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Trainor quickly tried to come up with some solution but appeared to be out of his depth at the moment. “I’d have to bet replicator credits that those two might correlate.” Lieutenant Commander Trainor said, speaking up. “Tachyon’s can be produced by cloaks, transporters, or even temporal devices...., but maybe it’s time to speak to our guests again.”


Drudoc nodded. Turning to the helm, “..NE Willicker continue on our course and speed.” Turning then to her XO. “..Commander Soval You have the bridge, I’m going to meet security in Sickbay 1 and have a talk with our guests. Any problems alert me right away, maintain yellow alert and shields being raised.” She said rising from the center chair.

“ As you will, Captain. At what point do wish the civilians evacuated to the shelters and the crew to battle stations?” Tho they did not have a clear picture of what they were speeding toward, the odds that it posed a hazard to the ship, crew and passengers grew as they closed on the target. The Vulcan would not himself risk a ship full of civilians buy entering the nebula when shuttles were available but short of orders to the contrary it was possible that was the Capetians intent.

”..We’re at yellow alert, so civilian and non-essential crews should already be in the shelters. As for going to battle stations if anything seems to threaten the ship in a hostile manner do what you need to protect it.” She replied.

Once any questions were handled she turned and entered the nearby turbolift to head to the Sickbay.

Drudoc Andone CO

Once the Captain has left the ship, Soval once again addressed the bridge. “Do we as yet know what the nebula is comprised of? It occurs to me that we may observe the shape of the anomaly either buy the negative space it creates displacing the nebulas gasses or buy it’s effect on them. We may even excite the gasses with our probes or our deflector to improve the resolution.” He was aware that the chief science Officer was working on just that, but as she was at the Captains behest concentrating on the shuttle, bringing the aid of those bridge crew not fully occupied with their duties seemed prudent.


Drudoc Andone CO

“I can re-route the probe we sent a few hours ago to where the disruption is occurring, Commander,” Trainor replied as he brought up probe controls. “But, I’d recommend against using our deflectors in case we receive a feedback loop from the other side.” The Operations Chief waited for Soval’s response.


“Thank you Mr. Trainor. Every bit of information we gain helps complete the puzzle. If any one else can contribute please do so.”


As the probe approached the disturbance, the data would become garbled for a brief moment as it passed through a cloud of gas. As it exited on the other side, the closer image was more clear. It appeared to be the wave-like effect that occurs when a Romulan ship cloaked or uncloaked, but nothing appeared after the effect happened. The energy spike continued on the Montezuma as it had before: beginning just a moment after the disturbance occurred.

GMT Capybara

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“Putting the feed on the viewscreen,” LtCmdr Trainor announced after the probe passed through the gas. Tenzing’s guess was that the Montezuma may have been messing with cloak technology, and somehow failed.


OOC: GM am I reading this right, that the shimmer image is beside/next to/behind/etc the Montezuma and not around the Montezuma itself? That’s how I’m reading this. And I thought the science JOs found that the energy spike happened before the disturbance, not after. Just need a little clarification because I think I’m confusing myself.
Sharah watched the image, and turned back to the sensors. “Lt Cmdr Trainor can we get the probe to determine if their is an energy feed coming from the Montezuma towards the disturbance? We know there is a spike that happens on her right before the visual disturbance but can we trace where that energy spike is going to?” She wasn’t even sure a probe could do that. What a time for her to be promoted.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“After the addressing the Montezuma’s energy output, I would still like to analyze the displacement of the gas making up the nebula. Knowing the general size and shape of the object might prove helpful.”

OOC: it’s kinda before/after it begins. Basically, the shimmer and the energy disturbance happen within mere milliseconds of each other. The energy happens just a fraction of a second around the beginning of the shimmer. Also, it’s kinda nearish the Montezuma, not around it. It’s not part of the Montezuma at all.

GMT Capybara
OOC: Thank you
While Trainor worked with the probe, Sharah pulled up the images from the nebula and then the image of the disturbance. The Lt Cmdr wanted an image, and that was just a sketch. She may not be familiar with the controls for doing this kind of thing, but she could free hand it. She turned the images slowly frame by frame and pulled the details and the way the gasses in the nebula moved. Marking them on the screen and tracing the shape and depth. Then she looked at where the disturbance shimmered and repeated the process adding detail to what she was trying to make out. At the same time “Computer measure the movement, density, and shape of displacement of the nebula’s gasses. Then do the same for the visual disturbance we have observed. Extrapolate and image of what is in the that space.”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

“I’m still thinking some sort of cloaking device is a factor,” Trainor mumbled to anyone close enough to hear him. Sensors were being of no significant use, as it couldn’t comprehend the data being sent to it. Hopefully, the Science Chief would have more luck with dissecting the images than he did.


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