Medical Check in at Sick bay

Posted Oct. 28, 2020, 6:58 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) (Amie Genest)

Posted by Ensign John Tolly (Security Officer) in Medical Check in at Sick bay

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) in Medical Check in at Sick bay

Posted by Ensign John Tolly (Security Officer) in Medical Check in at Sick bay
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Ensign Tolly walked into Sickbay, walking up to Dr. Marshal.

“Ma’am?” He said trying to get her attention, “I’m Ensign Tolly I am here for my medical check up?”

Ensign John Tolly

Hayley startled slightly as the young man spoke. Her thoughts had been elsewhere and she hadn’t heard the doors opening to let the Ensign in. “Ensign Tolly, of course, welcome to the Ark Angel.” She smiled and gestured toward Biobed 1, “Did you find your way here alright? I got lost trying to find it my first time. I still get lost on this ship at least once a day. Thank goodness for the computer.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

Tolly sat on the bio bed Lt Marshall gestured too. “No Ma’am,” he said a little too quickly, he was eager to get his evals done so he could get to work. He sat on the edge of the bed tapping his foot on the floor, a nervous tick of his.

Ensign John Tolly

Hayley smiled, trying to put the Ensign at ease. She could tell he wasn’t exactly comfortable in his current surroundings. She ignored the foot tapping and picked up a medical tricorder and probe. “I had a chance to review your med file, is there anything that hasn’t been added to it yet?” She asked before beginning her scan. She watched the tricorder’s screen as she completed the scan.

OOC: You can OOC post to tell me if the scanner detects anything other than normal health.

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO

John put his hand on his knee attempting to keep his leg from moving, he managed a slight smile and shook his head no.

“I took some time and when home for a few days before getting stationed on the Ark Angel” He explained “I had a full medical checkup up before I left.” He gave a shrug “unless I came down with something between then and now, I should be in good shape.”

Ensign John Tolly

Hayley glanced at the tricorder to see the results. “All looks good here,” She replied, “Have you managed to get through all your check ins? If so you are clear to report for duty once you’ve settled in.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO

Tolly shook his head. “I still have to check in with the councilor” he said

“It’s quite a process getting settled in isn’t it? I hope you aren’t finding it too overwhelming.” Hayley smiled kindly. “Feels like just yesterday I went through it all myself.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

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