Pre-Sim - Initial Check-in - Counselling

Posted Nov. 16, 2020, 9:19 a.m. by Ensign Flint Locke (Medical Officer) (Ben Dobson)

Flint started to make his way around Deck 11 to the counseling suite.

“My past is something I never like to bring up” he thought to himself. “Let’s hope this is nice and short…”.

The death of Flints mother came as a shock at a young age, like any loss, losing one’s family is a tough and challenging event.. His father, Chuck, took it hard also but in the long term led Flint through his life, ensuring he had all the support needed.

Flint stepped up to the entry door, Counseling Suite glowed and hummed above the entry door, he took a deep breath and pressed the entry call button, receiving a small, yet jolting shock as he did.

  • Flint Locke, Medical Officer

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