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Posted Nov. 22, 2020, 6:35 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


The discussion about the shuttle itself going around in circles, the thought began to creep into people’s mind that it might be a dead end, and a better route would be to focus on the disturbance and energy spike from the Montezuma.

GMT Capybara

Riley nodded as they each considered the various routes it might have taken, with no real consensus. “Well, I appreciate all the help here,” he said, nodding and tucking the PADD under his arm. “Definitely some ideas I wouldn’t have thought of, which is why I came to you,” he added with a grin.

“I’m going to head up to take a look at the results of that metaphasic sweep,” he continued, and turned to Genard. “If there’s not anything else you’re doing, wanna lend me a hand? Two heads are better than one, after all, and I can show off the astrometrics lab.”

  • Ensign Riley, Science

Claude smiled at the suggestion. He really didn’t know much having just arrived on scene, so Matthew’s suggestion that they retire to Astrometrics was a welcome relief.

“I think that will be a good idea.” Claude replied, “I have yet to see the lab, and you can fill me in on what you and the team have discovered so far.”

  • Ens. Genard

    Caelian made room for the new edition, nodding his appreciation for the lieutenant’s support. He still had no clue what was going on beyond the still-mysterious shuttle, a rogue distortion, and another vessel. It certainly wasn’t much to build on, and only luck had allowed him to contribute. He let the conversation drift around him while he pulled up the available engineering files on his PaDD. He felt his brow tighten as he noted a few odd facts; he wouldn’t be able to confirm them here. As the conversation regarding the shuttle continued, Caelian crouched next to Mazhari.

    “Pardon, ma’am,” he said, keeping his voice unobtrusively low, “but I don’t think we’ll find much from the shuttle. If the theory is that we’re dealing with some sort of temporal anomaly, we have to remember that time is relative. All a scan would readily tell us is what we already know: that it came into contact with an energy source. A high-yield burst could saturate the duranium as thoroughly as low-yield long-term exposure. And since we’re dealing with a variable time component, we won’t be able to know which is which. If there were any crew, a quick med scan would tell us how long they were exposed, but that would be relative to them and not us. We’d have to compare that data—or the shuttle’s log—with another relative point, say the shuttle’s point-of-launch. A temporal pocket could have trapped them in there for months or whisked them back before they’d even left. There’s no efficient way to know.”

    He swallowed back the rest of his theories, all of the what-ifs of temporal mechanics making his head spin. “Anyhow, assuming the anomaly—whatever it happens to be—is still out there and another vessel is meddling with it, that should be our priority. The shuttle’s contained; we can study it later. If you don’t need me here, ma’am, I’d like to return to engineering to better-assess the situation. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’ll need to be informed either way if I’m going to be able to help.”
    —Caelian Weir, Ensign—

    Mazi smiled. “Maybe that’s the key.” She nodded to Cael and winked before turning and moving to the opening of the shuttle to call in to the Engineering Chief. “Hey, Chief… thinking maybe we need to stop messing with the little one and go after the big one. We have proof there is an anomaly near them. Maybe actually figuring out what’s going on there will let us know what happened here,” she slammed her hand hard enough on the hull of the small transport to make her point. “Your orders? We can probably rip this bad boy apart, piece by piece, but I doubt that will do more than tell us it came from the Montezuma. Whatcha think?” She hoped that wasn’t the next order. She and Cael would turn it apart and split it down to the circuit boards, but what would it accomplish?

    Mazi Engineer

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