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Posted Jan. 19, 2021, 9:36 a.m. by Ensign Matthew Riley (Science Officer) (Nathan Miller)

Riley climbed down the stairs into Astrometrics 1 from the platform around the chief’s office. The handrail was cool under his touch. I wonder why we don’t call them “ladders”, like on naval ships, he wondered. We have so many naval traditions that make little sense aboard a space-faring vessel. He mentally shook his head to refocus as he hit the bottom and strode to the display table. He was spending way too much time at this damned thing.

He stared at the slowly rotating nebula and the pearlescent string across it representing the boridium asteroid belt. “Get me more details on this system,” he called out. “I want to know everything about the star that we can. Same with the nebula - what’s it made of, what can it tell us about the previous star that was here and its composition; what is unique about this place that could naturally create boridium?”

The room began to buzz as people began talking and pitching ideas, taps were heard as they entered equations, created simulations, and sent commands to the probe and the ship’s sensors. Give them something to do, something to keep their minds off things.

If only he could stop his own mind from drifting across the shattered landscape of an Earth 16 million years in the future.

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