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”..Noted Lt Commander. Get a team on restoring both computer cores as soon as feasible.” She said. “..Any good news?” She half joked.

LtCmdr Trainor sent out a text to his team to begin looking at the computer cores, while he continued to read the reports coming in. “Good news is, Sickbay isn’t reporting any casualties and it looks like we can use our PaDDs or stations to send written communications.” Tenzing was beginning to see visions of his time on the Einstein and began feeling the uncertainty he felt then, now, along with sensing the confusion of the crew around him.

Trainor COO

”..That is good then, alright.” She stated, as power came sluggishly back online with lights coming on. “..Let’s get a full assessment and repairs begun then from all departments. Let’s piece together where we are and what Q did to us.” She said strongly.

Drudoc Andone CO

“Captain, we don’t know where we are.” Trainor stated. ” and with Q involved, for all we know we can be a long way from friendly territory.” Tenzing looked down at his PaDD and saw a message from one of the teams informing that they’re inspecting the cores and will update accordingly. “Maybe we should be armed?”

Trainor had first-hand knowledge of what it was like to be stuck somewhere, without any idea of how to get home. At least this time he was more experienced, with a more seasoned crew around him.

Trainor COO

Fayth turned to tactical/security, “Can we fire a probe? It will give us a better idea of the conditions out there and we might get some decent astronomic readings to help us determine where exactly we are.”

”..We could manually launch a probe if needed!” NE Helps chimed up from the aft line of auxiliary stations.

She sent off orders through the console to the labs:

Orders came in through the consoles. En Genard was ordered to deck 44 to help determine what had hit the ship and caused the breach. Fayth ordered Genard to take his team and be prepared to help engineering repair the breach if necessary.

Riley was ordered to stand by. They were possibly launching a probe and hopefully he could use that information to determine where in the universe they had ended up. She asked him after the labs were straightened to send the crews to help in other areas of the ship, engineer, deflector, medical. Wherever they could be of use.

Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

“I will be down in Engineering!” she said getting up and heading for the turbolift She had of course been down there originally that was until the menace had brought her to the Bridge and put her in the silly boxing ring


Rainns stepped up to the tactical display, the whole thing was a mess, shields and weapons were both offline. “Captain I am attempting to reroute power to restore tactical systems.” He called out, his back facing the rest of the senior staff as his fingers flew around the console. “As for the probe, targeting systems are not functional either, I’ll have to recalibrate them in order to pick a spot for which we can actually launch it and know where it will go.” Rainns eyes were narrowed and he worked quickly to carry out the actions he was saying.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

Power shunting soon got the rebooting defense and offense systems online to a minimal level. It wasn’t much offensively a few phaser bursts and manually fired torpedoes but it was something! Plus now that they had shields up they didn’t have to worry about more asteroid impacts for now.

Fayth nodded, expecting as much, “Thank you, Lt.” She turned back to her console, not getting much from it, and then climbing underneath to start whatever simple repair she could manage herself. Narrowly missing her head after she popped back up. “Captain, what about the Fulcrum Class shuttle? It’s manned with mini probes and is made to handle and process massive amounts of scientific data. We could even mount two full size probes on the outer casings and launch them from there. If it’s not damaged we could use it to determine not only where we are but determine what type of spatial phenomenon is around us. We need the ships sensors up and running, but at least we wouldn’t be sitting blind with it out there doing the scans for us. We’d be sitting but at least we could see. And it’s made to scout ahead for larger vessels. We could map part of this area of space to give us even more detail.”

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

”..Try NE Helps suggestion first, manually launching a probe, program it for a patrol pattern out to 30,000km from the ship..” Drudoc said. “..If that doesnt work then prep the runabout..” She added.

Thankfully checking manual fire controls could be done by texting the fire control team for the probe’s needs. It would certainly be a quicker solution then launching the Fulcrum runabout.

More systems were coming online now from back ups or secondary systems at this point too, though none did anything to reveal yet where they were other then some kind of nebula like anomaly. More reports too started coming in by text format reporting minimal overall damages and minimal crew injuries.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

Sharah turned back to the console and pulled up the text comm system and sent off a very quick request to the torpedo launch bay and the science officers who worked there with the probes.
Bridge control is currently down. Manually launch a class-4 probe and program it for a patrol pattern out to 30,000km from the ship. Send all telematry to bridge science stations and to main science labs.

Moments later the distinctive sound of a probe launching could be heard. Sharah looked around the bridge. There wasn’t anything else she could do here. Cpt Andone had said if she needed to go to the labs. And that’s where she was headed. “That’s all I can do from here. I’ll be in the labs Captain.” She spoke briefly with one of the science NEs that covered the bridge science consoles to make sure to keep her informed of whatever happened on the bridge and then she took the turbolift, “Deck 13”

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“It appears my team is having success with the computer cores, Captain.” Lieutenant Commander Trainor announced once he received the update on his console. “Once they fully reboot, we could cross reference the probe’s findings with the Federation database.” Tenzing added. Trainor was slightly optimistic about being able to find a similar nebula, since optimism was the only thing keeping him sane at the moment.

Trainor COO

After recalibrating the targeting systems and restoring tactical power. Rainns turned to Andone. “Captain I’m getting reports of the armory in complete disarray, if it’s quite alright with you I’d like to go down there and collect an inventory and reorganize it.”

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

About this point the lights came back on fully as the Flea’tan core took over main power duties from engineering. Essential systems across the board also lit up coming online fully now.

Turning Drudoc nodded, “..Granted Lieutenant, get things back under control down there.” She said letting the COS be on his way. Drudoc meanwhile had come over to the auxiliary engineering station at the rear of the bridge. She was a former engineer herself and was doing what she could to help bring order to the chaos around her. Seeing the Flea’tan Core though power up relived a lot of the direct worry she had going on. The second now was of course the status of her daughter Tel’eck but with the voice comms still down she couldnt contact her daughter yet for an update.

Turning and knowing her pacing wouldn’t help matters, she retook her CO’s chair in the center of the bridge. Using the holo panel nearby to look through ship reports as they were coming in.

Drudoc Andone CO / GM CockRoach

Telana passed Rainns exiting the turbolift as he entered. She looked frazzled compared to her usual well groomed appearance. “Captain! I apologize! One minute I’m in my quarters getting ready for my shift, and the next, I’m wrapped up in Christmas ribbon so tightly I can’t take a deep breath. There was also tape over my mouth and a bow on the top of my head! I had to work it off my mouth before I could call Security. When they showed up and freed me, they told me about the surprise festivities going on in each department.”

By that time, she’d made it to the center chair where Andone sat. Gray eyes took a turn around the bridge and landed on the viewscreen. “On the way here, there was a bright light and some disorientation while my eyes adjusted again. What’s happening?”

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