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Posted Dec. 16, 2020, 6:49 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Telana Bray (Executive Officer) (D Grisham)

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About this point the lights came back on fully as the Flea’tan core took over main power duties from engineering. Essential systems across the board also lit up coming online fully now.

Turning Drudoc nodded, “..Granted Lieutenant, get things back under control down there.” She said letting the COS be on his way. Drudoc meanwhile had come over to the auxiliary engineering station at the rear of the bridge. She was a former engineer herself and was doing what she could to help bring order to the chaos around her. Seeing the Flea’tan Core though power up relieved a lot of the direct worry she had going on. The second now was of course the status of her daughter Tel’eck but with the voice comms still down she couldn’t contact her daughter yet for an update.

Turning and knowing her pacing wouldn’t help matters, she retook her CO’s chair in the center of the bridge. Using the holo panel nearby to look through ship reports as they were coming in.

Drudoc Andone CO / GM CockRoach

Telana passed Rainns exiting the turbolift as he entered. She looked frazzled compared to her usual well groomed appearance. “Captain! I apologize! One minute I’m in my quarters getting ready for my shift, and the next, I’m wrapped up in Christmas ribbon so tightly I can’t take a deep breath. There was also tape over my mouth and a bow on the top of my head! I had to work it off my mouth before I could call Security. When they showed up and freed me, they told me about the surprise festivities going on in each department.”

By that time, she’d made it to the center chair where Andone sat. Gray eyes took a turn around the bridge and landed on the viewscreen. “On the way here, there was a bright light and some disorientation while my eyes adjusted again. What’s happening?”

===Bray, XO

Drudoc turned to face her new XO, they hadn’t gotten much of a chance to speak since leaving Starbase 243 on their cargo run and beyond the brief exchange of ship business before Q’s antics had shown up they had barely been around each other to get to know one another. “..It is fine Exec, it seems the Q entity has paid us a visit to spread some ‘holiday cheer’..” She said with a bit of a frown. “..Q briefly though mentioned something about a debate among the Continuum who were observing the Ark Angel the past few months and wanted to settle a debate they had on how we would react to certain ‘extremes’..” She said rubbing the bridge of her ridged nose. “..Without explaining further he said he would be better suited to just showing us and.....” Drudoc gestured to the green-silver toned nebula on the view screen. “..well here we are, where ever here is is still yet unknown..” she explained.

Ensign Weir’s voice crackled over the comm system. =^=Weir to Bridge. My team is at the breach. Looks like we were hit by a half-meter boridium asteroid. Minimal damage and no casualties. Emergency systems are holding. Request someone to retrieve this for analysis since I’m guessing transporters are down.=^=

—Caelian Weir, Ensign—

Drudoc seemed pleased the comm system had been gotten back online so quickly, turning her attention to this she pressed a reply =/\= Andone here, good work Ensign Weir,=/\= She said checking the status of transporters finding they were indeed still down, =/\= Indeed transporters are still down. Alert enginerring and science teams 13 and 15 lead by NEs Piff and Biff to help you out. They should be on damage control near your area and soon finished.=/\= She said.

Turning back to her new XO she resumed their conversation. “..Systems are a bit chaotic but in reboot or reroute cycles right now. Thankfully no major casualties or injuries other then some bruises, cuts, or broken bones..” She said.

Drudoc Andone CO

Telana’s brows raised in surprise. “Q? The Q? I’ve heard stories, of course, but have never met one of them. And he said the Continuum was actually studying us?” She shook her head. “How bored would they have to be to do that?” Then again, she thought, when you were omniscient and omnipotent, there were no surprises. Yet, the tales she’d heard didn’t support that completely. Humans had surprised the Q with their will to survive.

=^=Fayth to Drudoc. Captain, we’re starting to get a map of the nebula, and it’s vast. We are still determining how long it will take to get to the outer edge of it. Also we picked up an asteroid belt, that seems to be a naturally occurring Boridium. Which we make artificially and use for power. It might be worth collecting some if we get a chance. Also it might be a good idea to head that way when we are able. That may be where we got hit and the direction home. Also we are picking up what appears to possibly be a comm signal. It’s going to take the computer some time to analyze it though. I’m heading to the breach now to analyze what hit us.=^=

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

=/\= Understood, Lieutenant keep attempting to figure out where we are and what that message could be. =/\= Drudoc replied.

As had become her habit, Fayth had a PaDD with her. She typed a quick message that appeared on the Captain’s display at her chair. I stopped by the school on deck 23. I thought the parents on the ship would feel more at ease if the bridge could confirm the children were okay. Everyone here is fine, only minor bumps. The dedicated power is running and their emergency stores are in place. -Lt Fayth

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Returning a text reply [i] =/\= Thank you Lieutenant. I’ll be alerting the rest of the crew of our situation and status once I have a full report to give =/\= [/i] She replied.

GM CockRoach

Cmdr Bray took her seat and stared at the viewscreen and the unknown area of space the AA currently occupied. “Do you think this is a test of some kind?”

—Bray, XO

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