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Posted Jan. 11, 2021, 1:50 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


A hour later, most systems were getting back online, when a comm call from the bridge came in =/\= NE Bills to engineering, what’s our ETA on getting impulse power?=/\= He asked.

Checking the diagnostics Miz’uki could see they could get impulse power up and going in the next few minutes thankfully!

GM CockRoach

she checked the readouts and punching in a few commands replied to the call =^=”Should be coming up now!”=^= she said bringing it back online


=/\= Noted Lieutenant, thank you..=/\= Drudoc replied. This was followed a few minutes later by the impulse engines firing up and the ship maneuvering slowly but surely at 1/2 impulse speed.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

Miz’uki continued to monitor the Impulse engines as they began to be used making sure that they were operating properly while her team continued to work towards bringing the warp core back online


Just as Miz’uki was checking the Warp core, NE Valan came up. As the faint hiss and hum of the warp core starting up began to come to their ears. “..Core is in startup cycle. Should have full power from it within 30 minutes. Warp flight should be ready about the same time once all the safety checks are done..” He said.

Just as Valan spoke this the Captain’s voice came over the ship’s comms, =/\= Attention all hands, this is Captain Andone speaking. As many of you are aware by now we had a rough ride and situations arise recently which were the result of a visiting Q entity. The recent oddities of holiday ‘cheer’ and ‘pranks’ were the result of this entity. I trust that within a few hours we all will have recovered fully from those events. If there are any problems to report do so to your section chief, department chief or the bridge as needed.. =/\= She began. She figured breaking things down into chunks for settling folks minds would be best to start.

After a pause Drudoc continued. =/\= As you all are equally aware our ship was tossed dangerously about by this same Q entity. I can assure you all now that the damages despite at first seeming dire are far from that. Already secondary and primary systems are returning to online status and damages bypassed and relayed around. The minor hull breach on deck 44 was the worst of on our damage control lists and that has been secured and contained. What injuries we all sustained though minor, I can confirm we have had no more the serious injuries among the crew. For those of you with children and families you can all rest assured that we all have shared your tumbles and bruises, again we have weathered this transport by the Q well, for which I applaud you all..=/\= Drudoc continued.

After another second or so pause she continued. =/\= Now you all may be wondering why the Q have taken an interest in us. From our brief interaction with them on the bridge here it would seem the Continuum at large is in a heated debate to wonder how we among this fine ship and crew. Would react to various ‘extremes’. To this end we can only surmise that in some form the Q are watching us even now. Debating as they wish to see what we will do next. To this point brings me to the more difficult news for us all. That being where we now are. After confirmation with the astrological science departments it is my duty to confirm to everyone that we are currently quite far from known space. We are currently projected to be deep within what would be considered the Alpha quadrant of the GN-z11 galaxy..=/\= Drudoc said. Pacing a bit now to look at the crew about the bridge one by one, giving a look and presence of someone sharing the troubles and feelings they all no doubt were going through right now.

=/\= I know what many of you are feeling right now, digesting just how far that is. The idea of insurmountable hurdles we face before us now. I tell you now that I share your feelings, your thoughts of home, your family, friends, and loved ones. This is an extreme none of us could possibly have contemplated in our life times. But....=/\= Drudoc paused by Fayth letting a hand lightly rest on her shoulder a moment to center and ground her in the this time. =/\= but know that all of us, from myself, down to every civilian on this ship’s skills will be tapped and used to our fullest potential in the times ahead. Whether our way home lies with solving this ‘debate’ the Continuum has placed before us, or we figure out our own means. No matter what comes next I know all of you will face these challenges ahead with the highest strength, courage, valor, and service I have come to expect from all of you..=/\= She went on.

Turning to round the railing at the aft end of the bridge she continued her speech. =/\= Know that already our science department has detected we are not alone in this region of space we find ourselves! There will be people, cultures, and more that we will meet and expand our knowledge too in the coming days no doubt. Yes, some could be trouble for us, but equally so we can find friends, or technology to help our situation. Regardless though, we have each other, and there is no finer ship and crew I would rather face this situation with then that which I am with now. The end of this trial may not be in sight yet, but it will be resolved and when it is know that we will face it together. I want all department and section heads to file status reports 3 hours from now by 1200 hours today. The Continuum has presented us this test of our character and will everyone, and I mean to show we will not break under the pressures now given to us. Now everyone take a breath, and let’s get to work getting this ship and her fine crew back home! Andone out! =/\= She stated.

GM CockRoach

Miz’uki’s eyes widened as the captain’s speech continued by the time it was done her face was a mix of every emotion in the book “NE Valen…you have the Floor…I uhhh....I need a minute” she said moving to her office once inside she locked the door and broke down Crying sliding to the floor as the realization of their situation fully hit home to her it was quite overwhelming she cried for about 5 minutes her sorrow eventually turning to anger and resentment before clearing her desk and the twin corkboards she used to keep track of ideas and other things it was clear she was going to need all the space she could get “Computer New Project Titled ‘Get us home and end the Menace! I need a Static image of Q to pin on the board!” she growled once she had it she stuck the image to one of the two boards with a tack and Scratched a Big X over his face she then started pulling up files and files of information about Q and about any sort of phanamana/Tech/or whatever that could get them home


A little later a comm message came in from the bridge =/\= Senior staff briefing in 15 minutes, all department heads have your report ready by then. Andone out =/\= She said.

Drudoc Andone CO

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