Side Sim - Counseling Offices - Arrival Of EXR-11

Posted Oct. 25, 2020, 6:52 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


The ship’s counseling department was often an overlooked part of the ship’s staff. But on a ship the size of the Mythology class they were more then just 1 or 2 counselors to serve the entire crew’s needs. At the heart of this staff though was the main counselor’s office on deck 11. So when the outer office waiting room doors for the counseling offices opened to reveal a small waist high robot on treads coming in, many of the nearby NE’s paused in their work in surprise, caution and some curiosity. The robot was quite simplistic in design, but its outer shell was nothing short of artistic in scope. Made up of ceramic plastics, it had a myriad of paintings on it ranging from a 4-6 year old’s hands of smiling yellow or orange suns, to more talented pieces of little connected colored pieces glued on. The ‘head’ of the little robot on treads was a large plastic half dome filled with a jelly like blue substance in which were suspended little hand carved plastic stars, squares, triangles, circles, and other shapes done by a child’s hand ranging from 6-8 years. The body, in addition to the above mentioned little colored suns, and plastic puzzle pieces and two whirring stubby ‘arms’ ending in twin pinchers. Within the main body shell itself, made up of similar clear plastics, was the ‘heart’ of the robot and ‘brain’. A simple connected isolinear four chip set powered by a tiny power cell. Both arms were shaped inward holding a small bright pink sealed bag as if in offering to her as it whirred forward on its motorized treads into the office. Said treads were the most complex in design, made of rubber and plastics like the rest they were still rugged in scope for maneuvering.

The robot stopped before NE Malang a human woman of asian descent, when the robot spoke in a gruff though clearly girly voice. =/\= Greetings sentient! I come bearing a gift for your superior officer chief Lieutenant xi’Indrai, where might I find them? =/\= It said through a speaker. In its hands was a small brightly orange bag sealed with a ribbon.

”…Uhhh… I think?” the NE said pointing over to the door unsure what else to do or say.

=/\= Thank you sentinet! =/\= the girly voiced robot said whirring over to the door and used an extension probe as a third ‘arm’ to press the office chime.


Dinui turned towards the door as she set down the cherry blossom bonsai tree on it’s new shelf. “Come in,” she said as she faced the doorway she wasn’t expecting any patients yet but she could finish redecorating the office later.

The walls were still on her list to change the color of, but for now Dinui was prepared to have a guest.

  • Dinui xi’Indra, Counselor

With a whir the little robot moved into the counselor’s office. A voice which xi’Indra could reconize as Tel’eck’s though played down to ‘appear’ disguised spoke through a speaker in the robot’s ‘neck’. =/\= Greetings sentinet! I am EXR-11. I come bearing a gift from far away places! Do you wish to accept? =/\= It said setting the bright fluorescent orange sealed bag on the desk.


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