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Posted Jan. 18, 2021, 1:03 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


With so many different people in the conference room, Telana decided to ‘taste’ the general, emotional atmosphere. If those who led weren’t in a good state of mind, how could they lead the younger officers they were responsible for. Closing her eyes, she allowed a tiny crack to open in the mental walls that protected her from the unwanted and private thoughts of others. Immediately, a mist of feelings began to trickle in. The one called Sharah Fayth was distressed with the amount of uncertainty and misery she was receiving from the crew. Wait…there was something different about the woman’s abilities but the XO didn’t want to intrude deeply enough to dig for the answer. She would check her personnel file later. Telana’s immediate thought was that the woman needed help to strengthen the fortress in her mind that could protect her from others thoughts. Joseph Rainns was upset with the situation, but there was also a string of gratefulness that another crew member was also trapped on the ship with him.

Sharah’s eyes widened slightly and she sat up her gaze snapping towards Joseph in concern. She resisted the urge to retreat behind that wall of his. She wanted to ask the XO to please stay out of her head, but perhaps she was like Sharah, and sometimes it could not be helped. And then she felt that need to ‘fix her.’ The last XO tried that too. Only Rainns, knowing her so well, would see the brief flash of defeat on her face. Sharah may not be able to stop her mind from receiving the input but she was able to stop herself from projecting her own thoughts and feelings on others and after that first brief touch from the XO her thoughts were held fiercely to herself. She never listened on purpose to anyone, she couldn’t help it, but she could ignore it and not acknowledge the details. She was extremely grateful that Joseph’s mind was so like an iron trap and no one could read him unless he wanted them to. Sharah turned away from the XO, knowing the woman was evaluating them all. She picked up her PaDD, ready for the meeting to start, to go back to her work and get away from the judgement.

Captain Andone was rather calm, although there was also some worry about supplies, food and medicines and a feeling of great responsibility. She didn’t get much from Hayley Marshall, which surprised her. Bray opened her eyes and looked at the young officer, wondering why she was almost a ‘blank’ to the gifted telepath.

—Bray, XO

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

”..Alright lets get the meeting started..” Drudoc said.

A slightly disheveled Trainor entered Briefing Room still looking over his duty PaDD. “By now everyone would have received the scans on your PaDD that Ark Angel has taken since our arrival.” The Operations Chief stated as he took his place at the table. “While we’re currently in a good place when it comes to supply levels, we aren’t sure how long we’ll be here. I’ve allocated some supplies to the science department so they can get started on a hydroponic bay or two, which will put less strain on our replicator system.”

Tenzing scrolled down the list on his PaDD and stopped. “You’ll also find some points from Voyager’s time in the Delta Quadrant along with those from Einstein’s crew, which could assist us in coming up with our own action plan to conserve hard to find supplies and resources.” Setting his PaDD down, the Operations Officer wiped his sweaty palms on his legs. If he could just focus on the mission at hand, he wouldn’t have to let their predicament over take him.

Trainor Operations

Since Trainor took the lead Drudoc nodded to his experiences, they would no doubt prove valuable. “..A good start Lt Commander..” She said.

Miz’uki came in right after Trainor though she looked as though she was in even worse shape mentally she had in her hands a pile of padds she flopped into the chair and waited for the meeting to start


Drudoc forgave Miz’uki for being a little late, their situation would certainly put anyone on a distracted level. “..Lt Miz’uki whats the status of things for the ship and in engineering?” She asked.

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