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Sharah walked in moments behind the captain, “Captain,” and stopped to get a glass of water from the replicator. Drink in hand she took her usual seat, setting her PaDD down on the table. She sipped the water for a moment, then put it down, rubbing at her temples, enjoying, at least, the physical silence of the room, despite the chaos of the ‘noise’ of the ship.

”..Lieutenant Fayth, how are you?” Drudoc inquired.

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Fayth dropped her hand to her lap and looked up at the captain. Cpt Andone had been…Sharah smiled internally to herself, Cpt Andone had been a good friend to her (Her CO her friend, who would have thought) and helped and supported her those first weeks on board when she was trying to adapt. She had taken the place of the counselor when Freeman had left and Sharah was left without that avenue. The captain knew the extreme extent of her gift and the consequences that came with it, and with all the uncertainty and chaos of their current situation it comforted Fayth, as a young officer and a person, that the captain would take the time to ask, because as far as Sharah’s situation went, it was not a simple question. “I’m doing alright, Captain.” She wanted to say that she was surprised by the focus and the lack of wide spread subconscious panic in the crew, but she woudn’t. Even though Sharah could ‘hear’ everything she never broke that trust (even though most people didn’t know that was a thing). She was sure there would be times where that resolved would be questioned and might even have to change, but this was not one of those times. The crew was entitled to their feelings and thoughts and it was not her place to spread it around like a bad gossip column.

Hayley entered a few short minutes after Sharah. After collecting a green tea from the replicator, she took a seat next to Sharah. “Captain, Lt. Faith,” she nodded to each as she set her mug and PADD on the table.

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

Sharah nodded to Hayley as she sat next to her. They had been having a meeting together with the med staff and had walked here together. Hopefully they all had ideas of how to proceed, even if not concrete answers.

”..Hello Lt Marshall. How are things?” She also asked.

The First Officer was next. Telana entered the briefing room looking relaxed. She’d taken a few minutes to herself to do a couple of breathing exercises that used visualization to calm ones emotions. She caught the sight of Lt Fayth rubbing her forehead and thought it must be a headache caused by the tension of their situation. There were quite a few telepaths on the Ark Angel, a pro and a con. It was always good to have someone able to communicate without speech on the ship, but if the telepath didn’t have complete control of their abilities, the noise inside their heads could be deafening.

She stopped by the replicator and got a cup of coffee before taking her seat by the Captain.

—Bray, XO

Drudoc gave a nod to her XO then also went to the replicator to get a glass of water while she waited for the rest of the senior staff to show up.

Drudoc Andone CO

Ltjg Fayth, CSO

Bringing up the rear was Joseph Rainns. The COS strode into the room with a sense of stoicism. If he was upset, nervous, or worried. He was doing a fantastic job of physically hiding it. The only indicator of such feelings would be the way he was tightly clutching his padd. He silently strode over to the empty seat available in it and took it. He pulled up the relevant information from it before looking up at Sharah and giving a quick smile. There was more he wanted to say to her, that he was glad they were both trapped together, and that would make all of this less awful, but a briefing was not the time or place. Instead he simply waited to be addressed.

LT. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

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