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Posted Jan. 11, 2021, 1:50 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


He waited for the few snickers to subside before continuing, “After conducting several scans, the asteroid is 97% boridium. This is a synthetic element, but seems to be naturally occurring in this galaxy. I have been attempting to figure out how this can be using the knowledge we have. If I can figure this out, we may be able to use the asteroid as a supplement to our impulse engines.”

  • Lt. Genard

Riley nodded as Claude spoke about the asteroid, pulling up the data about the asteroid field sensors had detected. “That makes sense,” he said, and transmitted the information to his colleague’s PADD. “We picked up an asteroid belt in this system composed almost entirely of boridium.”

“Alright so we have naturally forming boridium. The how would be fascinating, but right now, Genard I need to know if you can break it down into a usable state of matter so we can use it as an energy source. How long would that asteroid last us? If we can convert the impulse engines to use the boridium then it will be worth going back to the asteroid field to get more. Also do you think we could use it to power back up life support systems or other non-essential systems? If we can divert the power drain from our main engines they might last a little longer. Get with engineering and collaborate with the on it. I’ll mention it to Lt Miz’uki at the senior staff meeting.”

He paused in thought. “It makes some sense we’d see naturally occurring elements we don’t see in our own galaxy, considering the age of this one.” His eyes lit up. “It likely means there is stellar phenomena occurring here we’ve never seen before.” He noticed then that everyone was looking at him, and he looked back to his PADD.

Sharah could totally sympathize with is enthusiasm over having the chance to study and discover new phenomenon, and the smiles from the other staff reflected their excitement as well. But as Sharah could ‘feel’ it was tempered by worry and anxiety of what had happened.

“Anyway, stellar sciences has done a rundown of all our probes, and tested the ship’s sensors and auxiliary craft sensors as well, to be sure we’re not blind out here.”

  • Ensign Riley, Science

“How are our probes doing, Riley? Anything that needs to be replaced? Also we need to keep track, it’s not like we can just stop at a starbase and get more probes, so we only use them if we have to.”

The other labs chimed in with various updates. Mostly that some minor equipment was damaged or broken when the ship when traveling beyond comprehension. “What about the fire? Anyone get hurt? Any complications from that?”

“Alright so standing orders for the moment: do not waste anything. We are all used to tossing lab equipment into the recliamators to be recycled, no more of that. Good old fashioned soap, water, and disinfectant to clean the equipment and reuse it. Our energy stores are at a premium. We don’t know when we’ll be able to resupply. There will be life out there, but how much effort will it take to convert what they can give us to what we need? Anything that can’t be saved make sure it goes to the reclaimators so we can reuse it. So those burn bulk heads, make sure they get recycled. Ecology I want you working with the arboretum staff and seeing what we can do about maintaining life support on board in an emergency. Folks in chemistry and the general labs, we’ll be working with medical very soon, I’m sure, on stabilizing our stores of medicines. Also the Andorian Frost Lilly,” and there were loud groans from the chemistry folks, “makes a caustic solvent. Let’s see if we can make it less dangerous so we can actually use it. Genard, you and your geology folks work on that asteroid, see what we can do. Riley, keep mapping, but while you are at it let’s get sensors scanning for raw materials that ship uses on a regular basis. We’ll need to stock up as much as possible.”

“I need a couple folks to go with me to check the supplies on the shuttles and runabouts after the staff meeting. Also,” she paused, “Riley and his team picked up a communication signal. There is intelligent life out there. Computer sciences and communications people, I want you on that signal. The UT hasn’t been able to translate it yet. It looks like a commercial and a news report. Keep looking for more signals. The more we have the sooner the UT starts working. Also I want a full list of raw materials that each of your labs uses so we can add it to the list for the sensors to scan for.”

She looked around at all of them. Leadership was not something she had a lot of experience with. “This is not going to be easy. But Cpt Andone has a reputation, so believe in that. Some of us have family on board, and some of us do not. But we are all, now, a unique family. And remember, Ark Angel was made for this, deep space, extended missions. We have the crew and the knowledge and experience, we just have to use it. Every single person in every single department is going to be pushed to their limits on this. Watch out for each other and yourselves. My door is always open.”

She waited to see if anyone had any other questions or information to contribute. “Alright, dismissed.” After they left she compiled the information she had and headed to the bridge for the senior staff meeting.

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

With quiet purpose the NEs about the science teams filed out and returned to their duties.

GM CockRoach

A little later a comm message came in from the bridge =/\= Senior staff briefing in 15 minutes, all department heads have your report ready by then. Andone out =/\= She said.

Drudoc Andone CO

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