Side Sim - Security Office - Arrival Of EXR-11

Posted Nov. 19, 2020, 2:16 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


=/\= Thank you sentinet! =/\= the girly voiced robot said whirring over to the door and used an extension probe as a third ‘arm’ to press the office chime.


Watley sat at his desk, the old man hated the paper pushing part of his job. But it was a necessary evil. He heard the chime and looked up from his display screen. “Come in!” he cried out, relieved to have something break the monotony of his job.

Lt. Jg. Maxwell Watley- COS

When the officer door opened Watley was greeted by the sight of a primitive looking tread moving robot figure. Standing a little over 5‘0 in height with a pair clamp flexible arms it whirred forward and from the speaker in the robot’s neck a muffled disguised female like voice spoke obviously trying to pose as a robot =/\= Greetings sentient! I am EXR-11. I come forth bearing you a gift from the children of this fine ship! =/\= It said raising its two arms slowly to place a small wrapped bag on the desk. =/\= If you wish to accept it that is.. =/\=


Watley was not a fan of artificial life, call him old fashioned, but he could easily imagine a world in which computers enslaved organic life. None of this skepticism was visibly betrayed by the old man. He smiled at the machine. “I would, thank you, what was it? EXR 12?” He said as he reached out to pick up the bag on the desk, he examined it for a few moments. Children, he had always wanted a few of his own, but life had not panned out for him in that fashion.

Lt. Jg. Maxwell Watley- COS

=/\= EXR-11 =/\= It said.

Inside the bag was a wrapped gift box about 2 feet long by a half a foot wide.


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