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Posted Nov. 20, 2020, 12:42 p.m. by Ensign Matthew Riley (Science Officer) (Nathan Miller)

The doors swooshed open to the Atrometrics Lab as Riley and Genard entered. Ahead of them was the main holodisplay table Riley had used previously. The room was ringed with other instruments and desks, consoles scattered about. To the right were the stairs leading up to Lieutenant Fayth’s office, currently unoccupied, its large window dark; her office had windows and doors to all of the science labs on this deck.

“Welcome to Astrometrics Lab 1,” Riley said, sweeping his arm across the room as they continued to walk. The few people in the lab looked up as he spoke. “Hey everybody, this is Ensign Genard, the team lead from the General Science Lab.” There were murmurs and waves before everyone went back to their consoles.

Riley tapped a few times on the PADD, and then swiped toward the table, which immediately lit up with the video footage of the Montezuma and the nearby cloak-like bubble on one half, and the sensor readings on the other half.

“So, we see an energy spike from the ship,” he pointed at the chart on the sensor readings, “accompanied by tachyon emissions. And then, a millisecond later, we see the visual disruption.” He played the video, showing the sensor readings and graphs changing in real time during the playback. “I ordered that metaphasic sweep, so let’s see what results we’re getting from it…” He trailed off as he pulled up a small console on the holodisplay and pulled those results and ordered them displayed on the table too.

It would take a few moments for the computer to compile the findings, so he turned to Claude. “I went to the engineers to see if they had a better explanation for the energy spike and/or the tachyon emissions. Do you have any ideas?”

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