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Posted Nov. 24, 2020, 6:41 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

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Sharah turned to the Lt. He might outrank her a bit, but he was also her subordinate. Which is something she felt he should strongly remember since he was passed over for the position, there must be a reason. Perhaps he should meditate on that a bit. But she kept it to herself. However, the single raised eyebrow and subtle shift in her stance would remind him VERY strongly of the Vulcan monks who taught in the schools. It was a look Sharah wasn’t even aware she had mastered, but it would be intimidating to the man. “Not just your son, Lt. Faval. As adults we are responsible for teaching the children, not just your own, how a Star Fleet officer and a decent person should act. You both,” and her gaze took in Drudoc as well as the children, “will be assisting the children in their work. The counselor will be joining us as well. But in the meantime Lt you will be working with Tel’eck and Cpt you will be working with Ro’nal. I’ve checked your records and you both have the basic understanding of how to transplant a plant. All four of you are equally responsible for the quality of the work. Cpt., Ro’nal follow me, please.”

Drudoc inclined her head to the young Vulcan, who glanced in turn to his father. After a simple nod from Faval, Ron’al clearly grudgingly followed the Captain and Fayth to the task at hand.

Sharah leads them over to a more tropical area. There are several plants in pots here. “There was a problem with the irrigation system. These plants need to be put back into the bed. They are unique and very delicate. Instructions are on the PaDD in the crate Ro’nal. These are living breathing organisms the penalty for harming them will be severe.” Among these plants is a Chameleon rose from Betazed. It will change colors with Ro’nal’s mood and the captains.

Ron’al gave a grunt of acknowledgement and took up the PADD to review the care procedures. Drudoc behind him did likewise over his shorter shoulders. A fact which clearly made the Vulcan teen uncomfortable and probably intimidated.

Read ALL instructions first.

Chameleon rose: Tropical plant. Needs dark rich loam to grow. This can be obtained from the compost reserves in the back of the arboretum. When planting use the dulled edged spade to loosen the dirt around the pot. Two people will need to remove it as the stem is delicate. One person will need to reach into the loosened dirt to hold the plant still while the other gently removes the pot. Excess dirt needs to be gently removed from the roots. Dig a hole 15 centimeters deepr than the length of the main root. Place the main root into the soil, gently filling in until 3 centimeters of the root is submerged. Then gently fill in more dirt until you reach the first branches of the root. Gently rest the branches on the dirt and keep filling until all the roots are covered. Then fill to the top of the whole. Do NOT pack, but gently fill. After the rose and orchids are planted, find feeding solution 39 and add half to the irrigation access hatch to labeled for bed 12. Then after sealing the access hatch turn the irrigation system for this bed on.

Orchids: These are sturdy root plants despite the small size. The hole for each should be 5 centimeters deep but 8 wide. Plant each, and pack the dirt around the roots. Use a frame and weave the orchid stem around the frame for support.

Plant the Rose in the middle of bed 12 with the orchids arranged around it.

Drudoc began to speak to Ron’al, who looked non-too-pleased to be working alongside the Romulan Fleet Captain. He kept it seemed casting glances to his Father Faval as if expecting him to somehow override the muck he had gotten himself into and out of working with someone he clearly didn’t like.

Sharah returns and looks at Faval and Tel’eck. “Come with me, please.” She leads them to a different area. The light here was very dark. Among the plants were midnight orchids, Antarian Moon Blossoms, Night-Blooming Throgni, and a pet Vine. “These, except the vine, are night blooming plants. They are delicate and you will have to work in the low light. The vine is a Pet Vine from Betazed, it likes this area and the other plants here. It thrives. It will shriek if you hurt it. They are out growing this area and need to be moved to the adjacent bed for more room. Instructions are on the PaDD in the crate Tel’eck. These are living breathing organisms; the penalty for harming them will be severe.”

Tel’eck followed along, Faval just behind her. His feelings were more subdued, but clearly distracted some as he kept casting glances over to where his son was with the Captain. Tel’eck meanwhile seemed unaware of Faval’s inattention and read over the PADD instructions. Seeing this finally seemed to do enough of a trick to the older Vulcan male to get him to pay attention enough for the task to come. Instead of reading over the half-romulan girl’s shoulder as she offered to share it, he instead simply took up his own PADD to read it quietly. His attitude to the half-romulan was even colder and indifferent then it was to the Captain a mark of Tel’eck’s mixed heritage perhaps?

Read ALL instructions first.

Midnight orchids: Needs dark rich loam to grow. This can be obtained from the compost reserves in the back of the arboretum. These are sturdy root plants despite the small size. The hole for each should be 5 centimeters deep but 8 wide. Plant each, and pack the dirt around the roots. Use a frame and weave the orchid stem around the frame for support. These plants should be placed along the outer edge of the flower beds. Put half in the adjacent bed and spread the other half out in the original bed.

Antarian Moon Blossoms and Night-Blooming Throgni: The roots of these plants spread wide and deep. You can NOT cut the root or the plant will die. You will need to use a tricorder to see how large the root system has gotten. Plant one of these in the middle of the adjacent bed. Move the other to the center of this bed. Make sure you are using rich soil for both of these plants as well. Just like with the orchids.

Pet Vine: should stay where it is. Gently dig around it to refresh the soil with extra from the compost reserves. All plants in these beds, 53 and 54, need feeding solution 2. Add it to the irrigation system at the access hatch for each bed. Had half a bottle to each flower bed. Close and lock the hatch and then turn on the system for these two beds only.

Sharah then moved away. She’d be able to tell what was going on without being right next to either pair, but she did return to both pairs frequently in case they needed assistance.

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Drudoc Andone / Tel’eck Andone / Faval / Ron’al

Sharah moved about checking on some of the other beds but where should could watch everyone. She was disappointed to see that Favel had transferred the orders to his own personal PaDD rather than try to work with Tel’eck. She made note to mention that to Dinui. Her job wasn’t to evaluate their mental state, but to ensure they carried out the work given to them.

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Meanwhile Faval and Tel’eck finished up their individual reading. Faval helped....mostly as needed. It too was clear he was not too pleased with working with Tel’eck. Indeed if anything if he had the choice he would have sooner worked with the full blooded Romulan Captain then some ‘mongrel’ half-breed.

That said both groups worked carefully to get their assigned tasks done and at that safely and properly prepared in conclusion. After a bit of work the four were dirty but finished. Drudoc was the first to speak up, “..Lieutenant Fayth if you would care to check our work when you have a moment?” She inquired politely.

Sharah walked over and examined the work of the Captain and Ron’al. She was pleased. Ron’al didn’t like it but he had listened when the captain gave advice or corrected what he was doing. Maybe hope for him? or maybe just not wanting to repeat the work? “Good, these should do well. You can pack your tools and materials back in the crate and return them to the corrisponding locker at the back.”

Faval was more to the point. “..We are done, may we get this checked and I and my son be done with this to return to more important matters?” he stated. Casting a glance to Tel’eck who was cleaning up the last of the work and properly shutting the Frost Lily away.

Sharah walked over her face very stern. He might have a higher rank, but she still out ranked him. “There is no more important matter, Mr. Faval. Star Fleet is founded on the prinicpals of cooperation and understanding, and finding strong middle ground for cooperation.” She didn’t say it, but her words certainly implied that she was not pleased with his assessment of what was important. “Perhaps if you all had remembered what was important you wouldn’t be here,” she reminded him. She looked over the work that Faval and Tel’eck had done and she nodded. “They’ll do much better now. That’s excellent work, both of you.” They had done a good job and the plants would be fine. She would have preferred that Faval actually help Tel’eck, but he didn’t. Well tomorrow he’d better up his game.

Ron’al meanwhile stood with his arms crossed eagerly awaiting dismissal from his punishment duties.

Drudoc Andone / Tel’eck Andone / Faval / Ron’al

“Tomorrow you’ll report to the chemistry lab. It will much more complicated. You’re all dismissed.” Of course she couldn’t really dismiss the captain but she was sure that Drudoc was okay with it. She had insisted that she and Tel’eck accept the punishment as well and Shara was in charge. It still felt weird though. Throughout the whole day Sharah made it a point to not be overly friendly with either pair. Especially since she’d actually shared a meal with the CO and Tel’eck a couple of times.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

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