Counselor's Check-In for Caelian Weir

Posted Nov. 22, 2020, 6:26 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Caelian blinked up at the Andorian woman as she rattled off the information regarding the arboretum, his mouth slightly agape. He hadn’t realized he’d been speaking that loudly. The flustered ensign coughed and scratched the stubble on his chin to hide his embarassment, nodding along until she finished. He’d only seen an Andorian once during an excavation of Taynar III, had never spoken to one. This one—Mazi, was it? That sounded right. He’d gotten a little lost in the verbal barrage—this one appeared different than the ones he’d seen. Was there a caste system to their species, or was that a different species?

“H-how did you…?” he stammered, shaking her hand politely. Something clicked and Caelian barked a laugh. “Right, the uniform. Thanks for the, uh, information, Ms Mazi.”

Fate, ever the kind and nurturing spirit, decided to lovingly apply salt to his already-wounded pride by opening the door to the counselor’s office. Another Andorian grinned blithely at him, invited the flustered ensign in. A faint aroma of something fresly baked wafted from the office to tease a low rumble from the beast lurking in Caelian’s midsection. Never had he ever felt a greater desire to just fold in on himself and disappear.

“Nice meeting you, then,” he sighed at Mazhari through a smile before turning and dragging the tatters of his dignity past the amused counselor. And the day had started off so well, too.

Humility is good for the soul, figlio mio, he could almost hear his father say. Keeps your head from getting too big for the Jefferies tubes, ha!

Caelian swallowed back a hot retort crawling up his throat, slapped on a polite smile as he waited for the counselor. With any luck, he’d crawl out of the hole he’d found himself in. His stomach grumbled mockingly at him.

“Any place you’d like me to sit, miss?” he sighed.

—Caelian Weir, Ensign—

Mazi smiled, trying not to make the poor guy more uncomfortable. “It’s all right.” She noticed his stammer and felt bad she was the cause of it. When the Counselor arrived, she nodded. “Ma’am.” Glancing back at Cel, her eyes softened slightly and she cocked her head to the side. “I’m sure I’ll see you around.” She left as he stepped thru the door, her smile being the last thing Cel would see before disappearing into the office before she turned to continue down the hall.

Mazi Eng

OOC: CNS is awol atm i’m gonna try to reach out to them and figure out whats up. Bare with the ship sorry!


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