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Posted Oct. 26, 2020, 3:37 p.m. by Lieutenant Miz'uki (Chief Engineer) (Kirt Gartner)

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Sharah had finished introducing herself to the civilian staff at the main Arboretum and though they would all get along well. She liked what they were doing, and her job wasn’t really to boss them around, but to work along side them to meet the needs of the ship. However, a binder was thrust at her by one of the more senior civilian staff and she could tell by their thoughts they were all a little relieved, amused, and scared of what she had been handed.

Andorian Frost Beetle Lily:

Planted by: Commander Tralla Sh’Zoarhi (Pilot, Chief Engineer, XO)
Canivorus Andorian arctic plant. Large enough to eat a humanoid whole.
Large Sign must be maintained outside enclosure. Plant is dangerous and will kill.
Plant must be kept in secure and locked enclosure. No exceptions

Equipment for care: Bio suite covered in plants nectar. Ensure’s plant recognizes handler as part of itself and will not attack. Recommend use nasal blocker as the smell can cause one to pass out. Perfume and chemical mixture: FBL support. Large orange bottle kept on top self of storage closet. Chemical burn kit and standard Med Kit.

Uses: Nectar while usable as a solvent requires processing in order to make the risk acceptable. Bio suit required to collect. If you were to get a drop of raw nectar on you it would probably burn away the skin like Acid Everything about this plant is designed to Harm/Kill but if taken care of properly and processed correctly it is a very handy thing to have around. Process for making nectar safe can be found in the Chemistry Lab. Even after processing the Engineers need full on Gloves and chemical resistant suits to use the stuff otherwise its off to sickbay with third degree burns

Sharah read the front page of the binder and the more she read the bigger her eyes got. On a ship like this with so many civilians and children she was surprised that a plant like this would be allowed on board. Taking the binder, Sharah began to move through the extensive aboretum looking for this, probably neglected, plant. It didn’t take her long to see the enclosure that was easily as tall as a oak tree. She moved towards it until she found herself face to face with the glass enclosure. The enclosure was all glass, but frosted from the arctic temperature inside. It went from floor to ceiling. There were several warning signs posted around the area and across the door and each side. Each warning not to attempt to go near the plant.

For whatever reason, Sharah’s gift allowed her to feel the emotions of plants. They didn’t really have thoughts, but they did feel. And her empathy could pick up on that. It was something, now that she thought about it, she should do some research into, but it had never been a worry. The ability to feel, or hear, the quiet humming symphonies of plants had always been soothing to her over bombarded mind. This plant was....different. As she approached she felt a sudden awareness coming from the plant. Sharah chocked it up to the size of the plant. The bloom was easily 8 feet in Diameter and who knew how large it could open. It looked much like a Terran Lilly it was white with Blue Streations through its pedals. The LIlly looked as if it was made from Ice and snow

She moved around the enclosure looking for signs of wear and degradation that might need to be fixed. If this thing was even slightly as deadly as the binder indicated, any weakness in the enclosure could be disastrous. Sharah was focused on examining bottom of the enclosure to be sure the roots couldn’t dig their way underneath. A loud crash and reverberation against the glass scared her enough to make her loose her balance and fall, gracelessly, to the ground, staring up at the enraged plant. She hadn’t been paying attention, but it had tracked her movement outside the enclosure and at her first sign of in attention it had attempted to attack her. More out of self-preservation than need, Sharah scrambled back, crab walk style, away from the enclosure. The rage rolling off of the plant was intense. It…it was sentient! Sharah stared at it for a long time, overwhelmed by the rage, hunger, and instinct to hunt. It’s ‘mind’ was much like a large cat or dog.

Sharah was totally unprepared to take care of this…this…plant. She stood up and then carefully moved back toward the enclosure to pick up the binder. The lily tracked her as she moved. It bent along its stem slowly waiting to lunge at her again. Now that she knew what to ‘listen’ for, she knew what to expect. She was reminded of the Beauregard that Oliver had shown her that first trip on the Galileo. It had been angry and liked being angry. But this Andorian lily was something totally different. She was going to have to do some research before she attempted to go in and care for it.

Back at the ‘office’ area for the arboretum, Sharah ran a structural analysis of the enclosure to make sure it was stable. She also took readings of the health and stability of the plant. Once she was off duty she would send a message to Oliver. See if he had any experience with it. If not then she would see if Dr. Zarath could shed any light on what to do. A few hours later when she sat down to eat, she would find she was still shaken from the encounter. That plant had no business being on a ship with children. There had been children playing in the arboretum this morning. After she finished eating she made sure to check the security lock on the enclosure.

En Fayth, Science - Botanist

OOC Added with permission information about Tralla and changed the description of the flower a bit


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