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Ensign Lana checks over the scan equipment she has running on the guests. Her head turns a little bit, and she stares at data growing ever more puzzled. She walks to the Medical Chief, and waits for her to finish what she’s doing.
Ensign Charra Lana

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“The shuttle’s not registered because it’s on loan from the Corp of Engineers for experiments. We just jumped in the first available shuttle we found. We didn’t realize until later it was the one we were loaned.” Izzin said, standing with his arms crossed, leaning against the wall. “I thought we fixed those emissions.” He said, nodding.

”..I see, interesting that you mention such a transfer, such would have been noted in the shuttle’s logs which we have not found any sign of. Further such a transfer log would be in our weekly ship update logs, again no such transfer is on record..” Drudoc stated. “..A fact we could also confirm fairly quickly by our long range uplinks to Starbase 243. You stories seem.....frankly quite weak and actions suspicious to what you claim happened to the Montezuma and why you were out here. There is also the fact you give me coordinates to a system which we’re not even headed too, why? The Montezuma is near to it yes but no where inside its influence. We have no reason to go there if your goals were to find help for the ship why also direct us to a mostly unclaimed and unexplored system?” she went on.

”..Explain more about the emissions that we’re picking up, what is their source?” She questioned.

GMT Capybara

Outside the medbay, Watley stood, ready, no, hoping something would happen. The old man hadn’t had an opportunity to take down a group of intruders, and all the deskwork had been suffocating to him. His fingers were dangling just above his phaser. Why the captain had gone with medical gear on, Watley could not tell. The subtlety of his commanding officer could not annoy the chief more, the brig was plenty comfortable, and as long as these people were free to move about the ship they were threats.

Lt. Jg. Maxwell Watley- COS

Tolly approached the door nodding to the NE security guard who nodded back and stepped away letting the young ensign take his place.

“Sorry I’m late” he said “I needed to finish up my evals” He looks down noticing the Lieutenant’s fingers right above his phaser.

“Expecting trouble sir?” He asked his own senses beginning to heighten

Ensign John Tolly

Drudoc Andone CO

Watley looked over at the ensign. “We have some suspicious characters in the med bay and a captain who is more interested in talk than action it would appear.” He smiled at Tolly. I’m hoping not to run into trouble, but I’m not exactly afraid of it ensign. Just maintain your post here until we work the situation out, and be ready to aid the captain should she need it.”

Lt. Jg. Maxwell Watley- COS

Codem crossed his arms and looked at Drudoc. “We’re simply trying to accomplish our mission and save our ship. It’s relatively stable, but we just don’t have the parts to fix it out in the nebula, and we want to get the data of the system too, maybe earn ourselves a promotion.” He said, causing a couple of the others to nod. “As for why the shuttle records don’t state such a transfer is beyond us, the Chief Engineer was supposed to log it in, as was the Corps. None of us are high enough in pay grade to worry about that.”

“The emissions, last time we fixed them, were due to busted relays in the deflector dish. I can’t say if that’s what it is now, but that’s a potential cause.” Izzin said, his eyes never leaving Codem.

While the others voiced their agreement to Codem’s statement, S’Dan remained as quiet and stoic as he had the entire time.

GMT Capybara

Drudoc clearly didnt believe what was going on here, something wasnt adding up but yet she did not have solid evidence to throw any of them in the brig directly. “..Once our medical staff clear you of this possible flu and our counselor certifies you mentally fit individually you will be escorted to your guest quarters. Where until we verify your story one way or another you’ll remain. The safety of my ship is paramount I wont risk that on possible contaminants or those who for some reason could be lying to my staff and I for their own selfish gains..” She stated rising.

”..Unless any of you got further statements or questions that is my decision for now.” Drudoc said looking hard at each person.

Drudoc Andone CO

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