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Posted Nov. 22, 2020, 4:20 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) in Side Sim - Sharah’s quarters - Housecall

Hayley marched purposely down the corridor toward Lt. Fayth’s quarters just a bit short of lunchtime. She had meant to check on Sharah earlier but it had been a busy day in Sickbay. She stopped in front of the doors and pressed the chime, waiting for permission to enter.

Jr.Lt. Marshall, CMO

Sharah had woken late, her body burning through the sedative sometime in the middle of the night, but the effects making her sleep late. She’d been very disappointed to wake up from the dream she’d been having. She’d gotten up and showered, a real shower with running water, trying to clear the fogginess and the ache from her head. She’d eaten too, taking an extra helping, knowing that if she skipped meals it would only make her problem worse. Make her more tired and more prone problems. When the chime chirped in her quarters, she was sitting on her couch reading a book: The Scarlet Pimpernel.

“Come in.” Sharah raised her voice only slightly. Her head feeling like an over pulled muscle. She smiled when she was Hayley enter. “Good morning, or afternoon? Would you like a coffee or anything?”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“Late morning, early afternoon, you could call it either and still be correct.” Hayley said with a smile. “A green tea would be lovely if you don’t mind.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

Sharah carefully unfolded herself from the couch and stood. She wasn’t sure, despite being awake and the sedative wearing off hours ago, if she was concerned about being dizzy because of lingering effects of the medicine or simply remembering how she felt when she woke up on Challenger. “Have a seat, I’ll get it.” She moved across the room to the replicator, “Green tea, hot.” The replicator hummed to life and gold swirl appeared, transforming to a clear tea mug full of steaming green tea. She picked it up by the handle and placed it on the coffee table. She sat back down picking up her glass of ice water, sipping it slowly. Savoring the cold of the ice and freshness of the water. She knew why Hayley had come, so she didn’t ask. She was here to see how her patient was doing. Sharah had slept and her dreams had been her own, and that had been an improvement. But her head still hurt. It was hard to tell, because she was still so tired, if it was from being sore from the over stimulation or if it was still the amount of noise. Hayley had ordered her off for the day and Sharah had intended to go back to bed soon.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Hayley took a sip of her tea and smiled, “Thank you, it’s been a bit of a busy day already so it’s nice to have a moment to breathe. How are you feeling? I’m not going to lie and say you look great, but you do look better then you did last evening. Your face says you still have a nasty headache though.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

Sharah smiled. She always loved busy days in sickbay. They always ended with a massive headache for her. Making her feel like she’d scream if anyone touched her, her empathy over playing itself while she worked with patients, but she had loved it. And she missed it. Not be confused with that fact that she LOVED the arboretum and the work she did there, but now she was going to be CSO and she felt incredibly unqualified for the position. But she must not be despite her own concerns. Drudoc was an excellent captain and wouldn’t make that decision if she wasn’t sure of it. Sharah sighed and put it aside for the moment.

Sharah smiled sadly, “I always have a headache, Hayley. Nothing stops that. But I did sleep, and I ate. I prefer something light, but I had something more substantial this morning. I’m still tired and slightly dizzy. Though I’m not sure if that is because I am or because the last time I was given Melorazine I woke up in sickbay 4 days later, having been kept sedated the whole time, and I was very disoriented then.” Sharah shrugs. She knows that often side effects of medications can be slightly psychosomatic due to previous experiences. She wasn’t unsteady on her feet when she walked or if she moved too fast, she just felt that way.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“Probably a combination. You still have some rest to catch up too so some residual dizziness is pretty normal. I assume you will be napping some more this afternoon?” Hayley made it sound like a question but her expression said it was an order. Her concern for the health of those under her watch was obvious.

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO

Sharah grinned, “Yes doctor, I’m going back to bed.” Sharah had never been one of those doctors who was a horrible patient. Too much time with doctors she pretty much went on auto pilot and did whatever the doctors told her to do. “I was just waiting for you to arrive before I went back to bed. Luckily for you I have no projects grabbing for my attention, so nothing to distract me from resting.” Sharah sips at the water again contemplating, “Though a good project might help me focus better…” her voice trails off as some thought now grabs her attention. She picks up a PaDD from the coffee table and then turns to the flower pot by the couch. Red and yellow roses. She picks up some of the fallen petals and contemplates them for a moment and starts tapping away at the PaDD, making notes and pulling up information from the databases. Her fingers flying across the PaDD as she starts ‘working’ on what ever it is that occurred to her.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Hayley shook her head and cleared her throat to get Sharah’s attention. “How about you hold that thought and get your rest? It will still be there when you get up.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

It took Sharah a minute to realize that Hayley was actually talking to her she was so caught up in what she was looking at. She looked up at Hayley with a little “O” of surprise on her face. “Yes…right…yeah I should do that…sorry.” She looks away sheepishly and puts the PaDD back down. She should really know better. She’s exhausted, still has a headache, and she needed to eat, but the headache made her nauseous and chased away her apatite. She needed the extra rest, most importantly sleep. She didn’t have anyone here, other than herself, to make sure she did what she was supposed to do. That included not getting lost in her projects and research and making sure to stop and take care of mundane things, like rest, eating, and down time. “Sorry. Tomorrow will be a whole new routine won’t it. Any advice?” Sharah was very nervous about becoming the CSO and she knew that Hayley had recently been promoted as well. There were higher ranking officers in her department, people with more experience and had this been sickbay she wouldn’t have been quite so worried. But this was the entire science division.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

“Just be yourself, I think.” Hayley looked thoughtful, “Advice I have been trying to take myself a little more these days. You wouldn’t have gotten the posting if you weren’t qualified for it after all. No one expects you to know everything, that’s why we have such diverse staff. Your job isn’t to be the expert in everything, it’s to be the expert in your area and organize and direct your team of experts to take care of their areas. Also to bring them all together to pool their abilities and knowledge to deal with the bigger picture when needed.” She paused, “I will leave you to get that rest, and don’t forget to eat when you wake up, alright? And don’t hesitate to call if you need anything either.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

Sharah nodded. It was what she expected people to say. And it was true, but it didn’t really help calm her nerves. She hoped that the science staff would give a few days to actually figure out what was going on before needing her to do anything. Last night she’d simply copied the schedule over for the next couple of weeks to give herself some breathing room. “I will. Thanks Hayley.” She waited for Hayley to leave and then she went back to bed. Her head hurt so much it made her cry a little, and that made her mad at herself, and then that just made her realize how much she missed the important people in her life, and then she was mad again at having a pity party. And that’s how she fell asleep.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

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