Side Sim - Main Engineering - Arrival Of EXR-11

Posted Oct. 26, 2020, 8:58 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


As the others went back to work, she picked up the tool she had asked for and placed it in the NE’s hand. “Mark, finish putting this panel on, please.” She then went to make herself busy at the console closest to the Chief’s office. If things were off in her mind, chances are they were off here as well. She did her best not to hover, but she was gonna stay close. She and the Chief weren’t exactly ‘close’, but she was still gonna look after her supervisor if she could.

Mazi Engineer

With a whir the little robot moved into the chief engineer’s office. A voice which the Miz’uki could reconize as Tel’eck’s though played down to ‘appear’ disguised spoke through a speaker in the robot’s ‘neck’. =/\= Greetings sentinet! I am EXR-11. I come bearing a gift from far away places! =/\= It said setting the bright fluorescent pink sealed bag on the desk.


Tabris was working on checking the integrity of the isolinear chips for the three backup systems on the ship’s three computer cores. It was a tedious process that required removal of each chip, plugging it into a PADD directly wired into the bio-neural network and checking the data integrity of what was stored on the isolinear chip to that of the bioneural gel pack of the corresponding system. It was about as engaging as screwing caps on bottles of soda. If there was an issue with a chip, it would be formatted, restored from the bioneural main system, then checked for integrity again to see if it was an inherent problem with the chip or just a quirk of storing what had to be thousands and thousands of kiloquads across a vast amount of chips and packs. Tabris was on this project for a week and he was working to the best of his ability and had resolved a few issues with corrupted chips, but he could use a distraction to say the least. He noticed EXR-11, not that he knew what it was, enter the CE’s office and his interest was piqued. He did his best to maneuver himself to see in the boss’s window and figure out what it was.

Tabris Asam, Eng

as she took notice of the thing she hissed in surprise yalling like a cat her fur standing on end “What the heck!” she shouted before looking more closely at the newcomer “Well well well What an impressive bit of Engineering” she said pulling a Tricorder and scanning it smiling


Scans of the robot showed it was powered by 4 micro isolinear processors, made up of simple plastics and common metals and a simple composites. Clearly a complex science fair project if there ever was one. Whirring on its treads it backed up a little, pointing with one of its clipper hands to the bag. =/\= Sentinet you should focus on your bag of gifts not my humble but clearly superior technological framework! =/\= It said from a speaker mount in its neck. Clearly it was the Captain’s daughter Tel’eck disguising her voice with some other children by remote.


“Tel’eck You made a very impressive Science fair project!” she said making it clear she recognized the voice as she opened the bag to look at what the children were giving her


Mazi came to the door as soon as she heard the Chief cry out. Seeing she was all right, she moved back to give her privacy while staying close enough to help if it was needed. She hadn’t heard the Chief call the child’s name out and didn’t know what was going on.

Mazi Eng

There was a pause before the robot replied. =/\= Tel’eck? I uh don’t know who you are referring to sentient. I am EXR-11 and I am no mere science fair project!=/\= It protested. Muffled behind the disguised voice of Tel’eck’s was two others muttering barely picked up and heard. =/\= Aww, she figured us out, I told you this was stupid…=/\= One girl said only to get shushed by someone else.

Inside the bag was a recreation of an old late 23rd, early 24th century engineering toolkit. Obviously replicated but decorated with little child like drawings of cats, dogs, birds, and other odd animals. A little scrawl of words across the kit’s front read ‘May all your fixins be true!’.


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