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OOC: This happens an hour after you all cleaned up the injured, I’m going to assume all player ran Medical folks are in Sickbay 1 at this stage, I figure this’ll be a simple check in for all bays and JOs until I get the next round of stuff rolled out :)


It was an hour after all three sickbays had their rush of injured, and had gotten cleaned up and prepped for their next called for need. As a result all those former medical staff elsewhere had reconvened by happenstance in sickbay 1 for updates. NLt Becker next to the CMO handed off a PADD reporting on the current staff result and reports. “..All staff are accounted for and an update on current supply status is ready for you review ma’am.” Becker said.

NE Will near the ship’s Morgue bay, spoke up, “..Nothing to report in the Morgue, no deaths after our recent run arounds..” He said thankfully.

NE Susan head of the ship’s nursery and schooling departments for medical spoke next. “..A few bumps and bruises among some of the children, but again nothing serious. All accounted for and checked out.” She said turning things over to the next in line for reporting to the CMO

OOC: JOs and/or CMO you can all take it from here

GM CockRoach

Trax too time to send his reports to the CMO. “All is ready for next wave nothing too serious all minor or simple bumps and bruises all that was minor enough were treated and set back to work or duty some were sent to quarters for the night to start fresh the next day and a few others are still in sickbay for observations. Sickbay two is ready for anything. Awaiting for more orders.
Signed Trax Medical Officer sickbay two

Ensign Trax Suder -Jo Doctor- Sickbay Two
Trax never saw any more casualties . So Trax arranged for the odd patients that still needed attention to be sent to the main sickbay. As Trax started closing down sickbay two and placed on standby again as he closed section by section. Until the area was dormant again and sitting ready for another emergency arrises. As Trax headed back to main sickbay. As he walked throught the doors dog tired. As he did his rounds of his odd patients .he did his job quietly so they all rested peacefully before checking in with the CMO. “Doctor?” Trax said softly to her as he entered the medical office.
Ensign Trax Sider Jo Doctor

Hayley looked up from her Padd and smiled at the Ensigns approach. “Dr. Suder, I’m glad to see you in one piece. Quite the day we’ve had, wouldn’t you agree?”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

Flint finally had a chance to get back with his team and entered Sickbay 1, small nods of acceptance he gave to his CMO as he entered and proceeded to grab a fresh PADD from the cabinet.

Taking his place on the wall display he started to grab updates from anything he could to make sense of the situation.

  • Ensign Locke, Medical Officer

Charra followed him into her normal sick bay. Grabbing a PADD, while looking things over, she made sure to keep an eye on him, he had not looked well…

Ensign Charra Lana, medical officer

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