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Posted by Ensign Caelian Weir (Engineering Officer) in Main Sim - Deck 44 - Hole Breach Findings For Science & Engineering

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Just as Weir entered the turbolift the Captain’s voice came over a ship wide comm, =/\= Attention all hands, this is Captain Andone speaking. As many of you are aware by now we had a rough ride and situations arise recently which were the result of a visiting Q entity. The recent oddities of holiday ‘cheer’ and ‘pranks’ were the result of this entity. I trust that within a few hours we all will have recovered fully from those events. If there are any problems to report do so to your section chief, department chief or the bridge as needed.. =/\= She began. She figured breaking things down into chunks for settling folks minds would be best to start.

Caelian frowned at the news. He didn’t have to be on the bridge to pick up on the stress in the captain’s voice. Thankfully there was resolve there, too. Folding his arms across his chest and watching the turbolift display his progress, he waited. It was all he could do, after all.

After a pause Drudoc continued. =/\= As you all are equally aware our ship was tossed dangerously about by this same Q entity. I can assure you all now that the damages despite at first seeming dire are far from that. Already secondary and primary systems are returning to online status and damages bypassed and relayed around. The minor hull breach on deck 44 was the worst of on our damage control lists and that has been secured and contained. What injuries we all sustained though minor, I can confirm we have had no more the serious injuries among the crew. For those of you with children and families you can all rest assured that we all have shared your tumbles and bruises, again we have weathered this transport by the Q well, for which I applaud you all..=/\= Drudoc continued.

After another second or so pause she continued. =/\= Now you all may be wondering why the Q have taken an interest in us. From our brief interaction with them on the bridge here it would seem the Continuum at large is in a heated debate to wonder how we among this fine ship and crew. Would react to various ‘extremes’. To this end we can only surmise that in some form the Q are watching us even now. Debating as they wish to see what we will do next. To this point brings me to the more difficult news for us all. That being where we now are. After confirmation with the astrological science departments it is my duty to confirm to everyone that we are currently quite far from known space. We are currently projected to be deep within what would be considered the Alpha quadrant of the GN-z11 galaxy..=/\= Drudoc said. Pacing a bit now to look at the crew about the bridge one by one, giving a look and presence of someone sharing the troubles and feelings they all no doubt were going through right now.

He couldn’t help but blink in confusion. There was more speculation than concrete fact regarding the Q Continuum. His mother had lectured on them briefly during one of her exhibits on Arkanis III, speculated that native worship might have been a direct result of their paracausal influence. Other Starfleet accounts had painted them as anything from mischievous to malicious, and never benevolent. Suddenly he felt like a worm beneath a microscanner, a thing to be poked and proded for reasons beyond his understanding. And they were how far from Federations space?! Was the turbolift getting smaller?

“Computer, halt turbolift,” he gasped. He staggered out as soon as the doors whispered open, slid past a pair of bewildered crew members. By the time he managed to regain his composure, he found himself leaning against the wall for support. Get ahold of yourself, Cael!

=/\= I know what many of you are feeling right now, digesting just how far that is. The idea of insurmountable hurdles we face before us now. I tell you now that I share your feelings, your thoughts of home, your family, friends, and loved ones. This is an extreme none of us could possibly have contemplated in our life times. But....=/\= Drudoc paused by Fayth letting a hand lightly rest on her shoulder a moment to center and ground her in the this time. =/\= but know that all of us, from myself, down to every civilian on this ship’s skills will be tapped and used to our fullest potential in the times ahead. Whether our way home lies with solving this ‘debate’ the Continuum has placed before us, or we figure out our own means. No matter what comes next I know all of you will face these challenges ahead with the highest strength, courage, valor, and service I have come to expect from all of you..=/\= She went on.

It was a mild relief that the captain had such faith in the crew, and to him to some degree. Perhaps if she could convince his knees that they had the strength to press on he could get the hull repairs complete. Jackson and L’Nel would be waiting for him to get back with the parts. Somehow that helped. Purpose. He took a breath, and then another. Where was he again? After checking with a nearby display, he plotted his route back to the supply locker.

Turning to round the railing at the aft end of the bridge she continued her speech. =/\= Know that already our science department has detected we are not alone in this region of space we find ourselves! There will be people, cultures, and more that we will meet and expand our knowledge too in the coming days no doubt. Yes, some could be trouble for us, but equally so we can find friends, or technology to help our situation. Regardless though, we have each other, and there is no finer ship and crew I would rather face this situation with then that which I am with now. The end of this trial may not be in sight yet, but it will be resolved and when it is know that we will face it together. I want all department and section heads to file status reports 3 hours from now by 1200 hours today. The Continuum has presented us this test of our character and will everyone, and I mean to show we will not break under the pressures now given to us. Now everyone take a breath, and let’s get to work getting this ship and her fine crew back home! Andone out! =/\= She stated.

It didn’t take Caelian long to requisition and replicate the hull plating his team would need to fix the breach. That the transporters were still down for non-emergency use made him grind his teeth a bit, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t adapt to. He firmly pushed the overwhelming problem of being on a wounded ship in distant space from his mind and focused on the task at hand. First, the breach. Then the next problem. And then the next, and so on until we’re home.

Caelian had to force out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding until his heart hammered against his chest. “You can do this, Cael. Reliable, not remarkable.”
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

By the time he’d returned to Deck 44, Caelian felt a little less shaken. Yes, the premise of being generations at maximum warp from the furthest reaches of Federation space was overwhelming. Yes, the idea of never seeing his family ever again turned his knees into gel packs. And yes, being deep in a region of space fraught with all manner of peril seethed in the pit of his stomach. But he’d been trained for this, worked hard for the opportunity to explore the galaxy, and do his part to quench mankind’s inexhaustible thirst for understanding. Men and women in Starfleet—all far more qualified and learned than he—had approved him to serve aboard the Ark Angel, had determined that he was adequately equipped to perform under these conditions. That gave him hope.

But are these adequate conditions? a voice niggled in the back of his brain.

As he neared a junction in the corridor, he slowed the antigrav sled. The clatter of the duranium plating jarred him from his thoughts just in time to avoid colliding with a crewmember. Muttering his apologies, Caelian carefully maneuvered the sled around them. Noting a familiar face, however, he stopped once again.

Mazi came around the corner, just then, and almost bumped into the engineer. “Oh, Caelian. Just the man I was looking for. Heard we have a small hull issue?” She was smiling as the slight jest was made. A hole in the side of the ship was nothing to scoff at. But in times like this, small things needed to be amusing to keep the big things from being overwhelming. “How can I help?” She smiled once more, her hand rising in an almost ritualistic gesture to scratch her forehead as her antennae, once more, bent forward as if trying to sniff out the man before her to determine his worth.


“Lieutenant, I’m very sorry,” he murmured, bobbing his head apologetically. “I didn’t see you there over this hull plating. Ah, yes, sir. A boridium asteroid decided to let itself in. The science department’s analyzing it now, and my team’s cleaning up the mess.”

He jerked his head, then, inviting her to follow. “We’ve restored what systems we could, rerouted the rest through secondary systems. Right now, sir, it’s just patching needs done. Once the replicators are fully back online, I’ll get things good as new.”

They rounded another corner and Caelian nodded down the corridor to the damaged section. L’Nel was staring disapprovingly at the jagged hole in the hull. Caelian tried very hard to ignore the space beyond. “We’ve got someone working on the exterior of the breach while we tighten things up in here. You’re welcome to get your hands dirty if you want, Lieutenant.”

“Ensign Jackson should be in position shortly,” L’Nel added curtly as Caelian secured the antigrav sled nearby. After nodding respectfully to Mazhari, he added, “With an addition to our repair team, it would be logical that I—what is the colloquialism?—‘suit on’ and assist Ms. Jackson with the exterior repairs.”

Caelian blinked, tried not to chuckle. “It’s not— Ah, nevermind. I agree, that would move things along more quickly. Take whatever tools you need and, uh, ‘suit on.’ Let me know when you’re ready.”

The engineer shook his head at the Vulcan’s back, gave Mazhari a sly smile. “He does try, sir.”

=^=Jackson to Weir, we have a problem.=^=

Without thinking, Caelian whipped around towards the hull breach. Empty space loomed in front of him, tugged at his core with invisible strings. The ship began to pitch and spin, and he threw out a hand to steady himself. Peeking over the lip of the torn hull section was Ensign Jackson. The curve of her helmet stretched her satisfied smile into a sinister sneer.

A sadistic giggle purred through the comm. =^=I’m detecting a biological disturbance at your location. Brace for impact!=^=

“That’s not—” he groaned and turned away, gripping the handle of the sled tightly. Clearing nausea from his throat, Caelian tapped his comm badge. =^=That’s not funny, Jackson. What’s it look like out there?=^=

=^=A little green around the gills, but I think you’ll survive. Serves you right for making me draw the short straw.=^= He could hear the smug grin on her face. Her voice, however, softened. =^=It doesn’t look too bad out here, a little scraping around the edges. My guess is it was the densest piece of a larger fragment and the rest broke away on impact. Once we plug the breach, I can do a more thorough sweep of this hull section to be sure nothing else was damaged.=^=

=^=Understood. L’Nel is on his way out to assist you. Give me status updates every fifteen minutes. If there’s any sign of danger, tighten down what you can and get back inside. Let’s play it safe until transporters are back up, yeah?=^=

=^=Acknowleged. Jackson out.=^=

Once he was certain his breakfast was contained within his stomach, Caelian gave Mazhari a weak smile. “Shall we get started, then?”
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

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