Adoption of an orphan

Posted Nov. 28, 2020, 10:14 a.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)

Posted by Ensign Tabris Asam (Engineering Officer) in Adoption of an orphan
To: Pied Piper Orphanage on Delotha
From: Tabris Asam, Starbase 323

I am writing in inquiry regarding adoption of one Neltus Omad. I too am an El-Aurian who was displaced from his home at a young age. I had a home and two parents but my planet of origin was abandoned early on and I was unfamiliar with it. I have been alive for over 400 years and have learned many things, the one that has eluded me thus far however is the joy of parenthood. I am currently being posted to a Starfleet engineering officer onboard a vessel with an existing population of children that Neltus would join when I am on duty or away. I understand if you have concerns with a child on a starship, the possibility of him losing his parent again is greater than if I lived on a planet. In hopes to ease your concerns I have included the safety records of the ship I will be stationed on, their school curriculum, and my own history including relevant evaluations. I look forward to your reply and hope that I may be able to offer Neltus a home, and an understanding of what it means to be El-Aurian.

Tabris Asam

Karra was always excited to get these types of messages, but she knew that they didn’t always pan out. Her first order of business….

To: Tabris Asam, Starbase 323
From: Karra, House Mother, Pied Piper Orphanage, Delotha

Mr. Asam I am very excited for your interest. And though I am always excited to place children with those of similar cultural backgrounds, I would invite you to come visit and meet all the children before setting your heart on a particular child. We put the child’s wishes before those of the adults. I hope you understand. They have been through enough already without forcing a family they are fearful to join. Once you have passed a background check I will contact you again.

Karra, House Mother

Then to take care of the background check:
To: Zanya
From: Karra

Zanya, I’ve had an inquiry about a Star Fleet officer adopting Neltus Omad. The officer is Tabris Asam and is currently posted to Starbase 323. He is being transferred to one USS Ark Angel. Or so his letter claims. I have included the personal information he sent along. As always I trust you will get back to me as soon as possible. Be safe my friend.

To: Karra, House Mother
From: Zanya

Karra, this is wonderful news! First Ark Angel is a great ship. It is family oriented and also made for long range/long term missions. There is a large civilian presence as well and many children. Neltus will not lack for experiences or friends. Now as for Tabris Asam. He is as he says he is. An engineering officer, and a good one at that from what I can tell. He is El-Aurian and lived briefly with his family on Earth. I have no reservations.


To: Tabris Asam, Starbase 323
From: Karra, House Mother, Pied Piper Orphanage, Delotha

I have received your background check and am pleased that everything has been approved. Please notify me of when you will coming to visit.


Tabris had been waiting for a response, not sure if it would be positive or otherwise. He smiled as he read the words inviting him to visit and sent off a message to the Starbase’s command staff saying simply “Requesting permission to use leave for family business” The base commander had no issue with one of the many, many, transferring officers to take what they had earned and sent a simple reply “Request received and permission granted.”

He took some time with this next part as he wrote back a two part letter to Karra.

To: Karra, House Mother, Pied Piper Orphanage, Delotha
From: Tabris Asam, Starbase 323

I have permission to attend a meeting at the orphanage in 4 days and look forward to meeting you all. Enclosed with this letter is another meant for Neltus himself and I welcome you to read it and pass it along at your discretion.

To: Neltus Omad, Pied Piper Orphanage, Delotha
From: Tabris Asam, Starbase 323

Neltus I wanted to introduce myself in a small way before I came to meet you. You’ve never met me nor have you ever heard of me and I know that to each other we are but strangers. I am hoping that, in time, I may take you under my wing and help you grow and thrive, all with your permission that is. I too am an El-Aurian and am at the ripe old age of 417 yet I’m told I don’t look a day older than 200! The one thing that we both share, besides our heritage, is a close family bond. I hope that you may accept me as someone that can fill the role of a parent, and I hope that you may be my son.

Tabris Asam, Eng

OOC: Love this post! Though I admit at first I thought it was an adoption of another plant :P

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