Side Sim-Arriving-Transporter room

Posted Nov. 27, 2020, 7:20 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Joseph Rainns (Chief Of Security) (Samuel Stroud)

The blue glare from the transporter beam faded away and where the column of light had been before stood a younger man than Watley, wearing the same uniform with a similar yet not identical, smirk. He nodded to the transporter chief before stepping off the platform. His time on Challenger had been fun, but he was ready to serve on a real starship. He noticed Sharah had not been waiting for him, he was actually glad, as he didn’t want to make a scene in the transporter room. The Chief Science and the incoming Chief of Security did not need to make their connection public right off the bat.

His bags were next to him and he grabbed them. In that moment memories flooded his mind, he felt nostalgia for the time he first took his bags off the pad on Challenger for the first time. Even though some time had past, he felt that it hadn’t at all. He smiled to himself. All of his ambitions were finally culminating in this moment. With this new assignment, he was taking one more step towards the Captain’s chair. “Let’s rock and roll.” He murmured to himself. Picking up his two bags he headed for the exit.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

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