Construction of a Home

Posted Jan. 24, 2021, 8:38 p.m. by Ensign Tabris Asam (Engineering Officer) (Brian Richards)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in Construction of a Home

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in Construction of a Home
“Wow, Tabris!” I thought department head quarters were huge, but add the second bedroom and they are really small” Sharah walked into the first of side by side quarters and turned a slow circle. “So with four kids your joining two family quarters together?”

She walked around, two bedrooms on either side of the quarters with a central bathroom, small living area, eating, and working area. For a family of four it would be tight, but okay. For a family of 5, were 4 were young, growing children, this was going to be a nightmare. “So you said Neltus and Vedi are used to sharing a room together, right? And then Mecona and Julin shared a room with other little kids. So they are young enough to still share a room right now. But you know that won’t last right? Eventually, Mecona will need privacy from her brothers. So maybe the big kids’ room should be slightly bigger so that there is room for Julin to move in later.”

Sharah walked out and into the quarters adjacent. Same set up. “I guess we could keep that room on the far end for you and then englarge the far bedroom next door for the boys. Add a smaller room for the littles next to yours and have a bigger living space between. That’s a lot of work though, Tabris. I don’t know anything about supports and structure. Could you use one quarters and just make room for all four? Well that still leaves a problem for Mecona later.” She sighed and looked at her friend. “Trust me, I grew up with one brother. She’s going to need her space at some point.”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Sharah was back, already in the quarters, the connecting wall had been removed and the framing and walls for the new room layout had been errected. This project was a good way for Sharah to distract herself, not only from the noise but more importantly from Joseph’s immenant and ever closer arrival on Ark Angel. She couldn’t wait to see him and the thought of being on board together was all she really thought about in her off hours. She was so impatient she’d taken to pacing her quarters and moving things around, just to having something to do. She missed him, and now that he was finished on Challenger and on his way here, the wait seemed to be harder. So, she was very grateful to Tabris for asking for her help and to be able to focus on something other than how impatient she was being. The project was also good for Tabris as it helped him focus on the process rather than wait for the children to arrive. She hoped that the other three would come as well, otherwise this project would be moot. And if they did all come, it would be good to have the space already constructed rather than huddling them all in basic crew quarters till it was done.

PaDD in hand, she’d been looking for ideas for the younger two. Tabris had loved the idea of a mini parkour course for Neltus and Vedi and he had several plans for that, but for now their room would be basic beds and storage. He wanted the older two to help him build it. Sharah thought that was a great idea. “Tabris! I have come up with an idea. I hope you like it.” She passed him a PaDD to look at while she loaded some of the materials that were being sent to the reclaimator onto an anti-grav sled.

The room was a mash of sci-fi robots and lots of squishy comfy stuffed animals to cuddle with. The beds were both low to the ground and small. Julin’s was built into the bulk head so it looked like a crewman’s bunk with lots of computer control interfaces around. They controlled a lamp, a screen that would close around it, opening a slide out compartment for clothes, etc. There was also a giant robot in the room that was actually a desk and computer interface for him. Tabris had mentioned to Sharah that Julin’s most prized possession was a toy robot his older brother had made for him. Mecona, he had said loved to simply cuddle. There were story books, bean bag chairs, fuzzy blankets, and stuffed animals (not too many) to curl up with. Her bed had a mini canopy over it with curtains that drew around it to keep others out. She had a desk also, but the chair was thickly padded and more for curling up than for work.

“So I went off what you told me, I’m not sure how good it is.”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Tabris was in awe, he had plenty planned but they were just vague ideas spread throughout his head. He looked over the plans over and over and wanted to give Sharah a hug. “Sharah, I could hug you right now but I don’t know if you’re a huggy person and I don’t know what Joseph would think so take this as my verbal hug for now and man, you are a master at this stuff! He looked over the plans and walked around the room, visualizing the placement and how perfect it would be. He made a few adjustments to his own room to make it smaller and increase the main living space further. He chuckled, “I really only need a bed, a small table, and a door so the kids can use what I don’t need.”

Tabris, Eng

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