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Posted Jan. 6, 2021, 8:24 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Tenzing Trainor (Chief Operations Officer) (Ray Branch)

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With their location confirmed, Drudoc wasn’t about to let her desire to confirm it again hoping for a different outcome. She knew in her gut it was true now. The truth however painful it might be had to be relayed to the rest of the crew. Otherwise rampant distrust and rumors would fly around the ship faster then their arrival here had become.

Once the channel was open Drudoc took a breath, =/\= Attention all hands, this is Captain Andone speaking. As many of you are aware by now we had a rough ride and situations arise recently which were the result of a visiting Q entity. The recent oddities of holiday ‘cheer’ and ‘pranks’ were the result of this entity. I trust that within a few hours we all will have recovered fully from those events. If there are any problems to report do so to your section chief, department chief or the bridge as needed.. =/\= She began. She figured breaking things down into chunks for settling folks minds would be best to start.

After a pause Drudoc continued. =/\= As you all are equally aware our ship was tossed dangerously about by this same Q entity. I can assure you all now that the damages despite at first seeming dire are far from that. Already secondary and primary systems are returning to online status and damages bypassed and relayed around. The minor hull breach on deck 44 was the worst of on our damage control lists and that has been secured and contained. What injuries we all sustained though minor, I can confirm we have had no more the serious injuries among the crew. For those of you with children and families you can all rest assured that we all have shared your tumbles and bruises, again we have weathered this transport by the Q well, for which I applaud you all..=/\= Drudoc continued.

After another second or so pause she continued. =/\= Now you all may be wondering why the Q have taken an interest in us. From our brief interaction with them on the bridge here it would seem the Continuum at large is in a heated debate to wonder how we among this fine ship and crew. Would react to various ‘extremes’. To this end we can only surmise that in some form the Q are watching us even now. Debating as they wish to see what we will do next. To this point brings me to the more difficult news for us all. That being where we now are. After confirmation with the astrological science departments it is my duty to confirm to everyone that we are currently quite far from known space. We are currently projected to be deep within what would be considered the Alpha quadrant of the GN-z11 galaxy..=/\= Drudoc said. Pacing a bit now to look at the crew about the bridge one by one, giving a look and presence of someone sharing the troubles and feelings they all no doubt were going through right now.

=/\= I know what many of you are feeling right now, digesting just how far that is. The idea of insurmountable hurdles we face before us now. I tell you now that I share your feelings, your thoughts of home, your family, friends, and loved ones. This is an extreme none of us could possibly have contemplated in our life times. But....=/\= Drudoc paused by Fayth letting a hand lightly rest on her shoulder a moment to center and ground her in the this time. =/\= but know that all of us, from myself, down to every civilian on this ship’s skills will be tapped and used to our fullest potential in the times ahead. Whether our way home lies with solving this ‘debate’ the Continuum has placed before us, or we figure out our own means. No matter what comes next I know all of you will face these challenges ahead with the highest strength, courage, valor, and service I have come to expect from all of you..=/\= She went on.

Turning to round the railing at the aft end of the bridge she continued her speech. =/\= Know that already our science department has detected we are not alone in this region of space we find ourselves! There will be people, cultures, and more that we will meet and expand our knowledge too in the coming days no doubt. Yes, some could be trouble for us, but equally so we can find friends, or technology to help our situation. Regardless though, we have each other, and there is no finer ship and crew I would rather face this situation with then that which I am with now. The end of this trial may not be in sight yet, but it will be resolved and when it is know that we will face it together. I want all department and section heads to file status reports 3 hours from now by 1200 hours today. The Continuum has presented us this test of our character and will everyone, and I mean to show we will not break under the pressures now given to us. Now everyone take a breath, and let’s get to work getting this ship and her fine crew back home! Andone out! =/\= She stated.

GM CockRoach

Cmdr Bray watched Captain Andone as she addressed the crew. In truth, her own emotions were in chaos—the reality of the situation hadn’t had time to sink in, but intellectually, she understood the bottom line. No one on the ship would be returning to their homes and loved ones unless the Q saw fit to send them back. They were just too far away to reach their own area of space in any of their life times.

Telana followed the CO’s example and maintained a calm she did not feel. There would be time to fall apart in the privacy of her own quarters, if falling apart was in her future. She straightened her back and relaxed her body and face as much as possible, making a conscious effort not to clench her jaw with anxiety. As she followed Drudoc with her eyes, the XO moved slowly around the bridge, noting the emotional turmoil of the bridge crew. Surprisingly, most of them were holding their own and sustaining professional demeanors.

Riley sighed and stood up straight, tugging down his uniform top. He cleared his throat, glancing at Lieutenant Fayth. “Um, Captain,” he began. “There are a few things I should point out about this galaxy.”

He paused, waiting until he had the Romulan’s attention. “So… ‘z11 isn’t just far away, it’s old. Really old. It’s one of the oldest galaxies we’ve been able to detect. We’ve confirmed life here,” he gestured to the viewscreen, “but it has potentially billions of years head start on us.”

  • Ensign Riley, Science

Drudoc turned her attention to Riley. “..Age of a galaxy does not mean life which formed here is equally as advanced. But your point is well taken regardless Ensign. Let’s see what our scans and data gathering can tell us before we jump to conclusions..” She said.

“If it turns out that life here is incredibly advanced compared to us, there’s a chance they will be able to assist us with technology that would get us back to our own Milky Way galaxy.” She shrugged. “It’s something to consider.”

Drudoc Andone CO

“Our best course of action might be to head towards the Milky Way regardless of how long it’ll take us to get back.” Lieutenant Commander Trainor said quietly after digesting the Captain’s speech. “I can also have my teams take full inventory, and reach out to the other departments for a list of needed materials and equipment.”

Trainor COO

”..Unfortunately Commander, our matter/antimatter supplies wouldn’t last through the emptiness of any of the galaxies..” She said.

‘Another thing we might get help with’, she thought silently.

=^= Rainns to bridge, the security locker is cleaned and everything is accounted for. What can I do to help the situation.=^=

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

=/\= Ensure your department is back to standards then prepare a status report by 1200 hours today. =/\= Drudoc replied to Rainns

Mazi had watched and listened and her heart sank. So long? Deciding she wasn’t going to ever going to actually fathom what that length of time was, she knew she would just have to deal with it. They had come to space and knew it could be a couple years. Till they knew there was absolutely no hope, she was going to just hold on to that.

“Sirs… with permission, I am going to help Wier with the breach and see what we can do in engineering to boost power as well as how to boost our longevity without a base any time soon.” She was already standing and biting her lip as she glanced nervously at the lift door wanting to suddenly DO something besides sit on the bridge and listen to the things that were to come. She’d hear it soon enough.

Mazi Eng

”..Granted Lieutenant..” Drudoc chimed back taking her seat in the center chair again to begin her own review of the ship from her vantage point.

Drudoc Andone CO

The XO followed Andone to the center console and took her own seat in order to have a private conversation with the Captain. Keeping her voice just above a whisper, she crossed her legs and turned her body toward the Romulan. “I think your words to the crew were well chosen, Sir. I could open myself and take an emotional reading of how their all handling it if you’d like?”

—Bray, XO

”..I imagine much of it is how I am feeling right now. Uncertain, afraid, confused, worried and more. No there is no reason to intrude on their thoughts or privacy for now. Once we’re out of the nebula we can get a better read on where things are around us..” Drudoc said gently.

Just as she had said this though NE Bills at helm spoke up, “..Ma’am, we are clearing the nebula’s boundary sensors are coming online fully now and we can scan out to almost normal sensor ranges..” He said.

Ahead on the screen open space welcomed them in a fashion. Unfamiliar star patterns blinking here and there in the blackness of space and time. It was a probably a certainty that their first steps on this great voyage would be, “..Full scans, all departments, let’s see what we got out there..” Drudoc said. “…Specifically try to ID where that comm traffic we picked up originated from..”

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

“Captain, If we send out a Class 2 probe that’ll show us more insight into our surroundings.” Lieutenant Commander Trainor announced. He was glad to see that they still had a full complement of probes available, but for how long? “I’d also like to note that we won’t know when we’ll be resupplied yet, and while we are in good shape now, we won’t be for long,” Tenzing added. With no way of knowing when they’d be returned back to their galaxy, the Operations Officer wouldn’t be able to calculate the best way to ration resources.

” We should probably look into ways to begin rationing our supplies, especially in relying less on our replicator systems.”


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