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Posted Jan. 25, 2021, 2:46 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Telana Bray (Executive Officer) (D Grisham)

It had been a hard twenty four hours since Q had flung the ship to its present location and the first officer wanted a little time to process her thoughts. That was easiest to do when she stared out at space—its magnitude and sameness were comforting. That being the case, she entered the lounge on the upper deck, got a hot cup of chamomile tea and found a seat at one of the smaller table.

She hadn’t tried to contact her mother yet. The thought of not getting an answer from the older Bray was slightly unnerving to her daughter. Hybridia’s presence had always been there. If it wasn’t now…well, Telana didn’t want to take that emotional crisis on at the present moment.

Instead, she sat quite still, staring out the large windows into the blackness of space, while all the information from the day boiled and bubbled in her mind, working itself together and presenting certain possibilities.

—Bray, XO

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