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Posted Oct. 27, 2020, 7:35 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Tenzing Trainor (Chief Operations Officer) (Ray Branch)

Posted by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Main sim-Bridge

On his return orbit Soval looked to see the CSO’s work. “ Thank you, lieutenant. Perhaps I was to circumspect in my suggestion. Can we excite the molecules in the area of the Montezuma and thus reveal the void occupied buy the anomaly?”

LC Soval

Fayth’s console flashed the incoming message alert, showing a new message from Ensign Riley with the compiled long-range sensor data, highlighting the tachyon emissions from the Montezuma and the timing of the energy spike in relation to the visual disturbance, with a note that he was still awaiting results on the short-range scans of the radiation patch the shuttle had passed through.

  • Ensign Riley, Science

Sharah had absolutely no idea how to do what the LC was asking her to do. This was not her area of scientific expertise. As she was about to tell the LC that, Riley’s data came through.

Fayth was quick to reply. Riley had done good work and quickly at that. She also appreciated his choice of a quiet message over sending the information over open comms. The typed reply was quick in return. Thank you for your discretion, Riley. I’m on the bridge if you need anything else. As soon as you have the results or any new information let me know.

“LC Soval. This has just come in from En Riley down in astrometrics. I believe this may give you what you are looking for.”

As the Nebula appeared on the screen, and data flowed in, the recording of the visual disturbance played back, and the data from the sensors showed the energy spike that accompanied it–coming from the Montezuma itself, not an external source. The energy spike begins a millisecond before the visual disturbance.

There was a faint Tachyon signature emitting from the Montezuma during the beginning of the disturbance.

Fayth took the pattern of the Tachyon emission to try and clear up the image of the visual disturbance. And because she’d promised the captain that she wouldn’t hesitate to answer a question or make a choice. “I’m sorry LC I’ve never done this before. I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly.”

Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

For a second Soval’s guards wavered and a bit of humor slipped out. Betraying the quizzical expression he had as almost a kindly smile. “I don’t expect you to, Lieutenant. This is why you’re a department head. I suspect one of your subordinates will. If not you and I can work it out together.”

LC Soval

Fayth’s display pinged again with another message from Riley with the details of the short-range scan. The radiation patch, apart from not being on a direct course from the Montezuma to the Ark Angel, was nothing unusual. It was a transient cloud of ions that probably got pulled together by the tail of a comet or the passing of a small planetoid or large asteroid. Riley added he was heading to the shuttle bay to speak with engineering and get some more info on the shuttle readings.

  • Ensign Riley, Science

Drudoc heard the discussion going on to her right and turned in that direction. “..Something to report or found?” She asked her officers.

Fayth read over the information and shook her head. As they already knew, the shuttle took a very round about way to get to safety, even choosing to go to areas where they would incur damage while on their flight. “Captain, I just received another report from En Riley of his results. The radiation they flew through, just like the ion storm, was out of their way on their flight path. It seems strange to me that they would go through so much trouble to fly through areas that would purposely damage their shuttle. If the Montezuma is damaged, I wouldn’t risk damaging my shuttle. Especially if that purpose was to get help. The more direct route would have been safer. Also his initial report shows that the Montezuma is showing an energy spike beginning before the visual disturbance we are seeing. He has also confirmed that the Montezuma is emitting a tachyon signature as well. He’s on his way to speak to engineering to double check a few things.” That was probably more than the CO needed, and she wasn’t asked her opinion, but it was all rather suspicious to her and the captain had said not to hesitate to speak up.

Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Drudoc considered the report. “..Even more evidence of odd behavior by our guests. Does there appear to be a pattern or recognized correlation to the signatures?” She asked.

Drudoc Andone CO

If Sharah had to guess, she would say it appeared so, but, “En Riley is conferring with engineering right now. He should have an answer soon, but from a glance, it would appear so. The energy spike happens a split second before the visual disruption, but coincidence doesn’t prove correlation.”

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Trainor quickly tried to come up with some solution but appeared to be out of his depth at the moment. “I’d have to bet replicator credits that those two might correlate.” Lieutenant Commander Trainor said, speaking up. “Tachyon’s can be produced by cloaks, transporters, or even temporal devices...., but maybe it’s time to speak to our guests again.”


Drudoc nodded. Turning to the helm, “..NE Willicker continue on our course and speed.” Turning then to her XO. “..Commander Soval You have the bridge, I’m going to meet security in Sickbay 1 and have a talk with our guests. Any problems alert me right away, maintain yellow alert and shields being raised.” She said rising from the center chair.

“ As you will, Captain. At what point do wish the civilians evacuated to the shelters and the crew to battle stations?” Tho they did not have a clear picture of what they were speeding toward, the odds that it posed a hazard to the ship, crew and passengers grew as they closed on the target. The Vulcan would not himself risk a ship full of civilians buy entering the nebula when shuttles were available but short of orders to the contrary it was possible that was the Capetians intent.

”..We’re at yellow alert, so civilian and non-essential crews should already be in the shelters. As for going to battle stations if anything seems to threaten the ship in a hostile manner do what you need to protect it.” She replied.

Once any questions were handled she turned and entered the nearby turbolift to head to the Sickbay.

Drudoc Andone CO

Once the Captain has left the ship, Soval once again addressed the bridge. “Do we as yet know what the nebula is comprised of? It occurs to me that we may observe the shape of the anomaly either buy the negative space it creates displacing the nebulas gasses or buy it’s effect on them. We may even excite the gasses with our probes or our deflector to improve the resolution.” He was aware that the chief science Officer was working on just that, but as she was at the Captains behest concentrating on the shuttle, bringing the aid of those bridge crew not fully occupied with their duties seemed prudent.


Drudoc Andone CO

“I can re-route the probe we sent a few hours ago to where the disruption is occurring, Commander,” Trainor replied as he brought up probe controls. “But, I’d recommend against using our deflectors in case we receive a feedback loop from the other side.” The Operations Chief waited for Soval’s response.


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