Trenton Park - Parkour (open to all)

Posted Nov. 18, 2020, 7:19 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

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“Ashlyn grew up an orphan,” that was safe to say. She wasn’t the only one who entered Star Fleet from that background. “We’re more like family. It was hard for her when I left and the counselor didn’t support her. Ashlyn had, is having, a hard time with the separation. She knows that. We talked about it the last time I heard from her. But we worked well together. She was my first roommate too. We turned our quarters into a space where she felt safe, and she let me be all kinds of nosey and was never offended by it.” She looks around, by this point no one else was coming. “Computer pull up specs for quarters of Ashlyn Trenton and Sharah Fayth from USS Europa Stardate 239607.3” She grins at Tabris, “You’ll like this.”

Tabris listened and thought about exactly what she was saying. It was far deeper than losing a friend, for when she said that they were like family it wasn’t just a nice platitude that she handed out easily, she indeed meant it. “It sounds like you found the perfect friend in Ashlyn and she in you. You each had unique challenges that played well off of each other that allowed you both to feel safe” Tabris mused as he waited for the holodeck to refresh and the quarters came into being around him. To his eyes though not much had changed though until the familiar bulkhead layout came into being.

Sharah smiled just a little. “Give the chance we would have been a force to be reckoned with. There was a fire on board. Spanned 3 decks. A massive systems casscade failure. Ashlyn and I were first on scene. She’s security and I have search and rescue training. We did what had to be done, ya know. We had cleared over half the deck when the CoS showed up and ordered us back with people still needing help. Ashlyn had to go that was her DH, but I didn’t. It put her in a bad spot. Despite my better judgement we went back. When it comes to people being in need of medical help, or help at all, I don’t take to people on a power trip. I expected the CoS to be…to work well with others and be practical. She wasn’t. I guess I’m spoiled that way.” And at that comment Sharah grins a little, “My fiancé and my older brother are both security chiefs. I wasn’t very nice to Ashlyn’s DH. Got me in trouble. I went back later and watched the security feeds, I still can’t figure out what she saw that we did wrong. We were working through the deck at speed and efficiency. We could have lost people.”

The holodeck changed and it was not obvious at first where they were. But after a moment it was clear that this had been a double quarters for junior officers. There was a common bathroom and living area but only one bedroom. And the living area was…well the best way to describe it was a Jefferies tube and parkour course had a baby. Sharah stands up and using a series of stools and small tables she climbs up onto the top of a Jeffries tube and perches her self there. She points off to her side, “Take them like a stair case and then you can sit there.” Where she’s pointing is a Jefferies tube, but it’s been cut away with cushions on it to make it like a hanging couch.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

A smile came across his face as he did his best to make his way to the hanging couch. “This is fantastic! How did you convince the captain to let you build all of this?” He asked as he finally sat himself down in the seat and adjusted a cushion he was awkwardly perched on. “I’ve always been amazed with what people come up with, rooms can be so boring when you could literally have a jungle gym!” He said excitedly as he watched Sharah reminisce.

Tabris Asam, Eng

Sharah laughed, and then turned, straddling the tube, to face him and then leaning forward, elbows on the tube, chin on her hands. “We didn’t ask, we just did it. On Europa the rule was you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t damage the ship and you have the credits for it. We recycled A LOT from the standard trappings, repurposed a lot and then used our credits for it. Between the two of us we had just enough. That junction over there,” She points to what looks like the outside of Jefferies tube junction, but about 25% smaller, in the far corner, “Is Ashlyn’s bedroom. And you can crawl through the tubes too.” She points to one on the other side that angles down and opens up in front of what was her bedroom door. “We even had a slide.” The ‘couch’ where he’s sitting allows for someone to actually crawl into the tubes and move around the room that way. “Ashlyn is high energy so this set up actually worked to allow her to get that out and rest. The couch was made for me originally because I couldn’t sit up here without falling. Now, after a year, it’s not a problem. I miss it.”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

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