Off shift, Soval’s quarters

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in Off shift, Soval’s quarters
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She laughs and stops suddenly. “I’m sorry. I just…arrogance is an emotion, curiosity is an emotion, a lack of emotion, is emotion. I never…Honestly, from a medical stand point, I think this is why so many Vulcans, at the end of their life, loose control. Every part of the body weakens as we age, and after a certain point the mind can no longer control everything. And then those emotions overwhelm because they don’t understand or recognize them.” She’s probably speaking out of turn. She can feel him accepting what happened and moving past it. “As an adult I have worked through that many many times. Sifting out what doesn’t help. We stayed 6 months while I tried to learn what the monks were trying to teach me. It wasn’t until this past year I finally figured out what they were talking about. Until then I never had a point of reference for it.”
Lt.jg Fayth, CSO

“True, they are emotions. Many Vulcan’s may deny their existence but the truth is we have them, and combined with our telepathic abilities they can create volatile feedback loops. Buy learning to suppress them and our taboo against touching our culture leaned to mediate this problem. This feed back also is why most Vulcans are vegetarians, plants feel much less fear at being harvested than animals do at being slaughtered. Your own people were able to skip the necessity of aspiring to pure logic to reach a state of non violence and harmony.


There was a slight steeling of her spine, “Then most Vulcans don’t listen carefully enough. Or maybe because it’s emotion they don’t understand it.” Sharah doubted they really felt the emotions of plants, she’d never met another telepath that could do it, or realized they could do it. And of course that was a talent only two other people knew she had, and now…not meaning to, a third. There would be a curious feeling from her of a gigantic symphony and the image of an arboretum in her mind.

There was a thought in the back of her mind that her people learned to curb their violent tendencies by learning to feel how others felt, to be able to feel other points of view, rather than denying. A difference of how cultures developed, but both lead to peace. But her mind is more focused on the fact that she just told the XO she can communicate with plants and the implications of that, and she can’t put that back in the proverbial bag.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“Well isn’t that fascinating. I know that there has been some speculation but this is the first verification I am aware of. Again thank you for sharing that enlightening memory.”

Sharah felt like she was being questioned by a very adept interrogator. She kept telling or showing the XO things that she only ever told very specific people in her life. She kept that thought to herself though because as far as she could tell the XO hadn’t done anything to coerce her into sharing, she just wasn’t herself. And it would be wrong to blame him for her lack of discipline. But then she wasn’t sure why she had always kept it a secret. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with it and it never got her into trouble. It just made her more strange than she already was. “It’s strange that you can hear my memories. I’ve never met a Vulcan who can communicate with a non Vulcan telepathically without touch. So either you are very adept or I’m projecting my thoughts to your mind, and that means I’m in even worse shape than I realized.”

“Both I am afraid. Touch facilitates our abilities, but most can reach out some few feet with training. I myself have grown more powerful after my injury. Wether something has changed fundamentally in my brain or if a life time of learning to suppress my abilities has been stripped away, I am unsure. I suspect the latter.

Without knowing what the trauma was, and if physical or psychological Sharah had no idea and was unable to offer a medical opinion. And though his thoughts would convey the details to her she worked very hard to ignore them and respect his privacy.

“I think Mr. Faval and his son clearly illustrates how emotional Vulcans can be, and I am sure my mind provides you another example, tho I would be considered to be suffering from a severe mental illness on Vulcan.”


She sipped the water and shrugged. “According to Betazed I am mentally ill as well.”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“History is littered with examples of persons with mental illness doing great things, I see no reason you shouldn’t be one of them as well.

Taking a sip from the tea he had left unattended wile they talked. “Besides exercising our logical minds, much of our training revolves around learning to shield our minds from the influence of others. The average Vulcan will still sense strong emotions, but untrained we are flooded with others emotions, much as you are buy others thoughts. Combine that with our native strong emotional drives and you see the problem to witch the teaching of Sarak was the solution. It may not have been the only solution, as the Romulan people show us but it was the one the Vulcan Peaple chose.
The identity that was Soval seems to be separate from the emotions that well up from within or with out. His logical self seems much like a boat floating on a rough sea. Tho effected buy the waves, it is still it’s own self, floating above. Tho she could sense pride in being a Vulcan, it wasn’t the arrogant pride of feeling superior because of it.


“The difference being Lt Cmdr you are talking a few feet of hearing what is there. I hear the entire ship, more even. I appreciate your boat, it is similar to my own technique, but even the strongest boat will capsize in a hurricane.”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

“Your boat would appear to be imminently more sea worthy than most, would it not? “

“I like to think so, but then there are times like now, like these past two weeks where I feel like there is no boat. It’s a constant struggle.” She sips the water. “The monks, the teachers, the endless doctors always told me to focus on silence and peace. I told until this last year I had no idea what they were talking about. I never knew what silence was or peace. When you’ve never experienced such a thing, you can’t recreate it. During my cadet tour I became very ill. I was infected with a parasite that fed off the psilosynine in my paracortex. When I woke up there was damage, lesions on my brain. They’ve healed now, but for 3 days there was silence.”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO


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