Catching up with Trax

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Posted by Ensign Trax Elbrun Suder (Medical Officer) in Catching up with Trax

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“Its not just her sites the Orion syndicate too. I have heard things that she had hired them to get me.” Trax said with a sudden spasm that shook to the core. “It was like someone stepped on my past lives graves as the humans put it.” Trax attempted to clarify. “I don’t think my mother is close enough to us or I would have detected her before now. I am still awaiting the arrival of the ambassador Roni and His aide Raxx from Betazed.” Trax hoped that they would arrive soon. He was getting more worried since he had not heard anything from them in some time. As he tried to enjoy the company and surroundings.

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“Orion syndicate?” Her brother had mentioned the syndicate once or twice and the problems of dealing with them in the space near Outpost 53 where he was stationed. He’d always made it a point to stress to Sharah to stay away. from them. It was hard for her to grasp that anyone from their peaceful little planet would go to such effort to control their child. Sharah could of course feel his apprehension and the shiver that went through him. The worry he held for the ambassador and his aid was intense and she never could tolerate anyone being in pain, and emotional pain was worse. “My brother is the chief of security out in outpost 53 and he talks to my parents all the time. They still live on Betazed. I could have him try and find out what’s going on with the ambassador. It might ease your mind a little.” She looked around at the scene of the holodeck. It was peaceful in a way, but it hid the darkness of what Trax was trying to get away from. “I wouldn’t be much help against the Orions but would you like help in trying to see who might be watching. Or at least if it’s telepathic and not more mundane methods?”

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“Thank you, Fayth your brother’s assistance would be great. I know my routes are blocked and if I am lucky I might get a message from the family from a roundabout source.” Trax said with a kind smile. trying to pull himself together. “I know this was not what I had intended by a quiet time.” tax offered his apologies. The ambassador’s name is Ambassador Roni Raul and his aide is Raxx. I never got his last name.” Trax blushed hard at the revelation. As for the Orions, I heard reports that my mother hired them to do things and one was to try to get to me. To bring me back to Betazed or bring me to her. Last thing I heard she wanted to force me to marry and take my seed. to help repopulate betazed.” Trax rambled on a moment then fell silent. He was quiet for a long moment before he grew up the courage to speak again. “I am sorry. that was a bit more personal than intended.

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Sharah didn’t like how that sounded and she didn’t like how it made him feel. “Trax, I don’t care who your mother is, and I don’t care how she words it to try and make others follow along. But what she’s trying to do is slavery. If what she was doing was good and legal and really for our planet she wouldn’t have hired the syndicate to help her.” She tries to consider how to say what she had done, hoping she doesn’t make him feel he can’t trust her. “When you said that people couldn’t leave Betazed and that they were trying to control who people married. Well, I didn’t realize it was just very personal to you and so I asked my brother about it because I was worried about my parents. I’m so sorry Trax. Had I known it was a family thing I never would have. But he told me that this movement to keep us,” she waves a finger between the two of them, “to Betazed to preserve our people, is a very small movement. Strong families back it, but the people and the government don’t. Not yet anyway. Star Fleet will protect you. What your mother is trying to do is illegal. Slavery of any kind is not allowed on any Federation planet. I know she is your mother, but she’s wrong.” As soon as they were done there, she was going to call Andrew and find out about his friends.

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“Thank you for understanding Fayth.” Trax said sincerely to her. “Any news would be good at this point even if it’s bad news. My mother has gotten Betazed so scared there not realizing what they are doing.” Trax said with a tired sigh.

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Sharah wasn’t one to initiate physical contact. And she didn’t now but he did get the ‘feeling’ of her giving him a mental pat on the hand. “When you’re done let’s go by my office. We can call my brother from there and see what he can find out?” Sharah sighed, “Fear makes people do things that they normally wouldn’t do. And it makes others use that fear to control them.” She shakes her head. “We’ll find out what’s going on.”
Lt. JG Fayth, CSO

Trax looked over at Fayth casually before he spoke again. “By all means. Let’s see if we can get answers.” Trax said casually as he called for the nearest exit as it appeared for them to leave the room. “Computer save the program.” Trax said with a small fleeting smile on his face faded as the left as he began to follow her.

Ensign Trax Suder - Jo Doctor

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