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As had turned into her habit, Sharah was spending a secondary shift in the Arboretums. After having been made chief science officer she was in the office or labs all day. Sharah loved the work and the research. Unlike her fellow department heads, she even enjoyed the paperwork. It was routine and mundane and it was a mostly repetitive task that allowed her mind to surf freely for awhile during the day. But she found that after the day she was warn and exhausted but wasn’t sleeping well if she just went back to her quarters. And in that state going to the mess hall wasn’t good for her. So she defaulted, back to her plants. And oddly enough, or maybe not she wasn’t sure, being in the arboretum was more social than just going to the mess hall. On her previous postings hardly anyone use the arboretum unless assigned. On Ark Angel, people came in and out all day long. Being in there had allowed her to be more accessible and it kept her in touch with the arboretum staff. Something she had not wanted to change after she’d been promoted. Some times she actually worked while she was there, and some times she simply enjoyed the space and did it for fun. Her own personal garden bed was starting to take a strong root and if someone was looking for her, in that flower bed is where she could be found.

However, today she was going to check on Geoff. The fig tree had been planted a week before and Sharah wanted to make sure she was settled in well. And, being honest, she was fascinated by the genetic changes that had brought about her sentience.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

As she walked in she would see a tall Caitian standing before the Andorian Frost Beatle Lilly watching it thrash about almost not phased there was a small bottle in her hands that contained some kind of Amber liquid Clearly looking a bit confused what was visible of her fur patter was a mix of Brown Yellow Orange Black White and Grey her tail swished back and forth and her ears were perked showing her curiosity


Sharah walked over, “Hello Lt. How do you like our resident bad boy?” Sharah grinned and stared at the bottle. She wondered if she was trying to figure out the industrial solvent that was made from the plant’s nectar. Sharah wasn’t eager to go in there again, but if Eng needed it she guessed she’d be getting suited up.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Found some of my Engineers using this stuff and I am just trying to find out some more details about it before I let them go back to using it” she purred “So this Super solvent comes from this…Thing?” she asked Scpetically


Sharah nodded, “That’s what I’ve been told. The solvent is made from the nectar of that plant. An Andorian Frost Beatle Lily. The solvent is safe as long as you use the correct protective equipment. If you are in need of more, I can have the chemistry lab get started on it.” Sharah could feel the plant getting agitated and so she moved to the right allowing the thing to track her. She’d gotten used to it by now and as long as she was paying attention it didn’t startle her, too much, when the thing lunged for her.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Geoff was enjoying the extra room for her roots to spread in the fertile soil, a far cry from the pot she had lived much of her life in while accompanying Tabris on his adventures. As much as the old tree could she was starting to settle in. By far the oldest specimen in the arboretum Geoff let off an aura of dignity, an elder statesmen amongst junior senators. She felt as though she was holding council with those around her, royalty of some sorts maybe a princess? No. Geoff was a Queen worthy of her status. She had been doing her best to communicate now that she knew she wasn’t alone and was able to be sensed and, in so much as a plant can, ‘spoken’ to. Her song was that of a regal nature today as she sung it proudly, the first few figs beginning to come in. Pure thought as it where was something Geoff had to get used to as she had, for centuries now, been singing to a silent crowd.

Geoff- CFP

From her location with Miz’uki near the frost lily Sharah could clearly hear Geoff. Usually all the plants were like different sections of an orchestra playing a symphony, but Geoff had obviously taken it upon herself to direct that symphony and be the star soloist. Sharah hid back a grin. She wasn’t willing to reach out to Geoff until she was closer and had a tricorder to see what was going on. She’d never actually had a conversation with a plant just ‘heard’ the emotions flowing around and interpreted. When she was done she’d make her way over to Geoff to see how she was doing.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

The Frost Beatle Lilly had since Geoff arrived had gotten even more Cranky often even when no one was around snapping and thrashing in Geoffs Direction Geoff might sense the sourness and just vile Hate and hunger from the plant and its icy section of the Arboretum

Frost Beatle Lilly

Sharah raised a brow silently to herself. Oh now…this was a problem. She was going to have to spend some extra time back where with....oh man this one needed a name. Pure instinct and emotion, but it was strong. Hmmm…Frosty. Probably not the best name and not her place to name him. Well it felt like a ‘him’ to her and she didn’t like thinking of it as an it or by it’s species. So Frosty it was until the original owner told her otherwise. Hopefully with any luck Frosty and Geoff didn’t end up in a battle of … something. Oh my this got complicated. She wondered if Tabris would be willing to move Geoff for her safety…but she was doing so well in here. Sharah shook her head. She had enough problems without her plants fighting each other. She rubbed at her temples…she sounded crazy to herself…she was…her mind was snapping. Joseph would get here and she’d be in the looney bin.....

She turned to the CE. “I’m afraid I haven’t actually made any of the solvent myself yet. But I can give you the paper work on it. From the looks of it it is okay to use as long as you follow the protocols and guidelines.”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

The hostile symphony being cast towards Geoff was disturbing to the elder fig tree, it was something that she had not heard in quite a long time, yet it was familiar in a way that she could not ignore. It was violent, aggressive, a hatred that seemed to permeate the atmosphere at certain times. And it was growing louder. Geoff’s branches shivered in the wind, nothing that would appear to have intent but Geoff would shake those leaves if possible. A creeping sense of disgust rose through her roots as Geoff’s own song grew more sour, an ichor spreading through the capillaries of her trunk towards her beloved gifts. This had to stop. This would stop. Geoff sang out a request loud and clear towards two individuals, the Lilly and Sharah. Geoff would offer an olive branch so to speak, although a fig branch might be more apt. She wanted to share her figs with the Lilly, hopefully to help calm that pure unadulterated hatred and anger.

Geoff, CFP

Sharah was a little confused. There was way too much going on at the moment. She excused herself from the CE for a moment and made her way over to Geoff. She pulled out a tricorder and scanned Geoff the the soil around her. She’d felt upset a moment before and Sharah was afraid that something in the soil was making her sick, but there wasn’t. She felt a sense of helpfullness from Geoff but she wasn’t sure what Geoff wanted to help. She had to sit quietly for several moments sifting through all the information she was receiving. Anger…Geoff wanted to stop the anger…okay, but how? She was afraid to delve deeper. There was no one else around to pull her out if she went too deep in trying to figure out these crazy sentient plants she had to look after. And then a feeling of hunger. Sharah sighed, okay Geoff wanted to help with Anger....Oh Bad Boy was angry. Okay…but hunger? She sat there in silence again staring Geoff. The figs were ready to be picked and maybe if Tabris was okay with it…OH! Okay she sent out a little thread of laughter to Geoff. She got it now. Geoff wanted to let Bad Boy have a fig. He was hungry. Sharah chuckled and pulled a couple of ripe figs off the tree very carefully.

She walked over to the enclosure and stepped into the airlock. She used the nasal treatment first. Then she donned the suit that was covered in the Lily’s nectar. It was supposed to protect her. The airlock also had the materials she needed to collect the nectar with. After the airlock pressurized to the right temperature she stepped into the enclosure. She began the set up to collect the nectar. Once that was done, Sharah stepped back and pulled the figs out a container. She wasn’t the best at this but she threw the figs up into the air and across hoping to make the Lilly work for it a little bit, and then she waited to see what would happen.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

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