Main Sickbay - Medical check in.

Posted Oct. 28, 2020, 7:01 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) (Amie Genest)

Posted by Ensign Claude Seguin Genard (Science Officer) in Main Sickbay - Medical check in.

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sickbay - Medical check in.

Posted by Ensign Claude Seguin Genard (Science Officer) in Main Sickbay - Medical check in.
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After talking with Ensign Riley for a bit, Claude wanted to get a few of his mandatory check ins crossed off his list. One of those was to get medical clearance before he would be declared fit for duty. With a PaDD in his hand, he took a turbo lift to what he thought was the Main Sickbay. After realizing he was lost, he swallowed his pride and asked the computer to assist him in finding it. Luckily he was a drop-in and didn’t have an appointment.

Entering the wooden doors with the stylized twisted snakes on a cross, Claude waited his turn to be seen.
- Ens. Genard

Dr Marshall looked up as the doors open. “You must be one of our new JO’s. Welcome to the Ark Angel. Here for your medical clearance I presume?” Hayley smiled and gestured toward the nearest Biobed.

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO

Claude broke out into a smile upon being recognized. “Yes and yes I am.” he followed Dr. Marshall to the biobed. He handed her his PaDD with transfer orders and his current medical history. “My last posting was the Starfleet War College in Pennsylvania. Before that, a scientific outpost in the Mutara Sector.”

“I have to say it will take some time to get get use to the size of the Ark Angel. I actually got lost on my way here.”
- Ens. Genard.

“She really is something else, isn’t she? I haven’t been here long enough to have gotten entirely used to it myself.” She briefly scanned his med history and set down the PaDD to pick up her medical tricorder. “May I?” She gestured with the medical probe waiting for consent before scanning. At his nod she began her scan . “Is there anything not in your med file that I should know about?

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

Unsure if this was a test of some kind, Claude thought for a moment before answering. “I do not believe so,” he answered slowly, “My file should have my current medications list. A list of the few surgeries I have had, as well as my familiar conditions.”
“I did go home, back to Quebec, before in left to come here. On my trip, I was intimate with an old friend during my stay. I don’t believe that should be a problem.”

  • Ens. Genard.

“Just making sure everything is up to date.” Hayley replied. She finished scanning and reviewing the results.

Jr.Lt. Marshall, CMO

Claude Genard has a family history of diabetes with a recessive gene that can sometimes cause a chemical imbalance. Both are regulated with medication. He is of avarge height and weight for a male of his species. Other than his passion and scientific mind, a rather ordinary man.

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Nothing unexpected was showing on the scanner so Hayley set it aside and turned back to the Ensign. “Everything looks good here Ensign. You are clear to assume your duties on board. Did you have any questions for me?”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

With a toothy smile, Claude retrieved the PaDD he had brought with him. “Not really Doctor. Please don’t take this personally, but I hope I don’t have need of your services to often during my stint aboard.”

He hopped off the biobed and extended his hand to Doctor. “If you need any assistance with a medical experiment or just need someone to bounce an idea or two off of, I will make myself available.”

-Ens. Genard.

“Thank you Ensign, I will keep that in mind,” She smiled and shook the Ensigns hand. “I hope you will like it here on the Angel. I certainly do so far.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO

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