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Posted Jan. 22, 2021, 8:35 a.m. by Ensign Matthew Riley (Science Officer) (Nathan Miller)

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He stared at the slowly rotating nebula and the pearlescent string across it representing the boridium asteroid belt. “Get me more details on this system,” he called out. “I want to know everything about the star that we can. Same with the nebula - what’s it made of, what can it tell us about the previous star that was here and its composition; what is unique about this place that could naturally create boridium?”

The room began to buzz as people began talking and pitching ideas, taps were heard as they entered equations, created simulations, and sent commands to the probe and the ship’s sensors. Give them something to do, something to keep their minds off things.

If only he could stop his own mind from drifting across the shattered landscape of an Earth 16 million years in the future.

  • Ensign Riley, Science

Scans began to trickle in from the probe ahead of them for the system nearby. The basics could be gleaned, it was an eight planet system. At least one, the third planet, was likely class-M. There were signs of likely mineral rich moons, and activity that probably indicated habitation and extensive mining operations. The signals they were picking up also seemed to originate somewhere in the system. There were also signs of likely warp capable ship activity in the region as well.

A beep from the cultural department NE Chee spoke up, “..Sir! I think we got the universal translator configured right to mostly translate the local broadcasts we’re picking up!” Chee said. “..Shall I try playing it back see if it brings up anything new?”

GM CockRoach

Riley’s head whipped around and stared. “Chee, you’re a god damned miracle worker. Put it on the table.”

He stepped back from the display table and folded his arms, waiting to see what the specialist had accomplished, already mentally writing a commendation for the man. It would be intriguing to see what kinds of “commercials” they got - marketing and its associated advertising segments had died out long ago in most of the Federation, though there were still some planets - like Freecloud, he’d been told - where some could still be seen. He was quite interested to see what they were like.

  • Ensign Riley, Science

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