Side Sim - Trainor's Quarters - Arrival Of EXR-11

Posted Oct. 26, 2020, 3:43 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Tenzing Trainor (Chief Operations Officer) (Ray Branch)

Posted by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim - Trainor’s Quarters - Arrival Of EXR-11

The robot stopped before Lt Commander Trainor and spoke in a gruff girly voice through a speaker on its ‘neck’, while presenting a small gift bag, brightly colored in rainbow patterns, and tied with a bow. =/\= Greetings Lt Commander! I am EXR-11 I have come from afar to present to you a gift! =/\= It said.


” A gift?” Trainor replied as he stood before the EXR-11. Tenzing had to admit, the robot looked more like a science fair project but he wasn’t one to judge. The Operations Officer moved back to invite it in. “Would you like anything, coffee, water..... a diagnostic?” Tenzing asked politely.


The robot whirred into the room on its treads before stopping next to the windows looking out into space. Turning to follow Trainor’s movements, the gruff yet girlish ‘robot’ voice through a speaker spoke =/\= A....diagnostic would be most welcome! Though I am confident you will find my superior systems up to specifications =/\= It said, depending how recognizable Trainor was with voices he might recognize the down keyed gruff girl voice as the Captain’s daughter Tel’eck. Muffled by the speaker was another younger girlish giggle followed by someone likely a boy shushing them about ‘not ruining the fun’. =/\= But before that you must open your gift! Among where I come from it is only right to give someone a gift for those they serve with. =/\= It said setting down the bright rainbow colored bag.


Tenzing quickly caught on to who may be behind this and invited the robot in. “Of course!” Trainor replied as he picked up the bag and began to open it. Before fully opening the bag, Trainor unpinned a solid pip from his uniform and handed it over to the robot. “I’m sure the Captain won’t mind.” He laughed. Returning to the bag in his hand, Tenzing finished opening it.


=/\= I am sorry but due to the Synth ban and the fact even then I have not gone through Starfleet Academy I can not accept your gift of a command pip. Uh…Lieutenant!=/\= The robot said making a joke at the end with Trainor’s lack of Lt Commander pip now.

Opening the bag inside he found a small model of a Chandley class 2378 refit heavy cruiser. The ship’s registry matched that of the Albert Einstein’s though the name was misspelled it seems as Albet Einstin. The makeup of the ship’s shape was from fired clay reinforced with a thing sheen of plastic at stress points. It was simple but effective. The model sat on a small metal stand with a circular base. With the words ‘Class of 2378 Forever’ on it.

The robot beeped and whirred sitting there silently as if waiting for him to comment on the model.


Tenzing groaned internally at the robot’s response. Jumping 10 years into the future, and a lot had changed for the Federation. The Lieutenant Commander had only been back a mere 6 years and was still forgetting about the ban. Trainor simply laughed at the joke and pinned back on his pip.

“There were a lot of great people on this ship,” Trainor replied as he went to place it on the nightstand next to his bed. Tenzing went silent for a few moments to reflect on his fallen comrades, but quickly regained his composure.

“So what about that diagnostic?” He asked as he reapproached the robot.


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