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Sharah hadn’t intended to stay, but Tabris looked like he could use an extra adult, just for his own sanity. And the Julin was in her lap again. Sharah was completely enthralled by the little boy and was well on her way to being wrapped around his little finger. He settled on her lap and she shook her head. “I guess I’m staying,” she said to Vedi. “Sit wif me!” Julin exclaimed tugging on her hand.

Vedi nodded and helped set the table well as Julin bounced up and down, his shoulder length hair bouncing in his eyes as he brushed it out of his face with his other hand.

After the kids walked away she whispered to Tabris, “My gift.” She tapped her head. “You’ll be able to use your empathy to do the same thing eventually. They are very happy here, but watch them....they are curious to how much you will let them get away with just to impress them.”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

The younger two weren’t really paying attention to what Sharah had said and Tabris whispered back, “That makes sense… I’m not trying to impress them, this is just so overwhelming. There are clothes everywhere and I don’t get how they make that much laundry! Unless we’re going out the boys usually just romp around in the in pajama pants as you saw.” He said referencing when she had just gotten there. “Julin either wants to just roam in his underpants or change outfits 4 times a day, Mecona here is the most sensible and I appreciate that but she and Julin have this bad habit of leaving their toys everywhere while the boys start projects and leave them or get a snack and leave their dishes.” He paused for a moment and sighed, “As long as they’re covering the important parts I don’t care what they wear. If they want to play I want them to play. If they eat something I want them to eat. It’s the cleanup part that gets me. Oh and the socks… don’t get me started about the socks…” Tabris said with a chuckle. as he waved around the room and gave a mock glare to the older two who were dutifully avoiding their dad’s eyes. “I didn’t think they were trying to ‘get away’ with anything, and I’m not trying to let them slide. I think you’re right. I need to practice and I guess toughen up?”

Tabris et. al

Sharah smiled, “It’s not out of being bad, but I get the feeling from them that this is a vacation. Or feels like it. And from what you told me about the orphanage and village they didn’t have a lot of modern luxuries. So here maybe they have a lot of free time. While Julin cleaned up I got the thought from him that he was very excited to help but didn’t know where things were supposed to go. And part of that is this is different. But they are all very happy Tabris. But,” she sighed as she dodged Julin’s head for the 5th time as he wiggled and squirmed excitedly. She stood up, carrying him, quite a feat for how much he moved and set him in a chair to eat. “You know the arboretum staff and I turned arboretum 2 into a children’s garden. There’s a sensory garden and everything is tough. It can be touched, pulled, yanked, stomped and be okay. There are trees for climbing and a couple of forts. The older kids play laser tag there. And some of the families meet regularly for the smaller kids. The nursery visits a lot. It’s also a great place to run and get real fresh air. And every plant there is safe.” Sharah had never been a parent, but she tended to identify well with kids. She was making suggestions based on what she was picking up in the room, hoping she wasn’t coming off as rude.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Tabris nodded a little as he understood and listened. “You know it’s not like they were impoverished, but it was very simple back on Delotha, and yeah I suppose that this does seem like a vacation. The boys don’t start school till next week and the little ones have wanted to stay with their brothers instead of going to the preschool and I haven’t had the heart to separate them.” Tabris noted as he carried Mecona over to the chair and said, “Alright honey it’s time to eat ok?” She nodded and rubbed her eyes as Neltus brought out the soup and bread. Tabris looked up at Sharah and said, “Once we all finish moving in we’ll be able to make sure that everyone knows where their stuff goes. Especially the socks…” Tabris said, shooting that mock glare at the older boys who caught it and blushed, Neltus going so far as to say, “Sorry dad....” Tabris’s smile resumed as he said, “Alright, lets eat.”

Sharah shook her head. It was hard to explain what she was ‘hearing’ and she’d been offensive. She didn’t mean to. “Of course they weren’t. Look at them Tabris, no one would ever think they were impovrished, but you and I both know that life on a star ship provides every luxery. A large percentage of colonies don’t live that way. Out of choice. They want a simpler life. They just aren’t used to machines that do all the work for them. It’s an adjustment that’s all. And think about it, from a child’s logic, if there is a machine that makes and plates the food why isn’t there one that cleans up after them? You will all get there. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend.”

Tabris had known better and smiled, putting his spoon down and smiling as he said, “No offence here Sharah, you know that I didn’t take anything wrong” He said fully knowing that she would sense his lack of irritation and whatnot. “I more meant that they had a comfortable life on the colony but it wasn’t a fancy life as you are saying. These kids are used to washing dishes, putting clothes through a wash and away, and cooking, not having technology that could do the same. And perhaps I could rig the site to site transporter system to do that.” He said giving Neltus and Vedi a nod who had heard that and perked up, “But it won’t happen any time soon.”

“I imagine they will have plenty to do once they go back to school. Have they gone to meet the teachers yet?” She looked a Julin and bent down and stage whispered to him, “I bet there are other kids there to play with that are almost as full of energy as you are!” Julin started bouncing around. “Weally? Do you dink dere is someone to pway with like Kawiff?” Sharah nodded, “I’m sure there are.” Julin bounced up and down again. “Cona! You come pway too!”

As they all sat down to eat Tabris heard Sharah’s description of the children’s arboretum and nodded as he said, “I think that those plants will need to be extra hearty if they’re going to survive Julin here.” He said as he rubbed the boy’s head. “I think that’s a wonderful idea, and maybe we should…” a wave of guilt washed over him “Geoff!” He exclaimed as he said, “You’re right! We should all visit the arboretum, I have someone I need to introduce you to!”

Tabris et. al

Sharah ate silently. It was simple, soup and bread, and it was deicious. After she ate she smiled at Neltus, “This was very good. Not many people know how to cook like this anymore.” She laughed, “Well I think Julin can be our official kid proof tester.” She picked up the empty dishes and started carrying them to the kitchen. She knew that the best way to get the behavior you wanted to was to model that behavior. It worked in sickbay with kids, anyway. She placed the dishes into the recycler and walked back out to Tabris exlaiming about Geoff. “I think she will be happy to see you.” She looked at the time. “I have to get going Tabris. What…what should I do with this?” She waved a hand towards the thing and pieces and parts on the table.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Neltus blushed and said, “Thank you, I appreciate it” Julin then bounced up and down in his seat and said, “I’s gonna be a tester!!!!!” As the kids finished they watched what Sharah had done and started taking their plates to the recycler and Tabris heard what she had said and commented. “If you’re comfortable with it please let Vedi and I take a look at fixing it up. And I’ll take a look in my collection for that last thing you’re were looking for. And thank you for coming”

Tabris et. al

Sharah nodded, “You are very welcome. It’s true though. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.” Sharah ruffled Julin’s hair, “Yes you will be.” Sharah looked at the pieces of the thing and nodded, “Tabris I would be so grateful! I hope I didn’t break it. I should have tried working on it earlier, but it slipped my mind that it needed to be converted after my transfer out here, and…” she’d gotten sick and everything just slipped her mind. “I’d be really grateful.”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

It was several days later and Sharah got a message from Tabris asking her to stop by, it was about that box she had dropped off. Sharah was extremely excited and, instead of dropping by the arboretum after her shift, there was nothing pressing to do that day, she went straight over. She hoped Tabris had good news for her. She rang the chime and was greeted by a very subdued Julin. She looked at the little boy, taken aback and concerned about his lack of energy. “Hi Shawah.” He took her hand and after getting her to sit down climbed into her lap and was still. Absolutely still. Concerned he might be sick, she started taking his vitals manually, even making him open his eyes and checking to see if they dilated properly. The benefit of knowing a doctor. “Julin, do you feel okay?” Neltus let out a little chuckle. “He’s fine. He went to the daycare today for the first time. He’s never played that hard, ever.” Julin mumbled something about new friends and toys and then sighed sleepily.

Sharah looked up at Neltus, “Might better feed him soon before he’s out of the night.” She looked around, “Where’s your dad? He asked me to stop by.”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

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