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Posted Nov. 20, 2020, 10:38 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

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As the Captain took he leave the voice of Ron’al was clear…

”..Ha, make me half-breed! My dad said you’re nothing but a mongrel.” He said. As Tel’eck tried to use her stronger height and posture to get the treat back for Mary. In return Ron’al smashed it in Tel’eck’s face with a cruel laugh. “..HA! See? You can’t even save your friends from those better than you! No wonder your dad left you and your flimsy Mom twice!!” He said.

Soval raised an eyebrow as the next seen played…

“..A tragedy which could have been avoided had the Romulans before they were captured not been performing red matter experiments in the system which as I’m sure your Mother can verify drew their attention from subspace..” Farval said stoically.

Drudoc who had kept quiet, finally spoke. “..While you may be right Lieutenant, that does not excuse your son’s actions nor his words to my daughter, nor the insults they brought.” She said firmly.

”..Perhaps not Captain, but it does show that time and again your people fail to see the wisdom of logic and control which they would have and prevent tragedies like what happened to your husband a second time, not to mention the loss of the USS Armature that was escorting us..”

Soval spoke, calmly but firmly. “Have you allowed bigotry to unseat your logical mind and contaminate your child with your emotions, Mr. Faval?” The XO let his words sink in, knowing full well the insult he had delivered.” I find your lack of respect for our Captain and He child to be disturbing, Lieutenant and before I consider further action I am ordering you to submit yourself to a full medical and psychiatric evaluation.” looking from the Vulcan officer to the counselor and back. “I do not know which would be of greater distress, illness or insubordination and incompetence in raising your child. I am disappointed that you have allowed your inadequacies to become a problem for me.”


”..My personal beliefs of logic are that the Captain is foolish in the events around Romulus, she was too clouded by her personal connections to the Star Empire and her people and not the mission at hand. There was no reason to risk our lives nor those of the Marines of which her recently returned husband was a part, on rescuing Romulans and Remans who as it turned out a week later betrayed us to attempt to change history by their experiments from the Vorsoth..” Faval said.

”..As for how I raise my son. I agree his actions were not right due to disrupting ship activities, but how I raise him should not be inferred to by any officer unless it endangers their life.” Faval replied.


“As your ‘beliefs’ appear to lead to an attitude of insubordination and your son has shone He has potential to be a danger to the other children on this ship it is inferred, Mr. Faval. I was willing to defer any action until I received the reports from my Chiefs of medicine and phycology, now I must reconsider. Keying his com, =^=Lieutenant Fayth, I need to confer with you. =^=


”..Commander, my personal beliefs while could be construed as insubortations miss the point that I still do my duty to this ship and crew. As for my son, while his actions acting out emotionally are in the wrong, I will see to it they are restrained in the future..” He said.

Sharah’s eyes widened at the sudden and intense summons from the XO. The last of the parents had picked up the younger children and to say that she was disturbed by the emotions of the children and the parents didn’t even begin to explain it. =^= Yes Cmdr. I’ll be right there.=^= Heading for the door. “Computer where is Lt Cmdr Soval?” LT CMDR SOVAL IS IN HIS OFFICE. Sharah headed down to a turbo lift, “XO’s office” and the lift took off. A few short minutes later Sharah tapped the door bell requesting entrance.

Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

=^=Enter=^=. The door would open to the bone stock Starfleet XO’s office, with the XO himself seated behind his desk and the Ships Counselor as well as Lieutenant Faval. I apologize Chief. But I need your opinion on a matter of ships discipline.



Sharah stepped in and the surprise on her face obvious. She looked at Faval and though she had only briefly spoken to him in passing when she would see him in the labs, before her promotion, she didn’t know him well. But ship’s discipline with one of her officers? And on her first day. Great, just great. She turned back to the XO and nodded, “Of course, Sir.” She couldn’t say she was happy to help. Was Faval involved in it or a witness to something? She worked very very hard to keep that information from registering from the thoughts swirling in the room, but it was all too obvious that Faval was not a witness but the discipline problem. Great, first day and she already had discipline problems in her department. And now she was inside this office with a Vulcan XO who’s mind was…different and it confused her, and a Vulcan science officer who was radiating waves of hate, disgust, and superiority. Wasn’t today just a wonderful day?
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

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