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Genard had started a level 3 scan of the Boridium asteroid. He was hoping that by doing a more detailed scan that he might be able to understand how a formerly manufactured element might occur naturally. His scans were interrupted by the Message from the Captain.

=/\= Processing =/\= The computer intoned as the scans began.

‘What the hell?’ Claude attempted to understand what was going on… Q? Another galaxy?. His first thoughts were that of his family. How far were they from ‘home’? When would he see his family again. He took several more minutes to worry about this development, but he realized that he needed to focus on the task at hand. The Captain had said that the Crew needed to pass this Test of the Q in order to get home. Well, then that would be the focus of his attention.

She sent out a message to all the lab and shift heads in the department. =^=By now you’ve all heard the captain’s announcement. I would like you all in my office at 1100 hours with a status report of your labs and locations. Fayth Out.=^=

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Shaked his head, Ok. So Lt. Fayth needs an update in under two hours. Back to the scan. Now Claude had a time frame for his report.

  • Genard

As the test concluded a few minutes later the computer had little to reveal how the Boridium asteroid had been made naturally. It could confirm the process had been seemingly done naturally but it could not connect the dots how that was possible. It theorized that the laws of matter creation might react differently in this galaxy for reasons not yet known but otherwise it had not much else to give on that front. Further testing on this front and evidence of this theory was needed though.

That said were the crew to devise a Boridium based generator they had a rock to process power through it for quite some time, roughly three months or so assuming they didnt put undue strain on the ship. While they couldn’t go to warp with it they could move the ship at their usual clip at sublight.

GM CockRoach

Claude returned to the geology lab and its most unassuming occupant, the big piece of boridium that had decided to join them on their trip to… well, wherever they were.

Fayth had said not to waste anything due to limited energy supplies. Maybe this rock was a blessing in disguise. In the Alpha Quadrant boridium was stable in its inert form but it was discovered that in its radioactive form could be used to power small devices.

A seed of an idea was being planted. Claude would need to do some research and run some simulations to be sure if it was viable, …but maybe this rock could help them out here.

  • Genard

Caelian stepped from the turbolift, nodded politely to the pair of waiting officers. His mind still whirring, he almost bumped into a woman as he turned into the main corridor. He muttered an apology, of course, before moving on. His mother would have had no less. Caelian swallowed around a pang of loss at the thought. So far away, he sighed. But no less far away than yesterday. He paused at a display, had the computer queue up the route to the science labs. That needed to be his focus right now: what he could do.

Plenty of time to worry about what you can’t do after you’ve done all you can, he sighed wryly to himself. We haven’t even been here a full day yet. Still plenty of possibilities.

It was possibility that had dragged him down to the science labs, had pushed him through the door into the sterile space. There was at least one person that he could see hard at work. What displays he could see from the doorway flickered as they processed whatever query they’d been given, information flowing like amber water down the screens. He’d always been fond of the sciences in his own way, more of a hobbyist than a part of who he was. Caelian preferred to know what he could do with the universe, wasn’t merely content to know how it worked. Yet there was a synergy there that he had to accept, applied himself well enough that the two worked in harmony to get things done.

He stepped up to a polite distance behind the man he saw, enough in his peripheral that he wouldn’t startle him. Hopefully. Caelian thought he’d recognized him from the corridor where his team had repaired the breach. His smile slipped a bit, but only just. Shifting the toolkit in his hand into a more comfortable position, he cleared his throat politely.

“Excuse me, sir. I was told this was where our boridium guest is staying. If you folks don’t need the whole thing for analysis, I’d like to take a sample down to Engineering to run some tests.”
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

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