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With so many different people in the conference room, Telana decided to ‘taste’ the general, emotional atmosphere. If those who led weren’t in a good state of mind, how could they lead the younger officers they were responsible for. Closing her eyes, she allowed a tiny crack to open in the mental walls that protected her from the unwanted and private thoughts of others. Immediately, a mist of feelings began to trickle in. The one called Sharah Fayth was distressed with the amount of uncertainty and misery she was receiving from the crew. Wait…there was something different about the woman’s abilities but the XO didn’t want to intrude deeply enough to dig for the answer. She would check her personnel file later. Telana’s immediate thought was that the woman needed help to strengthen the fortress in her mind that could protect her from others thoughts. Joseph Rainns was upset with the situation, but there was also a string of gratefulness that another crew member was also trapped on the ship with him.

OOC: You should not have been able to ‘tell’ that Telana was taking a sampling of emotions. She didn’t dig in anyone’s head, just read their emotional aura. The surface thoughts, those that were most forefront in everyone’s minds, flavored their emotional patterns. You might suspect it was the XO if she is the only other telepath in the room, but she wasn’t being invasive and you certainly wouldn’t get anything from her. She wasn’t ‘inside’ anyone’s head and was not making judgments of any kind. She simply wanted to know how the people in the room were doing with the situation, and if she or the CO needed to address anything individually. Feel free to confront the XO about it if you like.

Sharah’s eyes widened slightly and she sat up her gaze snapping towards Joseph in concern. She resisted the urge to retreat behind that wall of his. She wanted to ask the XO to please stay out of her head, but perhaps she was like Sharah, and sometimes it could not be helped. And then she felt that need to ‘fix her.’ The last XO tried that too. Only Rainns, knowing her so well, would see the brief flash of defeat on her face. Sharah may not be able to stop her mind from receiving the input but she was able to stop herself from projecting her own thoughts and feelings on others and after that first brief touch from the XO her thoughts were held fiercely to herself. She never listened on purpose to anyone, she couldn’t help it, but she could ignore it and not acknowledge the details. She was extremely grateful that Joseph’s mind was so like an iron trap and no one could read him unless he wanted them to. Sharah turned away from the XO, knowing the woman was evaluating them all. She picked up her PaDD, ready for the meeting to start, to go back to her work and get away from the judgement.

”..Alright let’s get the meeting started..” Drudoc said.

A slightly disheveled Trainor entered Briefing Room still looking over his duty PaDD. “By now everyone would have received the scans on your PaDD that Ark Angel has taken since our arrival.” The Operations Chief stated as he took his place at the table. “While we’re currently in a good place when it comes to supply levels, we aren’t sure how long we’ll be here. I’ve allocated some supplies to the science department so they can get started on a hydroponic bay or two, which will put less strain on our replicator system.”

Tenzing scrolled down the list on his PaDD and stopped. “You’ll also find some points from Voyager’s time in the Delta Quadrant along with those from Einstein’s crew, which could assist us in coming up with our own action plan to conserve hard to find supplies and resources.” Setting his PaDD down, the Operations Officer wiped his sweaty palms on his legs. If he could just focus on the mission at hand, he wouldn’t have to let their predicament over take him.

Trainor Operations

Since Trainor took the lead Drudoc nodded to his experiences, they would no doubt prove valuable. “..A good start Lt Commander..” She said.

Miz’uki came in right after Trainor though she looked as though she was in even worse shape mentally she had in her hands a pile of padds she flopped into the chair and waited for the meeting to start


Drudoc forgave Miz’uki for being a little late, their situation would certainly put anyone on a distracted level. “..Lt Miz’uki what’s the status of things for the ship and in engineering?” She asked.

Drudoc Andone CO

We…uhhh....warp power is back online impulse power That menace knocked us for a loop however we have recovered and should be able to go about finding a way back” she said looking through her massive pile of padds and rubbing at one of her eyes


”..We’ll get home Lieutenant, I have confidence in this crew to figure this out..” She said to reassure the young department head.

Rainns read over the information on his padd. He was puzzled at the ship’s predicament. Q had apparently stranded them out in the middle of nowhere for the heck of it. He raised his eyebrows. “This may be a stupid question,” he spoke up after a moment of silence. “Does anyone know why this has happened? Is there some reason we’ve been stranded out here?”

”..Evidently the Continuum have been ‘watching’ our progress for the past year or so. They are having an internal debate wondering how we react to extremes, hence why we got tossed so far I imagine.” Drudoc explained.

Bray shook her head slightly at the arrogance of the Q.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

Turning to Sharah then, “..What do we got to report from science?” She asked.

Sharah had been on the bridge, but other than being tested, again, she wasn’t sure why Q did what he did. Someone else, hopefully had an answer for that.

Sharah spoke up next, “For the most part, science withstood the trip with minimal damage. We had a fire in one of the labs, but it was put out quickly and didn’t spread to anything vital or dangerous. The damaged area has already been repaired. I’ve instructed my department that everything gets recycled and anything that can be cleaned and reused should be, rather than making new, to save ship’s energy. All probes have been checked and are in working order. We have, right now, a full supply, but I recommend using them carefully. Arboretum 3 is flourishing,” she turned to Hayley, “Half the crop is for medicines and we already have a stock of emergency survival like I showed you. Chemistry is already working on refining the process to make them purer and hypo ready.”

Drudoc nodded listening.

She turned back towards the captain, XO, Miz’uki, and Trainor. “The asteroid that came on board, is probably the best thing that happened to us. It’s boridium. Now in our sector of the universe, boridium is a synthetic element, it’s used as a power source in things like exocomps. Now this asteroid is naturally made, we’re still working out how, but that really isn’t the point. That asteroid contains enough boridium to power our impulse engines for 3 months. I would recommend picking up more. It can be used to power just about anything with some adjustments.” She looked at Miz’uki, “We could use someone from engineering to help En Genard with the project.”

Looking to Lt Miz’uki she said, “..See that someone from your staff is free to help Ensign Gerard with that.” Drudoc said. Then nodded for Fayth to continue.

Andrea the head of the civilian staff made a valid point. Our Arboretums, in total make up an entire deck, and they are full of oxygen producing plants. We could use that naturally produced air supply in the case of emergencies. She’s also asked if we want her to convert Arboretum 1, being the largest, into a working farm. Computer science is still working on translating the signals we picked up and we are pulling as many as we can to give the computer more to work with. If anyone has a background in languages we could use the help. En Riley and his team are continuing to map the area and work on sensors. If every department could give me a list of essential or even non essential raw materials we use to keep the ship running, we will add them to mandatory scans. Find it as we go so we don’t run out.”

Drudoc nodded again.

She turned to Cpt Andone, “With your permission Captain, I’m taking a group to the shuttle bay to check the shuttles and auxiliary craft to make sure their sensors and probes are in working order and stocked. No need to find out when we need to use them.” And the work gave the crews something to DO even if it wasn’t necessary. Science had been busy since they’d arrived, and they had worked hard, and fast to get this information together.

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

”..Of course, coordinate with the departments as you need Lieutenant..” She said.

The XO looked at Drudoc. “If there are no objections, Sir, I would like to be there for the shuttle inspections?”

Clasping her hands looked to Lt Rainns “..What’s the report from security?” She asked.

Drudoc Andone CO

Rainns looked down at his padd momentarily to double check himself. “Nobody is unaccounted for, and inventory sweeps have come up negative in terms of anything missing. Other than some wrapping paper, no foul play when it comes to our internal sensor grid either.” He placed the padd down on the table. “Although the Q’s can manipulate matter at will, so I’m not quite sure what good our security forces could do for us right now.”

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

after the captain replied to the report from Security Miz’uki spoke again “On the getting back home thing…I have already started looking for possibilities that we might look into provided Lieutenant Fayth would be willing to help me out on the science front of things I am digging into everything I can Including Anything Voyager May have discovered during their Delta Quadrant trip” she said trying to refocus her mind it would be very clear that she was not taking the news of where they were very well at the moment


Hayley listened attentively as each DH gave their reports. With the activity in Sickbay she really hadn’t had much chance to rest or process her thoughts and feelings about the situation. Now that she was still, and hearing it from others, the gravity of their situation was hitting her. All of a sudden, the calm and professional face she had kept in place since the incident began was getting harder to maintain.

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

“We might want to broaden our horizons a bit, though,” Trainor said speaking up. “Q brought us here for a reason, and I don’t think us trying to find our way home would help our case.” The Operations Officer didn’t like that one bit, but he knew they were being observed. All they needed to do is find a way to satisfy Q and the continuum.


“Are you suggesting that we trust that Menace?” Miz’uki interjected “I would not trust that Childish Evil Menace with Pointing me to the Nearest Oasis back home!” she growled clearly not agreeing with the idea


This time, Telana harrumphed. “You can never trust a Q. They have no problem saying one thing and doing the complete opposite. The universe seems to be their personal playground. That’s why we find ourselves millions of light years from home, on a whim.”

—Bray, XO

Rainns shook his head. “I don’t think the issue is whether or not to trust Q. I think we should be aware of his motives. Nothing in the Continuum’s past would suggest they hurl starships around the galaxy for no reason.” He looked over to the chief Engineer. “I think the best course of action would not place flying straight back home a priority. There is most likely a reason we are here, and there is most likely a chance that Q will bring us back whenever that reason manifests itself.” He nodded towards Trainor. “I think his point should be well taken by the rest of us.”

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

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