Ensign Lana, reporting for duty

Posted Nov. 27, 2020, 7:56 a.m. by Ensign Charra Lana (Medical Officer) (Leona Lain)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) in Ensign Lana, reporting for duty

Posted by Ensign Charra Lana (Medical Officer) in Ensign Lana, reporting for duty

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) in Ensign Lana, reporting for duty
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Ensign Lana looks around her at the USS Arch Angel. Pulling out the schematics, she looks them over once more and makes her way to the sick bay.
Taking a deep breath, and shaking her head, she presses the intercom.
Ensign Charra Lana

As Ensign Lana approached the doors, they opened to reveal the large main Sickbay. Several civilian and enlisted staff could be seen taking care of their various duties around the room. It appeared busy, but well ordered. A young woman stepped out of the CMO’s office and smiled as she noticed the ensign standing just inside the doors. “You must be Ensign Lana. Welcome to Sickbay. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.” She said. “I’m Dr. Marshall.”

Jr. Lt. Hayley Marshall, CMO

Ensign Lana turns to face her. “ Yes Ma’am, I am Ensign Charra Lana. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you as well. Thank you… And I’m sorry, i am a little nervous… “
Ensign Charra Lana

“I was more than a little nervous my first day here.” Hayley smiled. “She’s a huge ship compared to what I was used to.” Hayley paused, “Be assured, I am very glad you are here. We have been short staffed for quite some time.” She gestured toward the nearest biobed. “How about we get your onboard physical out of the way, then we can move to my office and chat about your duties.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO
Ensign Lana smiles and nods her head and moves toward the biobed. “Thank you, I am very glad to be here.” She does as she was instructed so they can get started.
Ensign Charra Lana

Hayley gathered her medical tricorder and probe as the Ensign sat on the biobed. “May I?” She waited for the Ensigns nod before she began scanning. “I had a chance to quickly review your medical file this morning. Is there anything I should know of that isn’t there?” She made eye contact before looking down at the results of the scan.

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Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO
Ooc : low blood sugar

Ensign Lana thinks for a moment.
“ I don’t know if it was in my records but I am mildly hypoglycemic. Nothing else that. I know of. Thank you”
Ensign Charra Lana

“Good to know Ensign, do make sure to take appropriate breaks during duty shifts to eat and keep your blood sugar up. I will try to remind you as well.” She glanced down at the tricorder screen. “In fact you are a bit low right now. Other than that, everything looks good. How about we move to my office and you can get something to eat from the replicator. We can continue your interview there.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

Ensign Lana nods, sits up, and swings her legs over the bed. She looks around her and smiles softly. Getting up, she follows the Lt. to her office.After ordering a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of juice she sits down. She looks around again and smiles.

Ensign Charra Lana

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Hayley ordered a green tea then moved to her desk and sat. “So,” she looked at the Ensign and returned her smile, “Tell me a little bit about yourself. Why did you choose to study medicine? Have you specialized at all or would you like to?”

Jr.Lt. Marshall CMO

Ensign Lana smiled softy, and then it faltered a bit. “My father was in Star Fleet awhile ago, and medicine was part of what he did. I am not specialized and not sure if it’s something I would like to do yet. Even when I was little I was drawn to Star Fleet, and medical specifically. My brother also used to want to follow my father’s steps, as a science officer. After I watched him, I think my brother gave it up, he insisted it was just on the back burner, but I had to make my dream happen. My father, and now my brother, my whole family, is very different then when dad was in, I don’t understand why he was no longer in Star Fleet anymore.. Ah! I’m sorry, I seem to have just kept talking…” Ensign Lana blushed after she realized she had gotten lost in her thoughts.

Ensign Lana

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