Main Sim - Sickbay 3 - Locke's Injured

Posted Jan. 15, 2021, 3:44 p.m. by Ensign Flint Locke (Medical Officer) (Ben Dobson)

Posted by Ensign Charra Lana (Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Sickbay 3 - Locke’s Injured

Posted by Ensign Flint Locke (Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Sickbay 3 - Locke’s Injured

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Locke’s injured were soon coming into the third sickbay, most with broken bones or sprains or the like. None of the injured were life threatening thankfully. Groans and complaints were soon echoing around the third sickbay and others inquiring on what happened.

GM CockRoach

Flint had been well prepared throughout his career in these types of situations, but nothing could have been further from the real-life incident that he had just been involved with.

Sickbay 3 houses multiple bio-beds in a generous workspace but instantly he knew the whole bay was running on its solo emergency power “Minimal at best…” he thought to himself. Slowly placing his injured crewmate over to one of the beds in the distance he went to grab a medical tricorder from the cabinet.

During his scans on the critically observed patients, additional members of the crew started to enter and made their way to the biobeds, they were trying to make sense of the whole situation.

“I instantly became dizzy, then passed out” he heard one say.

“One moment I was working on a bulkhead replacement, the next thing I know I was being thrown halfway down the corridor” another had begun.

Flint had interjected to bring a bit of order to the room “Can all self-assessed and fit individuals make your way back to your posted stations, anyone else requiring immediate medical attention, take a bed”.

  • Ensign Locke, Medical Officer

NEs that were in better shape then others nodded, and began to file out making notes to return later for check ups with other NE nurse staff. Others who had hanging broken arms or limp legs or such took bed positions waiting for treatment. In total 10 NEs remained who needed to get addressed.

A bit later the injured in Sickbay 3 were being tidied up and sent back to their quarters or work assignments. It was a good moment to catch their breath and tidy up the Sickbay for any future events.

GM CockRoach

Flint took a step back just after the wave had cleared, slightly disorientated from the rush of what just happened.

Grabbing a PADD he sent his final clean-up response to the CMO and precessed to clean up the bay. “Let’s hope that was it…” he mumbled to himself.

  • Ensign Locke, Medical Officer

Locke had seen the door open and one of his colleagues enter where he was cleaning up.

Charra saw him sway a little bit. “You ok hon?”

“Hit me a bit this one” he said to Charra “Any idea what happened?”.

  • Ensign Locke, Medical Officer

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