Construction of a cabin

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There was a moment’s pause before EXR-11 replied =/\= I first came online 4 weeks and 3 days ago at 1330 hours. I have been aboard since then =/\= It stated.


Tabris resumed production and started to help the robot place the panels. As they finished getting the wall finished Tabris had lost track of time, it was getting fairly late in the evening but he wanted to make sure that the room was going to be ready on time. “EXR-11 you’re very helpful, I do appreciate it!” Tabris said as he watched the robot put the last panel in place and activate the system to adhere it to the wall.

Tabris Asam, Eng

It was after 2200. Sharah figured that Tabris was finished for the night. So she was very surprised when she entered her quarters to find him still working. She was more surprised to find EXR-11 still working as well. She stopped in the door way and glanced from Tabris to the robot and shook her head with a smirk. She walked over to EXR and kneeled down to be eye level with the optical sensors. “It’s after 2200 hundred. Isn’t it past all your bed times?” Sharah was close with most of the children after the fight in the lounge. She smiled and wi led at the robot “I won’t cover for you if I get asked where you were.”

Lt jg Fayth, CSO (too tired to conspire against parental figures)

There was an audible ‘yawn’ from the robot which was probably Tel’eck. In the background the muted sounds of snoring was also heard lightly. =/\= Ah…My robotic frame does not need sleep, sentient. But I do need to recharge my uh batteries. If you will pardon me I will depart and do so. =/\= It said.


Tabris looked at his watch and went white, “Lieutenant I’m so sorry to be working this late and I’m sure keeping you up. I’ll escort my little friend here to it’s home and be back at a more reasonable time?” He had gotten carried away and when Tabris worked on something he wanted to do, he lost track of time. There was a few projects left to do, chiefly the kitchen, that would take the most of his time but Tabris knew when to call it quits as he said, “Alright EXR-11, let’s take you to go charge those batteries.” As he lead the robot out into the hallway he turned to it and said, “Now where are we headed?”

Sharah started to tell him it was alright. She understood how one could get lost in a project. That’s what she’d been doing. Lost in a little pet project of her own. But then he was walking the little robot home and gone.

After dropping off the robot he headed to his quarters to review the plans for the kitchen before having a glass of oolong tea and drifting off to bed. His dreams were nothing interesting sadly as that makes this part of the story rather short but he awoke a good 6 hours later and felt bright eyed and bushy tailed. That was itself a strange sensation given his lack of a tail in any form bushy or otherwise but getting himself ready for the day he made sure he was going to get Sharah’s quarters finished before it was hours away from the clock’s rollover.

Approaching her quarters around 1000 hours he let himself in to start the plumbing and wiring to finish simulating the cabin’s kitchen.

Tabris Asam, Eng

Sharah had the day off. She’d gone in early because she couldn’t sleep to finalize some reports and then returned. Since the living area was finished she was putting some of her things back. Her books on the shelves and then her pictures. There were 6 of them of different sizes. The first was of her parents and her as a baby with Andrew on her father’s lab, and the second was a picture of her and her brother when she was about 8. The third was a picture of Andrew at his graduation from the Academy. The fourth was her and Andrew; Sharah had been 15, they were at the hospital together, and she did not look well in the picture. She loved the photo though. Andrew had come home to see her when he found out she was sick. He had only been able to stay for a day before he had to report for duty. The 5th picture Sharah usually kept in a drawer. She was little, about 4 and she was holding a small orange kitten. She kept the picture to remind herself, but she didn’t want it on the desk. The last picture was of Sharah and young man. They are sitting on the floor of what must be standard star fleet quarters. They are both leaned against the couch with a chess board in front of them. The board and pieces made of ebony and cherry wood, like she’d chosen for her quarters. She’s laughing in the picture and the young man has a dastardly grin on his face, obviously silently laughing at and with her.

Sharah looks up as Tabris walks in. “Good morning. Would you like something?” she waves at the replicator. She was tired, she hadn’t slept well and Tabris was actually a very nice person. And she had no where to be or go at the moment. She really didn’t feel like wandering the ship, but she supposed she could head back to the arboretum for the day. She didn’t want to be in the way.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

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