Side Sim - Sickbay 1 - Arrival Of EXR-11

Posted Oct. 28, 2020, 7:04 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) (Amie Genest)

Posted by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim - Sickbay 1 - Arrival Of EXR-11

The treaded robot whirred into the office carrying the bright yellow sealed bag. Halting in front of the CMO’s desk, from a speaker a gruff purposefully deep toned girlish voice made a parody of a robot’s voice. It was clearly a child’s voice. =/\= Greetings sentinet! I am EXR-11! I have come bearing a gift. Among the culture of my race it is given proper curtsey to gift those we serve with. Will you wish to accept? =/\= It asked.


Hayley very carefully moderated her expression to a serious one. It was very hard to suppress a giggle. “Of course,” She replied, “I would be most honored.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

The robot set the bright yellow bag on the CMO’s desk. When she would deem to open it inside she found a small rectangular box, once opened it contained the following in bubble wrap.

The first thing inside was a small handmade clay mortar and pestle, inside which were a variety of herbal modeled herbal seeds ready for ‘crushing’. =/\= During my time among the children of this ship the ones in the Kindergarten class requested I bestow this gift of a primitive medicinal grinder for your use and display. I naturally accepted, while my circuits do not feel emotion one can not deny such small children their requests! =/\= It said.

The second thing in the box was a laser carved metal case. Around the case were little patterns of a child’s design no doubt of ‘mysterious’ symbols. When the case was flicked open it contained a small, primitive, holo projection of the current time and temperature. =/\= The various symbols are interactive, though they are meant as a puzzle for you to solve at a later date. When pressed in the correct pattern they will play a musical tune. =/\= EXR-11 stated.


Hayley was delighted by the thoughtful gifts. She set them carefully on her desk and stepped over to the replicator ordering a bright yellow bow and a small assortment of wrapped salt water taffy in a bag. She handed the bag toward the robot’s ‘hands’. “I thank you most sincerely for these wonderful gifts. May I decorate you with this bow as a thank you? And would you do me a favor and deliver these to the children when you are next among them?”

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO

Muffled through the neck speaker another child’s voice wooped in delight ruining the disguise of Tel’eck’s voice controlling it. =/\= Woo more candy! =/\= Several shushes to said errant child soon had Tel’eck back in control though =/\= Ah ahem, why yes I would be delighted to deliver this to the children, and accept your personal decorations. =/\= It said.


Hayley attached the bow to the robot’s head and placed the bag in his hands. “Thank you again for the gifts. I will treasure them.” She watched the robot turn and trundle out of her office. Once the doors closed she allowed herself to dissolve into a fit of giggle.

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO

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