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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Joseph Rainns (Chief Of Security) in Side Sim-Arriving-Transporter room

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim-Arriving-Transporter room
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The blue glare from the transporter beam faded away and where the column of light had been before stood a younger man than Watley, wearing the same uniform with a similar yet not identical, smirk. He nodded to the transporter chief before stepping off the platform. His time on Challenger had been fun, but he was ready to serve on a real starship. He noticed Sharah had not been waiting for him, he was actually glad, as he didn’t want to make a scene in the transporter room. The Chief Science and the incoming Chief of Security did not need to make their connection public right off the bat.

His bags were next to him and he grabbed them. In that moment memories flooded his mind, he felt nostalgia for the time he first took his bags off the pad on Challenger for the first time. Even though some time had past, he felt that it hadn’t at all. He smiled to himself. All of his ambitions were finally culminating in this moment. With this new assignment, he was taking one more step towards the Captain’s chair. “Let’s rock and roll.” He murmured to himself. Picking up his two bags he headed for the exit.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

Outside the transporter room Sharah swallowed a grin. As the door opened she stood there all business. Welcoming PaDD in hand. “Lt. Rainns, welcome to Ark Angel.” She handed him the PaDD. It included a map of the moving starship as well as a list of all relevant officers he would need to know, office locations and appointment times. And a mountain of other information that every person boarding was given.

Yeah Sharah had asked a favor of the captain. Really, Imzadi, did you think you’d get here under my nose again? She nodded to the transporter chief, “Chief Jackson can you make sure the rest of the Lt’s things get sent to Deck 4 Quarters 28?”

“Sure thing Lt.” Jackson said turning back to his control console.

Sharah stepped out of the room and down the hallway toward the turbolift and palmed the call button. Once the lift arrived she stepped in, “Deck 4.” She was quiet but her eyes danced at him as she faced the door.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

“Thank you Lt. Fayth.” Rainns responded, he was glad she had decided to receive him, it had been some time since they had met face to face. Joseph smiled at her. ‘Wasn’t really trying to, just trying to keep up with my schedule. ‘ He followed her down the corridor. He read over the padd as he stepped into the turbolift. “Big ship.” He commented, “Lots of catching up I’ll need to do.”

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

‘Don’t worry about the schedule. You’ve got 3 hours to get settled. Pretty standard for new onboarding.’ She stepped off the turbolift. “10 minutes. Always add 10 minutes to wherever you are going. Oh and use the map on the PaDD. So many people use the LCARS interface most people get their arrows crossed and end up following the wrong one. Science labs are on decks 13 and 14. Security main hub is on deck 14. So if you need help, just give a yell.” She hid the grin on her face. She took a left at the end of the corridor and then the second right and all the way to the end. “Quarters 428. Everything uses biometrics, so no passcodes needed. Just place your palm over the interface.” She stepped to the side so he could unlock the door.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Joseph nodded. “I will keep that in mind Doc,” he stepped off the turbolift and followed Fayth. He glanced at the Biometric pad before him. “I can not say I am a fan of that actually.” He commented, hesitantly putting his hand on the interface. “I’ll have to make some alterations around here I see.” He stepped into his quarters, observing the room.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

Sharah followed him in. It never occurring to her that she shouldn’t, but for appearances and appropriateness. “It’s a simple computer request to change it to a passcode. Not everyone likes the biometrics for one reason or another. Being a mythology class ship, you can have your quarters redesigned however you wish. Captain feels that…” and the door shut behind her and she stopped taking a deep breath and walked up to him wrapping her arms around him. “I missed you Joseph.”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Joseph put his bags down and put his arms on hers. ‘I missed you too Imzadi. I hope you still have that bottle of wine.’ He smiled. There wasn’t much that was more important to him than his career, but Sharah made that cut easily. He squeezed her arms and closed his eyes. ‘I hope I can adjust to seeing you on a daily basis again, so used to the video messages.’ He said, part jokingly.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns-COS

She was picking up his thoughts and placing her own in his head. Not settling into her spot. ‘Yeah I’ve got it and it’s already chilling in my quarters. And I’m cooking tonight.’ She had to stretch up, he was so much taller than her, to rest her forehead against his, eyes closed, breathing in the warmth of having him there. ‘Well I can always just send you messages instead, Hot Shot. But you’ll have to get used to it. We share a whole deck.’ She grinned. ‘Oh just so you know. There’s a hot tube in your bathroom.’
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Joseph grinned, ‘Happy to hear that dear.’ he felt her mind and opened up his own for her to settle should she chose to. ‘I trust you made an excellent meal.’ He smiled at her comment. ‘I hope I can, and I do love hot tubs, so I will be using that sometime soon.’ He picked up his bags again and placed them on his bed. His quarters were nice, better than Challenger’s, but that wasn’t a surprise. He smiled, life was good.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

He could tell she wanted to, but she didn’t. She shook her head and there were lines of strain around her eyes and mouth. The tell tale ringlets of hair that hung down the side where she’d tugged and twisted them over and over, but she looks slightly better than she had when she wrote him to tell him Dr. Marshal was going to sedate her. “Ark Angel isn’t like Challenger.” ‘There are so many people here. It’s not as bad as the Academy, in terms of cadets running around, but it’s worse because there are more people. You still have a lot of check-ins today. Maybe at dinner.’ She wasn’t sure if she did now, that she would be able to let go.

She glances at him looking around. “The quarters, they’re huge aren’t they? Seriously though, what I said about design. The captain feels like that since we are on long range, long term missions we should be able to make it home. There’s actually a team assigned just for that.”

She leans in the door way of his room and looks at him, smiling. She honestly wasn’t sure some days if she’d imagined that he was coming to Ark Angel or not. After he put his bags down, she walked back over to him, reached up, and kissed him.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Joseph smiled as she kissed him. ‘Something wrong imzadi? you can get back in your spot anytime.’ He thought as he silently hugged her. “Yeah its definetely different than Challenger.” He commented after a few moments, letting her go. “And even though I prefer small to big in terms of places, I think I’ll adjust alright.” He smirked, “Just means more bad guys to bust hopefully.” He went out into the living and surveyed his quarters once again. “So what now dear?” He asked with a smile.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

‘It hurts Joseph,’ was all she said for a moment. ‘I know, you don’t have to say it. And we’ll do it your way, but let’s not push that wall in your head until after you’ve reported. It will make me feel better.’ Oh she knew what he’d say and she could imagine the discussion later. But no need to strain that wall when he had to report to the CO and XO today. She could, she would handle herself for awhile longer. ‘I love you.’

She grinned, “My official duties today are ‘onboarding guide.’ So whatever you want. We can tour the ship, or get you settled in here, or whatever you want. I’m not make sure you get to your first meeting on time and show you around. What would you like to see first?”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Joseph frowned. “Well then I need to report in as soon as possible imzadi, I hate seeing you deal with this pain. ‘I love you too, and I am not going to make you suffer longer than you absolutely have to.’ He picked up the padd, “When is the closest time for me to check in?” He asked. “I can tour the ship with you later after I can help relieve your pain.” He knew he was sounding stern, but also knew that Sharah could feel his concern and need to protect her, in all honesty, his exterior demeanor was just shielding his internal emotions, which was a desire to look after her that was anything but stern.

Lt Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

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