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Posted Dec. 26, 2020, 11:33 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Telana Bray (Executive Officer) (D Grisham)

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Telana nodded. “It’s true, Captain. What fun would it be to fling us to a far corner of the universe and not watch how we deal with it? It curious as to why the Continuum is debating our actions, though.”

”..You both are right, no doubt Q and/or the Continuum are watching in some form. For now though we need to focus on getting ourselves back up to speed..” Drudoc replied.

“Once they get back up, I’ll start looking into the transporters.” Lieutenant Commander Trainor announced.

”..Understood Commander..” Drudoc said to Trainor letting him work at his own pace and choices for now.

Trainor Operations

She accessed the control panel on the arm of her chair to check the status of repairs. “Several things have come back online, Sir, but we aren’t 100% yet.”

—Bray, XO

Turning to NE Bills at helm. “..Ensign, do we got maneuvering power yet?” She asked.

”..Not yet ma’am, should I inquire on an ETA with engineering?” Bills asked.

Drudoc nodded, “..Do so, the sooner we can maneuver at least in some form the better off we’ll be and can begin to make our way out of this nebula.” she said.

”..Aye ma’am.” Bills replied =/\= NE Bills to engineering, what’s our ETA on getting impulse power?=/\= He asked

Drudoc Andone CO

Mazi had been struck blind a moment like everyone else and since then had been doing her best to relay various orders to the various departments as discussions around her went on. As Bills contacted Engineering, she glanced at the panels indicating ship efficiency across the board. From transporters to comms, from lifts to holodecks, she checked each system and prioritized them in order of needing to be 100%.

She waited for the engineering update to occur before reporting to the Captain. In the meantime, making sure all the ‘holiday cheer’ issues were cleared from the ship, she went department by department and deck by deck. First with typed in queries, then, as internal sensors became available, with the camera systems. With the XO’s claims of being tied up and gagged with ‘holiday cheer’ she wanted to be sure no other crew were similarly bound, or injured from the pranks.

Mazi Engineer

Miz’uki’s voice called out =^=”Should be coming up now!”=^= in reply to NE Bills call


=/\= Noted Lieutenant, thank you..=/\= Drudoc replied.

As Mazi checked the various camera, she shook her head. So many were undoing themselves from ribbons and frippery. It was comical if it wasn’t so deadly. Suddenly she backed up. “Captain, Deck 8, Transporter Room 1. NE Lieutenant JG Boraon is wrapped up in ribbon and bows. I’m dispatching Security now.” She moved to let security know, who was already in contact with her and scurrying around helping look for other victims of the pranks.

Mazi Eng

”..Good find lieutenant..” Drudoc said to Mazi’s work.

With confirmation from NE Bills on their maneuvering ability Drudoc nodded, “..Alright Ensign Bills. Set a course at 1/2 impulse to follow our probe. Let’s hope we can find the edge of this nebula and get a better bearing on where we are.” She said.

”..Aye ma’am. 1/2 Impulse.” Bills said as the Ark Angel began to maneuvering slowly but surely. On sensors that just had fully come back online they got a read on the edge of the nebula about 20 minutes ahead. “..ETA to nebula boundary 20 minutes at current speed..” Bills said carefully maneuvering them away from larger asteroids in their path.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

Cmdr Bray took some comfort in the knowledge that others were tied up like Christmas presents the same way she had been—although, if not done right, it could be threatening to their well being. Looking at the CO she commented. “I feel pretty useless just sitting here while the ship isn’t at 100%. I know we have teams working on everything and searching for others that Q saw fit to restrain, but still…”

—Bray, XO

OOC: Sorry everyone, it was a really tough week for me, but hopefully, I’m back to normal now.

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