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Posted by Ensign Tabris Asam (Engineering Officer) in Trenton Park - Parkour (open to all)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in Trenton Park - Parkour (open to all)
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Sharah grins, “Ashlyn is…one of a kind. She loves this stuff. The crazier the better. She set mechanical spiders, with cannon turrets on them, on us once and we had to run the course. Don’t worry I won’t do that. That was horrible and one of the officers that had come had brought her son, and it totally freaked him out.” Sharah shakes her head. “Ashyln likes extremes.” She moves towards a bench and grabs two bottles of water. She always took extra just in case, just like she always brought her med kit just in case.

Tabris looked at Sharah and could feel the relief wash over him as he heard that he wasn’t going to be taking on spiders with cannons… “I can safely say that would freak me out” Tabris chuckled as he listened and watched as Sharah grabbed something. He smiled, “Always prepared for when I injure myself or when you’re thirsty hmm?”

“When we were on Challenger I wasn’t allowed to go to the parkour class unless I had a medkit with me because I got injured so often. And water is always good when you are exercising. I got used to just taking it with me because a lot of times the other people who came would forget to bring water.” She shrugs. She was the doctor on hand so she always tried to think of those things.

She sits down passes a bottle to Tabris and then twists the cap off of hers taking a deep drink. “This requires all of my concentration so I don’t get hurt. I can’t really talk and run one way or another.” She looks around the program. “I really didn’t mean to answer your thoughts Tabris. I…I am a very unique type of telepath, I guess. See for Betazoids our telepathy doesn’t develop until we are 12 or 13 at the earliest. But I was born with mine on. It happens some times, and it’s not gradual. It’s turned on and beyond full strength of anyone else. I could bore you for hours with the specifics and medical evaluations. But basically I can’t turn it off. I can choose to ignore things, but I still hear it. All the time. It never shuts off. I can ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ the entirety of everyone on this ship. Their conscious and subconscious thoughts. I have no way to really describe it.” She sighs and takes a sip of her water. “It’s easy to be overwhelmed by it all and then I make mistakes, like answering your thoughts when I shouldn’t have.” She waves around the course. “When I first met Ashlyn I made a similar mistake. She forgave me too. Her mind is very different, and we both struggle a lot. My empathy makes it easy for me to accept everyone as they are and have no expectations of them. Ashlyn…was never bothered by my quirkiness. She made me start doing parkour with her to help me try and control the noise.”

After grabbing the bottle he twisted the cap off himself and took a long swig of the clear refreshing fluid. It cascaded down his throat as he continued to listen. A young child, tormented by the thoughts of everyone around her from the moment she came into the universe. He opened his mouth slowly, almost too slowly as he tried to formulate his words in his head before he said them doubting that she didn’t already know what he was going to say. “Sharah, I asked you what you preferred because I truly don’t mind and I want to make it as easy as I can when I’m around. Perhaps I can be that one voice in the sea that you don’t have to worry about. You keep telling me that you didn’t mean to or that you made a mistake, but lets be honest. You have a gift. It’s something that you see as a burden and I don’t doubt that, but it’s a natural ability that you posses and it says quite a lot about your character that you don’t use it for personal gain or for nefarious purposes.” He paused to collect his thoughts a little, “I said that I was comfortable with you reading my thoughts and I meant it. It doesn’t mean you have to, just know that I’m one person you don’t have to worry about.”

Something about what he said makes her laugh, really laugh till she’s wiping tears from her eyes. “Joseph suggested once that with his poker face and my skill we should go to a casino. We could retire early.” But his mention of nefarious purposes reminds her of why she hadn’t heard from Ashlyn in so long.

“When I boarded Challenger I was sick, and we didn’t know it for a couple of weeks. Ashlyn’s idea for parkour didn’t work because of that. It still doesn’t, but normally…well I wasn’t myself but no one knew that because I didn’t know anyone on board. Eventually we finished our cadet tour and Ashlyn and I were both stationed to the same ship until I transferred here. I haven’t heard from her in weeks though. She made some mistakes. It’s not my fault, it was hers. She knows that and so do I. But the counselor on board feels like it’s my fault. That I influenced her in some way and she’s not allowed to write me anymore.” The sadness and guilt she feels is clear and deep. “Ashlyn is my friend.” The way she says it indicates that the better term would be ‘best friend’ but something about the way she says it, or maybe Tabris is picking up on her emotions, that Ashlyn is the only friend she’s really had.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Tabris was confused by his empathic feelings, he hadn’t ever felt another person clearly before but this was new and he thought to use that to help, maybe. “I can feel that Ashlyn was close to you and you to her, and do you know how I know that? Because I’m empathic right? Even if I’m really bad at it I get those flashes of emotion. Usually I think I’m making it up but I know at least for this moment that I’m sure what I’m feeling is your emotional state. Is it wrong that I’m feeling that? Or is it just something that I can do? That’s how I see you with your abilities.” He said as he swallowed.

Sharah nodded, she knew what he was saying was true. In a way he reminded her of Joseph. Always so logical. Joseph always told her the same thing, she had a gift. It made him upset when she described herself as sick or having a ‘condition.’ She missed him desperately. He was the lighthouse that led her home through the storm and kept her safe.

“I don’t know the exact circumstances of what happened but, at least to me, I think that counselor has done both of you a great disservice. I hope that you can reconnect with her, because it sounds to me like you were good for each other and that isn’t something that is ‘wrong’ or ‘problematic’. Life is a continuum, a wave of experiences good and bad that we use to grow as individuals.”

Tabris Asam, Eng

“Ashlyn grew up an orphan,” that was safe to say. She wasn’t the only one who entered Star Fleet from that background. “We’re more like family. It was hard for her when I left and the counselor didn’t support her. Ashlyn had, is having, a hard time with the separation. She knows that. We talked about it the last time I heard from her. But we worked well together. She was my first roommate too. We turned our quarters into a space where she felt safe, and she let me be all kinds of nosey and was never offended by it.” She looks around, by this point no one else was coming. “Computer pull up specs for quarters of Ashlyn Trenton and Sharah Fayth from USS Europa Stardate 239607.3” She grins at Tabris, “You’ll like this.”

Tabris listened and thought about exactly what she was saying. It was far deeper than losing a friend, for when she said that they were like family it wasn’t just a nice platitude that she handed out easily, she indeed meant it. “It sounds like you found the perfect friend in Ashlyn and she in you. You each had unique challenges that played well off of each other that allowed you both to feel safe” Tabris mused as he waited for the holodeck to refresh and the quarters came into being around him. To his eyes though not much had changed though until the familiar bulkhead layout came into being.

The holodeck changed and it was not obvious at first where they were. But after a moment it was clear that this had been a double quarters for junior officers. There was a common bathroom and living area but only one bedroom. And the living area was…well the best way to describe it was a Jefferies tube and parkour course had a baby. Sharah stands up and using a series of stools and small tables she climbs up onto the top of a Jeffries tube and perches her self there. She points off to her side, “Take them like a stair case and then you can sit there.” Where she’s pointing is a Jefferies tube, but it’s been cut away with cushions on it to make it like a hanging couch.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

A smile came across his face as he did his best to make his way to the hanging couch. “This is fantastic! How did you convince the captain to let you build all of this?” He asked as he finally sat himself down in the seat and adjusted a cushion he was awkwardly perched on. “I’ve always been amazed with what people come up with, rooms can be so boring when you could literally have a jungle gym!” He said excitedly as he watched Sharah reminisce.

Tabris Asam, Eng

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