright?” She knew generally that most Vulcans tended to learn the ship inside and out at least for their particular areas of expertise. Some would put to their impeccable memory to remembering the complete specifications and weaknesses of the ship. It still mattered to be sure they were at least comfortable with the working environment and those around them.

  • Dinui xi’Indra, Counselor

“I have studied the ship’s plans and and specification , it now is a mater of reconciling the reality with the documentation. I foresee no issues.”

Soval’s records indicated he had suffered a cognitive break resulting from an attempted synaptic parcing. This resulted in his medical retirement in the late twenty three seventies.

The exact reason that he would face such an emotional crisis that his mind would attempt to reorder his memories was related to his last assignment and his treatment notes indicate that those reports are heavily redacted.


Dinui nodded lightly, “Are you going looking forward to working aboard such a large ship after coming out of retirement?” She asked gently, the reports she had had lots of blanks. She was sure there were reasons and eventually she hoped to fill in those blanks in with him. First it was a matter of getting to know then adapt accordingly.

  • Dinui xi’Indrai, Counselor

Over half a century working with non-Vulcans gave him insight and the ability to except the Doctor’s question as intended. “Looking forward, Doctor? Yes, in a very Vulcan manor I do. I look forward to the personal growth and experience it will afford me.”

LC Soval

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