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Posted Nov. 25, 2020, 3:57 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


It was 1230 hours in just after lunch, and Tel’eck had returned to the Captain’s Quarters. There Drudoc was finishing up some cleaning of the quarters from her own PADD work earlier in the day. Looking up the older Romulan mother smiled to her daughter. “..Afternoon my Bright Star. How was school this morning?” Drudoc asked.

Setting her PADD bag down, Tel’eck took to the chair across from her mother, propping her feet up on a stool and leaning back a bit. “..It was ok Mom. I was wondering if we could do something together with Sasha if you’re free this afternoon?” She asked.

Drudoc finished her organizing of her PADDs into different piles for later work and turned to her daughter. “..What did you have in mind?” Drudoc inquired.

”..Welllll I was thinking I might invite Sasha over this afternoon and this morning she and I were saying how much fun it would be to learn to pilot a shuttle? Like a real one not one on the holodeck?” She asked.

”…Mmm.. I don’t know Tel’eck, it’d be one thing for the holodeck to do that but quite another for a real shuttle..” Drudoc replied.

Huffing, the girl crossed her own arms about her chest. “..Oh come on Mom! It’s a shuttle! It’s not like something is going to happen!” She said with a faint pout and snappish tone.

”..Maybe…maybe not, you do not know what could happen. Brad’s—” Drudoc began but got interrupted.

”..Yeah his accident was the result of some fluke of science, the chance of that happening again are astronomical! I’m sure Lt Fayth could even calculate it or something! I mean that could happen on the ship here too! Even as we speak a big creepy black hole could be sneaking up to whisk us both into space!” She said flailing her fingers in a ‘spooky gesture’. Then seeming to realize how her tone might be taken she quickly added, “..I’m sorry Mom that was out of line, and I know you’re rightfully concerned with everyone’s safety. But we need to live a little! Dad wouldn’t want us stepping on glass for the rest of our life going ‘what if’. If that’s really how you feel then we should just go settle on some out of the way planet colony..” Tel’eck pointed out.

Drudoc was on one hand angry a bit at her daughter’s original ranting tone, but also once more struck by how mature she was for her age of 13 odd years. The young teenage girl did have a point, even if it was not something Drudoc wanted to hear. Sighing, “..Alright....alright let’s wait till Sasha arrives and we’ll talk it over with her parents first to get an ok from them for her and if they agree we’ll log a flight plan. But any more testy outbursts like that one and you can forget it. Got it?” Drudoc said more sternly at the end.

Smiling from ear to ear, the girl gave a double thumbs up gesture. “..I read you loud and clear Mom!” Then hopping off the chair hugged the older Romulan tightly, a gesture which Drudoc was equal in returning a second later.

==45 Minutes Later==

Almost to the second, 45 minutes later the door to the quarters chimed. “..Come in!” Tel’eck called out now having changed into a replicated civilian jump suit for the hopeful flight to come. Coming into the room, was a human girl of an equal 13 years of age. Dressed in her own civilian jump suit to match Tel’eck’s. Both were grey-silver toned with a sash of pouches, bandolier style, across their chest and waist. The girl was escorted by a mid-30s human woman how was her mother. “..Sasha!” Tel’eck beamed giving the girl a huge who returned it eagerly.

”..So what she say?” The girl said more quietly releasing the half-human/romulan hybrid casting a glance to her own Mother who came in nearby to look around the quarters. She was an Ensign ranked officer from the operations department.

Hissing a reply as the door to the Captain’s bedroom opened, Tel’eck said. “..She said yes, long as your Mom agrees to let you go too!”

Coming out of the Captain’s bedroom, Drudoc nodded to the woman with a friendly warm smile. “..Ensign Marshall, please come in. Can I get either of you a drink?” She offered.

Sarah Marshall nodded to the Captain politely. “..Uh a glass of water would be good ma’am. I won’t be staying long though, just dropping off Sasha here..” She replied.

Drudoc nodded going to the replicator and ordering a pitcher of water with glasses for all. “..I understand, please take a seat. My daughter has a request to make for you, for your daughter to attend a planned outing with her and me.” She said.

Sarah nodded and Tel’eck took a more poised stance as one would respectfully do to the Ensign. “..Ma’am, I’d like to ask your permission if Sasha could go along with my Mother and I on a shuttle outing to learn to pilot it? A real one not a holodeck simulation.” She said.

Sarah blinked at this and looked to Drudoc clearly expecting it to be a joke or something but Drudoc just smiled a bit and nodded that it was an honest request. “..I said we could go as could Sasha if you ok it. Otherwise we’ll go to the holodeck.” She explained.

Getting a nod, Sarah looked to Sasha. “..Well that would explain your state of dress I guess. Where did you plan to go?” She inquired looking to Tel’eck then Drudoc for a flight plan.

Jumping up more excitedly a the prospect of at least Sasha’s mother considering the request to be ‘yes’, Tel’eck pulled up a holo-display on the table showing the short flight planned. “..It’ll be a four hour flight, we’ll take the Armadillo shuttle USS Basket Bills to a nearby uninhabted system. That we passed an hour back. Its got two class-M worlds, and a class-M moon, which we’re going to use as a safety net in case of any issues in flight. After we loop around the system though safely…” Tel’eck said the ‘safely’ part in a stressed manner to reassure all present. “..We’ll come back to the Ark Angel by around 1600-1700 hours this evening..”

”..I do plan beforehand to go over all safety checks, and diagnostics for the shuttle, and will be always on hand to resume full control when and if needed. I’ll also be packing an emergency week’s ration and safety pack and flight suits just to further reinforce normal safety operations..” Drudoc said.

Sarah after a moment nodded. “..I am sure such precautions are not needed, but the fact you are doing them is appreciated none the less. Alright Sasha, Tel’eck, you can go learn to fly the shuttle. But I’m warning you now, if I find out either of you are in the Bay without permission or sneak in that EXR-11 robot without permission I will be making sure you are both grounded.” She said, which Drudoc backed up with reaffirming nods.

”..Thanks Mom!” Sasha said, echoed a second later by Tel’eck. “..Yes, thank you ma’am, and Mom. Don’t worry we won’t go anywhere we aren’t supposed to and we’ll uh be sure to tell EXR-11 too.” She said with a wink at the robot’s ‘intelligence’.

Rolling her eyes, Sarah rose finishing her drink. Turning to Drudoc she said. “..Thank you for the water, ma’am. I’ll be going to my shift then and will see you all this evening. Have fun, all of you.” She said then departed.

Giving high-5’s between both girls, Drudoc shook her head, “..Alright girls let’s head for Bay 2 then and get ready. We got a long flight list ahead of us..” She said.

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